IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2006-10-06

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jdolanhello fellas.06:42
sip(looks if jaeger's around) heyo jdolan06:44
jdolanhi sip :)  how are you?06:45
sipfine thatks, and you?06:45
sipstill busy as usual?06:45
jdolan..tired, overworked, underpaid, sick of my job..06:45
sipsorry about that06:46
jdolanvery.  i'm trying to setup an interview with this company called optaros.06:46
jdolanthey're an opensource-savvy software firm.06:46
siplooks good06:46
jdolanthey require that you spend at least 10% of your time there working on open source projects.06:46
jdolanwhich means i could start contributing to crux again.. and get paid for it.06:46
sipthat would be great06:47
jdolanyea.. better pay and benefits, fewer hours, less stress..06:48
jdolani just have to land the job ;)06:48
sipbe sure to read the tiny parts of the contract06:48
sipsuch as "All your base are belong to us!"06:48
jdolanheh, i know, right?  gotta love those NDA's and non-competition clauses.06:49
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sipYeah, I have a story about that, but I can't speak :)06:50
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cptnheh, hi there jdolan, sip06:50
siphi cptn06:50
jdolanhey cptn!06:50
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jaegerjdolan: good luck with the new job attempt :)08:48
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cptnso what about the meeting?09:27
cptnaon and Falk can't attend today it seems09:28
cptndid jue mention anything here?09:28
tilmanjust wondering myself09:28
tilmani didn't see anything in irc09:28
tilmanand iirc he didn't respond to the thread either09:28
cptnhow to turn a Pkgfile into Frankenpkgfile09:34
cptnand at the same time create a dup in contrib for a port which has been there since june...09:34
tilmani told him about his tab problem some weeks (or months) ago09:34
tilmanor maybe i told prologic09:34
cptnalso see how he joined the make && make install lines09:35
cptnand added an 'install' call before configure09:35
cptnsip: around?09:42
sipjust sitted on my chair09:42
sipcptn, what's up?09:44
cptnsip: regarding the meeting tonight:09:44
cptnshould we have it?09:44
cptnboth aon and Falk can't attend apparently09:44
siphmm, maybe we can do it on the other date you proposed09:45
cptnespecially Falk is highly affected by many of the infra decisions09:47
sipright, I'll notify clc-devel as soon as I decide at what point in the tree a reply makes sense :)09:47
siper. crux-devel09:48
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j^2_hey guys10:07
siphey j^2_10:07
j^2_doing well today?10:08
jaegerallergies are worse today than they have been in weeks10:08
sipjaeger, allergies to what?10:09
jaegeranything that grows or has fur, pretty much10:09
sippretty bad.10:10
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j^2_hey je10:19
siphey jue10:19
j^2_hey jue10:19
tilmanhey jue10:19
cptnhey jue10:19
jaegerheyo, jue10:19
* j^2_ breaks into the beatles song10:19
juecptn: it's kind of boring, I wrote 2 mails to Romster and tried to /query with him today, nothing. Seems he is just ignoring me.10:27
cptndid you query him just now?10:28
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cptnokay, since it's probably around midnight where he is now10:32
juemy attempt was 3 hours ago, and he was active on #crux10:35
jueanyway, not that important10:36
cptnit may be just an oversight10:38
juecoreutils 6.3 seems to work fine, any other experience ?10:40
cptnI've fought breaking harddrives for three days now10:40
cptnso I didn't really do anything useful10:40
cptnwell, it's not really breaking10:41
sipwas that after updating coreutils? ;)10:41
cptnit appears that when run in 3 GB/s mode, the driver is having some problems10:41
cptnsip: no :-)10:41
tilmanthis #crux-devel thing is filling up11:07
siptrue. we got a new record here11:08
siptilman, does key auth work?11:08
tilmanoh, didn't try yet11:09
tilmandoesn't seem to work11:12
siptry now please11:16
tilmannow including that aweful libtar hack :)11:18
juesip: git pull is extreme slow for me, a clone of prt-utils took around 3sec, pull 49sec ?11:27
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sipjue, I noticed sometimes (well, quite often) ssh access on is quite slow11:28
jaegerit's always a bit slow for me =)11:29
sipcould oyu please try cloning anonymosly git:// and see if it's faster?11:29
jueyep, nearly instant11:30
siphmm, I blame our sshd setup11:32
sipnah, an almost standard configuration does not seem to improve the situation11:51
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cptnViper_: around?13:04
jaeger/bin/sh: scripts/mod/modpost: No such file or directory13:07
jaegerfrom madwifi13:07
jaegermodpost does exist, wonder why it'd be looking in the wrong place13:07
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Viper_cptn: yes13:13
cptndid you see the mail regarding contrib administration?13:13
cptnon infra13:13
cptndo you feel comfortable to take it over?13:16
cptnoh, sip just left...13:16
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Viper_yes of course :)13:23
