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cptnwhat a nice feeling to be back at work02:33
cptnwith a mail backlog of ~1400 messages02:33
cptnnot counting lkml and netdev :-)02:33
aona mailbox with that amount of unread messages is impressive02:35
aoni once saw the inbox of one person who was out of work for 4 years :)02:35
tilmantracking lkml must be a lot of work :P02:35
cptntilman: I only follow it through gmane02:36
tilmanby their web ui you mean?02:36
cptnunless you read it over the weekend, the amount of mail to mark as read on mondays is just too high ;-)02:37
cptnand I don't really plan to read it outside work02:37
aonT . ^R or something? :)02:39
cptnwow, just read about lilo02:39
aonthere was a notice on freenode02:40
cptnah, yeah02:40
aonbut most people probably have notices on ignore because of him02:40
cptnoh the irony...02:40
cptnso maro's httpup repo has failed from syncing for the last 10+ hours03:16
cptnis that enough to remove him from crux-devel?03:17
tilmanhe's not in #crux either03:17
tilmaneither he left, or his connection/host is just b0rked03:17
cptnhis server appears to be down03:17
cptndoes anyone know any use of /bin/arch in crux?06:49
cptnit was removed from util-linux in the testing versions...06:50
aonwell, not really06:50
aonsince "arch is equivalent to uname -m"06:51
aonand afaik it's not even posix06:51
aonuname is06:51
cptnokay, thanks06:52
cptnthen I have core building fine with glibc 2.5, and gcc 4.1.106:53
cptnand boy is that thing fast!06:53
aonalready completed?06:54
cptnit ran overnight06:54
aonoh :(06:54
aoni thought you started at :5306:54
cptnand and only util-linux failed06:54
aondid it fail because of arch?07:02
cptnno, because of NLS07:02
cptnoh wait07:02
cptn2.12 didn't build at all07:02
cptnapparently it doesn't work with the new kernel headers taken from 2.6.1807:02
cptnI then went to 2.13-pre707:02
cptnwhich is autotools based07:02
cptnand that one doesn't build with --disable-nls07:03
cptnbut they removed arch early in the 2.13-pre releases07:03
cptnso I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to even upload it to my httpup :-)07:03
aoni somehow got the impression that you were removing it (crux testing version instead of util-linux...)07:06
aonbut i guess it's even better if they're removing it for us :)07:06
cptnheh, yeah :-)07:06
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tilmanwhy is everyone so excited about glib 2.5?08:08
tilmansurely there must be something great going on there?08:08
aonbigger version number08:09
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aonhey j^208:56
j^2on the ball today aon ? ;)08:57
aoni urbandictionaried that expression and i still don't know08:58
aonso perhaps i'm not08:58
j^2like "youre johnny on the spot"09:01
j^2or "really prepared"09:01
aonurbandictionary is a bit off, then09:03
aonin that case, none of my english are belong to it anymore09:03
j^2yeah that deffintion is pretty close, it's in a different context really09:04
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cptnhey sip09:56
aonhi sip09:57
siphey aon09:58
siphmm. with the crux-hosted contrib will we still take care of private external repos? (the current portdb)10:09
aoni wonder how much they are used10:11
sipI suppose there's something useful in private repos, but I wonder if we should encourage people to contribute (and maintain) those ports into the new contrib10:13
cptnwell, it's still the way to qualify for contrib in the first place10:27
cptnmaintaining ports other people use10:28
cptnisn't it?10:28
sipmakes sense. I was trying to avoid some work ;)10:30
cptnheh, good idea10:32
cptnsip: we could just index and link httpup files though?10:34
cptnso we wouldn't actually sync all ports but just link to the Pkgfiles on the remote servers10:34
cptncertainly a step backwards from the current setup, but much simpler10:35
sipyeah,  a smaller version of the portdb sounds good10:35
sipAnd may be a psicological hint to join contrib10:35
cptnbtw prologic offered his help with portdb and contrib10:36
cptnI told him that I'd ask Viper_10:36
sipif we ever reach him :)10:36
cptnheh, yeah10:36
cptnhe changed his wiki page today at least10:36
sipoh, yes. I noticed because the timeline was broken with the german stuff10:37
sipany idea on when to announce contrib.git and especially _how_ to present it?10:38
sipI feel prologic and Viper_ can be good candidates for user management10:39
cptnuser as in ssh users on
sipno as in contrib users10:40
cptnah, sure10:41
sipI mean, the tricky part is deciding who's allowed to have an account10:41
cptnyeah, and I guess we'll keep a similar rule as we have now10:42
cptnmaybe require two supporters?10:42
sipand who's in charge of quality testing, etc. I'd prefer him/her to be outside CRUX10:42
cptnI think we should probably go over contrib rules before announcing it10:43
sipyou type faster than me ;)10:43
sipI'll start a NewContribRules page or something10:44
cptnshould we have an IRC meeting sometimes this week?10:45
sipYes, I think it's a good idea10:45
cptnI'd also like to see everyone being comfortable with the team thing10:45
sipIf we can put together some direction for CRUX 2.3 it'll help me a lot from the infrastructure pow10:46
sipalso we should introduce the git switch for tools10:47
cptnlots of exciting things ahead10:47
sipyeah, we've been into some trouble lately (teams, some maintainer leaving) and I feel we need some focus for the near future10:48
cptnI think for 2.3, we should really try to get x11r7 in10:48
cptnI agree10:49
cptnalso some tensions on crux-devel@10:49
sipand fix all the small after-Per quirks10:49
cptnI'd really like to shift my focus more on prt-get again, and httpup10:49
cptnand do less of the boring administrative things10:49
sipyah, we should really move all tension-filled posts into the forum :-D10:49
cptnthat's the solution10:50
cptnsip: also let's not forget that the switch to git will mean quite a bit of work10:55
cptni.e. the rsync checkout, updated ISO building etc.10:55
cptnand convincing tilman that git is better than subversion :-)10:55
sipwell, a simple pull and httpup-repgen on selected dirs should be enough, no?10:56
cptnpull and checkout10:57
cptnbut yes10:57
cptnit's not hard, just a couple of places which will need adjustments10:57
sipand if we take the chance of making it standard across core, opt, contrib, dedicated repos, I'd be happy10:57
cptnto make sure things continue to work normally10:57
cptndid you hear of OLPC?10:58
cptnsome believe it stands for One Laptop Per Child10:58
cptnbut I think it's "One Layout Per Collection"10:58
cptnokay, time to eat11:01
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