IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2006-10-03

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cptngood morning01:01
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aongood point06:41
tilmanthe pkgutils.git import is totally broken06:42
aoni see06:43
tilmanthough i think sip or cptn used git-svnimport06:44
tilmanit managed to omit the libtar crap06:44
tilmanand some source files06:44
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tilmansip: i think something went wrong with exporting pkgutils to git14:32
tilmanhalf the data/source is missing ;)14:32
tilmanlike, and the libtar crap14:32
siptilman, I removed bugs14:32
siplemme check...14:32
sipI'll try to re-run svnimport, 1 min.14:33
sipbtw, tilman, if you send me your RSA oublic key you we can ditch interactive auth14:34
tilmandsa accepted too?14:35
sipI think so14:35
sipif it's ok for sshd, it's ok for me:)14:35
sipok, svnimport missed the 1st commit in svn since it's in a weird location:
tilmankey sent14:38
sipI'll try setting pkgutils-5.20 it as a tag dir14:39
tilmangood luck :D14:40
sipbut I guess it expects usbdirs there14:40
sipbad luck14:41
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