IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2006-09-30

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tilmanViper_: ping05:30
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sipfirefox does not play well if serving xhtml:
sipand, totally unrelated,
jaegerwhat am I missing? it doesn't look bad to me13:47
sipthe bg color is white, no matter how much you yell at ff13:47
sip(in the screenshot) everythink's ok if we force good old html13:48
jaegerah... I didn't really see that as a big problem, but I suppose it's annoying, hehe13:48
sipeither that or we change the bg of everything else ;)13:48
jaegerso are you not doing that on it's grey to me13:48
siphmm, light brown?13:49
sipyes, I forced html on crux.nu13:49
jaegerperhaps if I look closer13:49
jaegerit's grey when my LCD is turned funky :)13:49
sipnow the difficult part is deciding who's allowed to contribute13:52
jaegeralways the hard part14:01
sipaye, crossing the line between technical and political matter14:02
sipI nominate jaeger as the leader of the Public Relations Team14:03
jaegerhell no14:03
jaegerI don't like people enough for PR :P14:03
aonsip: that looks like the debian wmaker theme14:03
sipsure? sounds like a lot of fun14:03
sipaon, yes, but with a decent wallpaper14:04
jaegerI nominate that for crux mascot14:08
sipto scare n00bs away? ;)14:08
jaegeror at least for the logo14:08
jaegerif it does, why not? :)14:08
sipaon: full ss:
aonnice icons14:11
sipi think they're from tango: http://tango.freedesktop.org14:12
jaegerthey do look tangoish14:16
sipbtw, jaeger, are you interested in moving the gnome ports into a dedicated repo on
jaegerI don't have any real objection14:17
sipapart from having to use git ;)14:17
jaegerI can learn git... the only problem is that is much slower from here... but that's not a show-stopper14:18
sipwell, at least git seems a lot faster than svn so the slowness is somehow mitigated14:19
jaegerjust a small difference in location :)14:20
sipalso, beeing distributed also helps a lot, since you can commit locally and push remotely from time to time14:20
sipbut if this is something that causes you more headaches than benefits, feel free to work as it's easier for you14:21
sip(or move to Sweden)14:21
jaegerI'm sure it's not a big deal, can certainly test it and see14:22
sipgood, we'll create dedicated repos once we announce contrib14:23
tilmandid you decide on git?14:32
sipat least for contrib, yes14:33
sipunless there's a revolt against it :)14:33
jaegerIs there any particular feature we want git for or is it just better?14:33
jaegerI haven't used it at all yet14:33
sipusing goold old unix groups and git-shell would simplify our setup14:34
tilmancan anyone remove morlenxus' httpup from the ports db btw?14:34
tilmanhe requested removal earlier14:34
sipI know cpnt prepared a similar page somewhere but I could not find it14:35
sipar, cptn14:35
siptilman, I think aon is da men14:35
jaegerWhy the extra step? commit and then push origin14:37
jaegerobviously commit doesn't mean the same thing as in cvs and svn14:37
siphehe, that's the boring part, yes14:37
sipcommits are local14:37
tilmanno, Viper_ is the man i think14:38
tilmanbut he's kinda away or stuff ;)14:38
siptilman, aon, sorry, nick collision in my head14:38
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