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Romstersorry for my port of base64, and oviously everyone didn't look at the duplicate of python, nor to the point of that the python 2.5 has not been synced to opt yet...13:37
cptnduplicate of python?13:38
Romster<cptn> how to turn a Pkgfile into Frankenpkgfile < i thought jue was leaving crux but i read the mailing list wrong, sory, but turning it into Frankenpkgfile, wtf13:38
cptnRomster: there's no dup for python in contrib13:39
cptnjust base6413:39
cptnand the python 2.5 statement was pretty clear IMO13:40
Romsterpython in prologic repo i assumed jue didn't have time to maintain python nor hes other ports and he deleated alot of ports too, then checked out sqlite3 like wtf sqlite 3 is already out in a number of repos.13:40
cptnokay, let's move that to #crux, it's OT here13:40
tilmanhow the fuck did you interpret that into jue's mail?13:41
Romsternot in contrib no. but in prologics repo to opt yes its a duplicate, i've deleated it now so it'll be gone on next update, somehow i read the mailing list wrong that jue was leaving, sorry my mistake.13:41
tilmanrhetoric question, it doesn't really matter13:41
Romsterand me turning a Pkgfile into Frankenpkgfile ? just what do you mean by that statement? Yes I'm new to linux still, but at least i'm learning and trying...13:43
cptnplease take that to #crux13:43
cptnI'll happily explain13:43
Romsterwhats wrong with doing && it meains if make failes that make install will not run, also it shortens a line in the Pkgfile.13:43
cptnam I on /ignore?13:44
Romsterand yes i know this is the dev channel, if i missed the meeting i was expecting a formal meeting which i have not yet seen.13:44
Romsterno just making my point then i'll leave you in peace.13:44
tilmanthe chatter stuff is postponed to monday, same time13:45
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Romsterbase64 has been removed now.13:45
Romsterok i'll try and make it and yes i can be formal, i know i'm new but i'm no newbie.13:45
*** Romster was kicked by cptn (cptn)13:46
Viper_romster is prologic!?13:46
cptnit's been a while13:46
cptnbut prologic has an svn remo13:46
tilmanhe piggybacked on prologic's repo :x13:46
cptnwhich is synced to contrib13:46
cptnand and prolo let him commit to it :-)13:46
Viper_lol :)13:47
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Viper_hmm and whats wrong with romster? seems that you all don't like him13:50
jaegerI don't have anything against him, in particular13:53
tilmansome contrib guideline should say:14:05
tilman* please try to make your diffs minimal, don't move calls around for no reason14:05
tilmanand "avoid whitespace only changes". or something like that14:06
cptn"be reasonable"?14:08
tilmani dislike that "chown root..." thing14:09
tilmanpeople should just use fakeroot14:10
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sipgah, I always miss the best irc moments14:54
cptnViper_: I've made 'prtsync' a bit noisier14:56
cptnshowing ports with .sync files which are rejected due to the same port being in opt or core14:56
sipbtw, I also noticed a jre and jdk port in  contrib14:57
cptnsip: heh, you have to create those moments yourself15:02
sipI'll see what I can do ;)15:02
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j^2hey guys15:35
j^2i noticed in the contrib/bind that it tells you to look at contrib/dnsmasq when it was moved opt/dnsmasq15:37
j^2and i never see prologic....15:38
j^2so i thought i might mention it here15:38
sipPlease drop him a mail15:42
tilmanwell, if you're not too lazy, why not e-mail him?15:42
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tilmananother contrib rule/guideline should say:15:45
tilman"no bogus rcs headers, kthxbye."15:45
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treach"No piggy-backing"15:46
tilmanthat won't be possible anymore15:47
tilmani think15:47
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treachanother rule maybe, "Don't farking ignore people in cases where it only causes needless problems".16:18
tilmanyes, i thought about this16:18
tilmanmy version was: "don't ignore the ports uber-meister"16:18
tilman(which would be me, somewhat)16:19
treach"Obye the mighty $! Err @ I mean. :P16:19
tilmanmaybe one of the bots in #crux has a "say" or "tell" feature16:19
tilman!tell han "blablabla"16:19
tilman<the_bot> han: blablabla16:19
tilmanthat would be pretty cool16:19
tilmanuntil he ignores the bots, too :D16:19
tilmani want to hurt yip16:20
treachneedless workaround. I've no idea what the fallout between you and han was, but in some aspects he should grow up.16:20
tilmani don't remember either16:21
treachYou don't have to love people to be able to communicate with them.16:21
treachI guess that goes double for the Master of the Ports, which would be you, iirc.16:21
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treachs  for/wrt16:23
siplately it seems every stupid question becomes a battle between crux devs vs. the rest of the world16:25
sipand that's depressing16:25
tilmanyes, something's wrong16:25
sipnot sure if we fail in something or what16:26
treachmm. Either you guys got me wrong.. or I'm clc. :p16:26
sipnot speaking about you treach :)16:26
treachok. thanks.16:26
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