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cptnhey there09:32
aonhi cptn09:35
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j^2morning guys09:45
aonhi j^209:51
j^2what's yalls IT dept's email addys? i just chose "itmonitoring"10:37
jaegerno idea10:38
aonheh10:39 would seem nice :)10:39
j^2spam bots'll hit that....10:40
aonfilter it10:40
cptnthey hit almost anything10:40
aonhow about ;10:40
aonor rather bosfh@foo.com10:40
aonor no s at all :)10:40
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siptilman, for prtverify I think a unified diff would be too verbose11:41
tilmannon-unified diff is a pita to read imo11:43
sipwith code, sure, but here it's easier to spot changes since you tipically have just new lines and lines that are gone11:44
sipjust my opinion, the first tests used u.diff ;)11:44
tilmanmaybe i'll get used to it11:45
sipheh, I can sleep even if you change it, it's in /home/crux/bin/run_prtverify11:47
tilmani'm fine with trying it, too :D11:47
tilman+ i don't have a shell11:47
sipI win :-P11:48
jaeger"You forgot to mention the proper fix."12:05
jaegerI'm tempted to write back "You forgot to put any useful content in your message."12:05
jaegerBut then I'd be guilty of just that12:05
cptnhey sip12:29
cptnsip: Per says you can remove his shell account12:30
j^2hey cptn12:31
cptnhey j^212:32
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sipcptn, :'(13:00
jaegerI wonder what's up with libpcap13:03
jaegerseems like several versions are missing from the download mirrors and is just taking a nap or something13:04
jaegerI want to update my old sparc LX but need libpcap to install rarpd to do the network boot :)13:06
siphmm. just hope they've not be trojaned again13:07
aontry gentoo mirrors or sth? :)13:07
jaegerdidn't find it on the gentoo distfiles mirrors, I always check there :)13:08
jaegermight have an older version, though13:08
jaegerthey have 0.9.4, should do for now =)13:08
aoni have 0.9.5 sources if you want it13:08
jaegersure, that'd be great13:09
jaegerthanks much13:09
jaegergot it13:09
jaegerfortunately things don't change much in the sparc32 world, my howto should still work :)13:13
jaegerwoot, works13:22
jaegerSep 27 18:21:55 acheron in.tftpd[7517]: RRQ from filename 81F40683.SUN4M13:22
jaegernow I need to remember how to get it to boot the right file, hehe13:28
jaegerI don't really understand the huge uproar over the forum vs. mailinglist debate/question13:30
jaegerIf people want to use the forum, let them. No harm done. The ML is still official.13:30
cptnwell, it's not like we could stop them anyway13:30
tilmanwhen sip wrote he might make it somewhat official i got worried13:30
aonseems like a better solution than us maintaining a forum since we don't want one13:30
tilmanif it succeeded, etc etc ;)13:30
jaegercptn: exactly13:31
aonand definitely better than ml<->forum gateways :)13:31
jaegeraon: agreed13:31
cptnthe one thing I dislike most is the reasoning13:31
cptn"all the others have one" sounds just so silly13:31
jaegerthat's just dumb reasoning... but I still would let them just do their thing13:32
cptnin the open source world, you should really do it because you want it13:32
jaegerthough it wasn't available for long, it seems13:32
cptnand some apparently do :-)13:32
tilmanaon: the fontforge dependency in wine is bogus. it builds and works without it, but i don't know how much better the fonts are if you have fontforge installed13:44
aonme neither13:45
aonbut the stuff i find on google suggests that it might be good to keep around13:47
aonat least i'm not getting font errors in wine13:52
aondunno if that's due to wine developing, though13:52
* jaeger gets out and pushes while his LX makes ssh keys14:07
jaeger50MHz, 96MB RAM, 100% awesome14:07
aonmy ipc is 25MHz and 16MB :)14:08
aonyou haven't seen slow ssh before you've seen it :)14:09
jaegerI have a 1+ with those specs14:09
jaegerI ran it on my home LAN with samba once until I realized it was actually slowing down EVERYTHING on my network because it was too slow to handle the smb traffic14:09
aoni wish i had a monitor cable for my visualize14:09
aoni screwed the network up with sam somehow :)14:09
aoni guess it's where i took the machine from14:10
jaegerstill making ssh keys14:13
jaegerwoot, DSA key is done14:16
jaegeryay, all 3 keys are done, finally14:33
jaegernow for errata, lol14:33
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