IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2006-10-10

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j^2hey guys09:21
aonhi j^209:21
j^2i'm jealous, your an op!09:22
tilmanjaeger: i think opt/bittorrent is missing a dependency on twisted11:21
jaegeroops. knew I committed that one early, hehe11:26
jaegergonna get messy with that, needs ZopeInterface, too11:30
jaegerand the zope site is down. awesome11:30
tilmanthe list of dependencies of the twisted port in contrib don't look much fun11:31
jaegerI don't have one in contrib11:31
jaegerand yhafri's is an old deprecated version11:31
jaegerhrmm... think I'll revert bittorrent since the zopeinterface stuff doesn't want to compile with gcc 4... gonna have to poke at that some more11:37
tilmanyeah, sounds okay11:38
jaegerah, that was an old version problem... hard to tell when the site is down11:43
jaegerthanks google cache11:43
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siphey everybody. shall we start the mini-meeting thing?13:12
fahaI'm ready13:12
sipoh, faha!13:13
fahayes, i'm here :-)13:13
sipI expected falk :)13:13
fahaI feel a little bit ill, but I hope the meeting takes not so long13:14
sipok, did sleep bring any new idea on contrib policy?13:14
sipfaha, sure, I think we'll focus ony on a couple of topics13:15
tilmanno, it didn't13:15
tilmani think we should go with the suggested scheme13:15
tilmanif it turns out that it doesn't work at all we can still think about alternative ways...13:15
sipalright, that seemed the most supported way13:16
sip(check) wow, that was quick :)13:16
jueyes, let's go that way for now13:16
sipnext steps for the contrib: complete the NewContribRules page and inform the crux ML13:17
sipalso, the ContribHowTo page could need some adjustement13:18
tilmanViper_ would probably *love* to do that13:18
sipany volunteer with good writing skills?13:20
sipI think it's important to communicate the reasons behind contrib.git (more than tech details)13:21
sipok, we'll wait a bit for volunteers. next 2 topics: the git migration and some wiki feature. I suggest we start from the latter before faha's temperature goes up13:24
fahathanks sip ;-)13:25
siptake some pill, just in case :)13:25
sipregarding the wiki, some sort of Public section has been proposed13:26
tilmandoes that point still need discussing? i though it was agreed upon13:27
sipso people can anonymously edit and create pages13:27
fahaa wiki-farm with an public part should be no problem, i mean13:27
fahaone installation of pmwiki ...13:28
tilmanoh, okay13:28
sipthat's the odd way pmwiki calls that :)13:28
sipok, so faha I think you can go on when you have some time13:28
jueI think a public group is enough13:28
fahadata could be shared, but don't have to be13:28
fahathats the second way13:29
jueI don't expect so much input ;-)13:29
sipjust wait until somebody create a Rants page ;)13:30
sipanyway, one thing not set was the maintainer of the public wiki.13:31
fahaif the "admin", me, have to sort the pages ... groups are an importent instrument13:31
sipbut i guess faha would cover that role13:31
faha*jumpoff* yes, I will :-)13:32
sipbtw, I see some work has already been done:
sipeven if login is required atm13:33
jueyep, cptn did that13:33
sipso with groups ACLs are common for that group, right?13:34
sipI mean, in pmwiki we can setup the whole Public group to be editable anonymously, while keeping the ACLs of the Main section?13:36
fahayes, that is possible13:36
fahayou can setup edit-passwords in 3 ways13:36
sipok, I guess we covered the Public wiki topic then13:36
fahafor a side, a group or the whole wiki13:37
sipnice. feel free to work on it then13:37
sipLatest request for the wiki: I think a Work in progress group will be useful13:38
sipfor wip pages, or stuff that eventually gets deleted later13:39
sipie the NewContribRules will be likely moved into the current ContribRules13:39
sipdoes a dedicated group make sense?13:39
fahavote +113:40
fahadedicated group make sence, because renamed pages are by default visible by old and new name13:41
fahaon an devel group this is ok ...13:41
fahain the offical, this should be avoid13:43
fahabut remember, wikis are a community things13:43
sipwell everything in Wip will be trashed or moved into Main later. If there is nobody against it, you can create the Wip group toghether with the Public one13:44
tilmannah, do it13:46
fahaok, i hope i wound the time this week13:46
siptake your time13:48
sipmy wishlist for the wiki is complete. shall we move to git?13:49
jueI miss a Index-link in our footer, something like
sipSounds good13:50
fahai agree13:50
sipshall we also add a searchbox as in ?13:50
siper, click on a repo first13:51
tilmanwhere's the searchbox on that page?13:51
tilmansure, why not, if it's not too much work13:53
sipapparently, not13:53
sipbut that should be standard across portdb and the like, if possible13:54
sipWe'll eventually mark it as a "when we have time" thing :)13:54
sipso, regarding git...14:02
sip1st of all I'd like to apologize for having set up the repos without a meeting14:03
tilmannot a problem14:03
juethanks for your work ;-)14:03
tilmani see you created xorg.git too already14:04
sipfact is that git is particularly suitable for tools and dedicated repos (easier with local commits) while not everybody could be happy with a migration for core and opt14:04
tilmanwhy is that?14:04
sipwell, the push/pull thing gets a bit in the way when you just aim for a quick update14:05
jueif we solve the ssh issue the only point left is to learn another SCM14:05
sipexpecially since for what I know we should also specify heads and be careful not to screw things up14:06
tilmani don't think the push&pull thing is that big a point14:06
tilmanbut maybe that's just me ;)14:06
sipyeah, regarding ssh I'll write a mail to Charlie if  we cannot find the problem14:06
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jueI read, that git works also via webdav, might be an alternative if we cannot solve the ssh thing14:09
juebut svn works very well too ...14:09
