IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2006-10-05

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jaegeryo :)01:21
jaegergoing to sleep, see you in a few hours :)01:21
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cptnsip: thanks for the git-sync btw09:04
cptnI didn't have a look at it yet though09:04
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j^2hey guys09:18
aonhi j^209:18
j^2how yall doing?09:18
j^2good to hear09:20
aonalthough have a bit of flu :/09:20
aonph00d ->09:21
j^2yah, i just got over it actaully09:21
j^2jaeger: ping09:59
j^2hey man, i need some advice10:01
jaegerdon't do drugs :)10:01
j^2(like always :-P)10:01
jaegerwhat do you need?10:02
j^2i've been charged with network monitoring at my work, have you ever had to deal with it? i've set up nagios, but they were looking for client side websurfing and the like...10:03
j^2any suggestions10:03
jaegernever done it, myself, I don't have much to do with the networking. sysadmin stuff only these days10:03
j^2ah ok10:06
j^2thanks anyway10:06
jaegergood luck :)10:06
j^2i've taken over this network and i'm pretty far over my head10:07
j^2heeh thatks10:07
jaegerI do parse apache logs with analog and awstats but not network monitoring10:07
j^2ah yeah, i was thinknig a transpartent proxy and put in a parser or something so we can see where they go, but that seems inefficient at best10:08
cptnso do you want to do filtering, or just logging?10:09
j^2"montioring" make sure people arent surfing the web between time, see what they are looking at etc.10:10
j^2become a "nazi" for lack of better term10:10
j^2"big brother" too10:10
cptnoh, so the employes aren't allowed to use the network during work at all?10:11
j^2not exactly, they need to access certian sites, off site, but all in all not really10:11
j^2i'm also doing a revamp of the network too :P10:12
j^2i've got my work cut out for me10:12
pitilloj^2, if you are using a gw with NAT support, and ip_conntrack, you can filter /proc/net/ip_conntrack and get some interesting info (not sure if you mean somethins like this)10:15
j^2hmm interesting...never thought of that10:15
jaegerI imagine you could use snort or the like but it probably takes a LOT of CPU and storage if you want any kind of long-term statistics on a decent-sized network10:17
sipj^2, how many users?10:22
cptnjaeger: regarding that ffmpeg problem on the list, there was some discussion in #crux10:22
cptnin case you haven't seen it yet10:22
jaegerI wonder why people are having so much trouble with gnome10:23
jaegerI've built gnome 2.16 from scratch several times with x11r7, no trouble here10:27
j^2sip: about 45 to 5010:30
sipand do you already have a proxy?10:31
sipsounds like the 1st step10:31
sipI've set up something simple @work with 3proxy, blocking outbound traffic10:31
sipso users must go through the proxy, and all traffic gets logged10:32
j^2ah, it seems like a lot of work10:32
sip3proxy is tiny but very configurable10:32
sipnot really10:32
j^2ah ok10:33
sipfor statistics, I just cache 3proxy log (syslog) on mysql, then let the bosses what they like with it ;)10:33
j^2makes sense10:33
jaegerI can't really understand the flow of conversation these days in #crux10:33
jaegereither people are making less sense daily (my suspicion) or I'm getting dumber10:34
jaegeror I'm getting dumber BECAUSE people are making less sense daily10:34
sipj^2, only used 3proxy with ~25 users though (that's why I asked)10:37
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jaegerdoh! just realized madwifi breaks the bootstrap procedure12:27
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jaegernot hard to fix12:35
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jaegerI hate madwifi17:57
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jaegerfuck you, madwifi! fuck you right in the eye21:09
jaegerdoh, broke my /proc, brb21:16
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