IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2006-10-07

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treachjaeger: is there a particular reason for keeping gnutls outdated?11:29
jaegernone besides the fact that I haven't used it in a while11:29
jaegerI'll take a look at it today if I can11:30
treachI hope that spares you some work. :-)11:30
jaegerI'm sure it will, thanks :)11:30
jaegerI don't currently have crux on my main desktop, that's what I'm working on now11:30
jaegerreinstalled completely a few days ago11:30
treachI see. :-(11:31
jaegernot a bad thing, just bought a bigger/newer HD and decided to do a clean install instead of backup/restore11:31
treachah, I was thinking of what a total PITA all that compiling would be..11:32
jaegerI don't mind. I usually start it and then do something else11:32
jaegerbesides, that box is a dual-core amd64 with 2G RAM, it'll go pretty quickly :)11:33
treachheh, I sure hope. :-)11:33
treachspeaking of big compiles, have you thought about using --with-system-{jpeg,zlib,png} for firefox?11:34
jaegeryeah. there was some reason I didn't, way back when, but I don't remember it... might work fine, these days11:35
treachIt seems like it from my experience so far.11:35
treachI seem to remember it was broken before, but as of it looks like it's back in order.11:36
treachnow..if I only knew enough perl to understand why nss won't build..11:37
tilmanfirefox sources ship with their own copy of jpeg/zlib/png?11:38
tilmanjesus motherfucker!11:40
jaegeryes, have for a long time11:40
tilmanjaeger: tri on #crux is reporting that opt/hal is missing a policykit dependency12:14
tilman(19:14) <       tri> oh no opt/hal is working... it was my one port. now  everything is fine ;) thx...12:14
tilmangreat timing here12:14
treachtilman: btw, on the redundant theme, firefox has it's own nss too, but I guess it's a newer version than the one in opt. :-/12:23
treachunfortunately, building 3.10 seems to be out of my reach.12:23
jaegertilman: as far as I know they do intend to make it depend on policykit, but yeah, for now mine does not13:25
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tilmanjaeger: maybe he enabled a weird configure switch that pulls in the policykit dep14:46
tilmantreach: what's that problem with nss you have?14:46
jaegertilman: could be, there is one available14:46
treachtilman: I'm following the steps in sip's port, which gives "make: *** No rule to make target ../../nsprpub/configure.  Stop" at the "make nss_build_all" step.14:55
tilmanno sip there14:55
treachthis is with 3.11.3, I tried before with 3.10, since it's what's listed at the web page, but apparently it has been neglected for a while.14:56
tilmani see it's in opt now ;)14:56
tilmani'll give it a try14:57
treachI got another error with 3.10, the perlscript I spoke of previously, but apparently we can forget about that particluar problem.14:57
tilmanand see what happens ;)14:57
treachgood luck.14:57
treach(wouldn't surprise me if it worked flawlessly.. :-/ )14:58
treachtilman: this one ->
tilmani'm getting nss-3.11.3.tar.gz15:01
treachyou're right, I'm too tired. :-(15:01
treachI was about to try the other one, so I accicentally pasted the wrong link..15:02
treachbah, the one I pasted above seems to work..15:04
treachOk, it worked with a minor fotprint mismatch. sorry for wasting your time. (I still don't really understand why the other one wouldn't even build though..)15:13
tilmanbuggy makefile15:14
tilmanthey reference nsprpub, which isn't there15:14
treachyeah, I guessed it was something like that. Confidence inspiring.15:15
treachnext up, a riced out version of firefox. :P15:27
treachtilman: whining otoh, is soo much more constructive..15:49
tilmanit's getting boring ;)15:50
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