IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2006-10-11

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aonhas there been any plans to update handbook section 2.2 before 2.3?08:38
aonit doesn't seem to fit now that there are more developers08:39
jaegerhrmm... yeah, it could use a bit of alteration08:41
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j^2morning guys09:04
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sepenjaeger, have you seen my mail?09:18
jaegerto me? to the list?09:20
sepento you09:21
sepenat crux.nu09:21
jaegerare you jose?09:21
jaegeryes, I saw it. redundant deps don't bother me, though09:23
sepenjaeger, also in README the command line '$ useradd -n -u 82 -g haldaemon -d /var/empty -s /bin/false haldaemon' returns me:09:33
sepenuseradd: options -g and -n conflict09:33
jaegerwhat does -n even do? I don't see it in the manpage09:35
sepenI think you should remove -n option09:35
jaegerI didn't write that, originally09:35
sepenthanks for your time also!09:35
jaegerah, creates a new group with the same name as the user09:35
jaegerI definitely didn't put that there :) I'll remove it09:35
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j^2hey all11:18
j^2question, if i'd like to delete every entry in a mysql db, whats' the command?11:18
j^2clean it up, just a table that is11:18
tilmanDROP name_of_the_db;11:18
tilmanDELETE name_of_the_table;11:19
j^2thanks tilman11:19
jaegerdrop table <name>; should work as well11:21
j^2awsome thanks gusy11:24
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sipgah, git-svn* it's really a hard fight for core and opt11:49
tilmanhow so?11:50
sipimporting a single dir, ie crux-2.2/ports/core spits out errors11:51
sipno matter the options, I think I've tried every combination11:52
sipwhile using git-svn seems to ignore copies from crux-2.111:52
tilmani only gave git-svn a very quick shot once11:58
tilmanno idea what might be wrong11:58
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j^2hey guys14:34
j^2how you doing matt?14:35
j^2yo aon, i'm still jealous :-P14:36
aonheh :)14:36
aoni can't help it :)14:36
j^2suuurrreee :P14:36
jaegerdoing alright, you?14:39
j^2not much, crap bbl14:39
jaegerdecided to throw together a quick wiki page on building an updated CRUX livecd14:39
j^2ah cool14:53
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