siptilman, the fact that there's no forced correspondence between local and remote heads can lead to some confusion14:09
tilmanyes, you should pull before you start hacking away14:10
tilmanto avoid conflicts14:10
tilmanalthough for ports it shouldn't be that bad14:11
tilmancause usually only you will touch your ports14:11
sipwell, at least *I* was confused :)14:12
tilmanso we still need to decide on whether git should be used for core & opt too?14:13
sipobviously using only one SCM is the most sensate thing14:13
fahasorry, i can't follow anymore, because of my headache14:14
sipbye faha, take care14:14
tilmanfaha: get well soon14:14
fahathanky, and bye14:14
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juebye faha14:15
jueok, iirc cptn second the change to git, so we have four +1, right ?14:18
sipyeah, just wanted to be sure there's no strong opposition to that14:19
sipso, if it's ok to move everything to git, I propose to keep svn for CRUX 2.2. and start working on 2.3 in git14:22
juesounds like a plan :-)14:22
sipeverything's going too smooth tonight :)14:23
tilmanyes, sounds sensible14:25
tilmanwhat's left do prepare for 2.3 anyway?14:25
tilman*to prepare14:25
siponce the port repos are ok, there's the setup script, merging with jaeger's livecd14:26
sipevaluate iproute2 and iana-etc14:26
sipahem, tilman, texinfo14:27
tilman# add texinfo port into core (tilman)14:27
tilmanthat one's a bit icky14:27
sipthe port itself or the implications?14:27
jueand the fakeroot/non-root building thing14:27
tilmanthe implications14:27
tilmanthere's a list of all available info pages stored in /usr/info/dir14:28
tilmanso every port that installs an info page needs to update that list14:28
tilman-> lots of duplicated post-install scripts14:28
tilmanpkgadd "hooks" could solve that problem14:28
tilman(as described in PkgUtilsIdeas)14:29
tilmanbut i'm not sure that's the way to go14:29
sipand I think it won't be in 2.3 in any case14:29
tilmanit shouldn't hold off 2.3 imo14:29
tilmanif i can solve the issues before 2.3, then that's cool14:29
sipany idea on how many ports are affected?14:30
jueat lot I guess, at least all teh gnu stuff14:31
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tilmansip: probably around 10? maybe more14:33
juegrep 'rm -rf $PKG/usr/info' /usr/ports/core/*/Pkgfile | wc -l14:34
tilmanwe could symlink the post-install script in git14:34
tilmanand resolve these links in the checkout for rsync14:34
jueor the user had to run it manually14:35
sipthat's probably a nice mid-term solution14:35
jueto be honest I hate that post-install crap14:36
sipeither that or a specific addon to pkgutils, without working on the more comprehensive hook support14:36
sipyeah, I'd prefer to avoid havin post-install in core, if possible14:40
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tilmanadding a texinfo specific hack to pkgadd doesn't seem very appealing either14:41
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sipwe'll let the core group discuss the thing :)14:44
jueis it only a call of install-info, without any options to update that list ?14:45
juesip: err system group14:45
tilmani forgot14:45
sipoh, right14:45
sipwell, that was all for my list. any other thing you'd like to discuss now?14:48
tilmandon't think so14:48
sipfine. we're over \o/14:49
juestill open is the question who updates the contrib-rules, write the email ..14:50
tilmanViper_: did you read your backlog for tonight?14:51
jueI think it's ok if viper does the wiki stuff, but the official ann on the ML ?14:52
Viper_well in fact i don't think it's a good idea to let me write the wiki stuff... my english isn't very good14:52
sipsame here14:52
juefar better than my14:52
Viper_but someone can correct it afterwards :)14:53
tilmani hate writing docs in english too :P14:53
tilmani hate writing docs in general14:53
sipa podcast should do it14:54
Viper_btw something different: does anybody know how i replace a ? with a ': s/?/'/ don't work14:54
tilman? has a special meaning, so you need to escape it14:54
tilman\? should work i guess14:54
juetilman: the announcement would fit best to you ;-)14:54
Viper_ah forgot that to add.. that isn't the problem14:54
Viper_the problem is the '14:55
tilmanif noone else wants to do it, i will14:55
sipecho ciao?|sed "s/\?/'/g"14:55
tilmanyou really don't need to escape the question mark14:55
Viper_ah it works.. thank you very much.. I've used 's/\?/'/'14:55
sipyou're right, seems to work without escaping too14:56
Viper_yeah but my '..' around it didn't work :)14:57
sip+1 for tilman, the announcement man14:58
jueyeah, our chief of ports14:59
tilmanViper_: so i suggest you start to write up on contrib, and if you need help, just yell ;)15:05
Viper_what are the main points which i should write into it?15:05
sipthe motivation behind it and the process for partecipants I think15:06
tilmanmove to git, one common repo, how to join, how contrib is regulated15:06
sipwe may as well work toghether on the pages if preferred15:07
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Viper_i hope that these points are all explained in detail in the logs of yesterday15:08
Viper_because i don't know what to write exactly :(15:09
sipNot sure of how detailed the steps are in the logs, in any case feel free to ask for clarfication via irc/mail15:14
jueso we are finally over for today ?15:18
sipI think so, thank you everybody15:18
sipI think we finally have some material to start working on 2.3 and contrib next week15:19
tilmanhaving a weekly mini meeting would be nice i think15:22
tilmanor rather, have one day where people try to be around15:22
tilmanso you can discuss stuff if necessary15:22
jueyes, every tuesday 20:00 ?15:24
sipfine for me15:24
tilmanshould probably bring it up on the list again though15:25
sipif the periodic meetings get some traction they'd be a lot easier to cope with, since there will be less things to discuss15:26
Viper_fine for me too15:33
juenight all16:10
sipnight jue16:10
sipleaving too.16:11
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