IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2006-10-13

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j^2what's going on guys?09:46
tilmannot much09:46
j^2one of my two routers worked yesterday in an install. the dhcp one worked fine, but the static one....nope :(09:47
j^2i have no idea what i did wrong09:47
j^2annoying as all hell09:47
siphey guys. jaeger, do you have Charlie's email around?10:30
tilmani just realized i prolly won't have time to look into adopting more stuff till sunday11:08
sipI think there should not be big problems, you'll evenually move stuff from attick back to opt11:09
tilmanwould be nice to omit that extra move though ;)11:09
sipjust leave 'em to the trashcan then ;)11:10
tilmanthen someone needs to fix opt/imagemagick too eg11:32
tilman(depends on libungif)11:32
tilmanhow stupid is that:11:32
tilmanwhy does libungif build libungif.so11:33
tilmanif it built, you could use it as a drop-in replacement for giflib11:33
sipwell.I think we can disable libungif support for imagemagick11:34
tilmandoes anyone care about gif these days?11:34
tilmancertainly not me ;p11:34
sipdo you think we can live without author conversion for core/opt?11:35
tilmanreal names would be nice to have imo11:35
tilmanis it a pita to set up?11:36
sipgit-svn acts funny where I specify --authors-file11:36
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sipie, it creates a http:// dir instead of .git o_O11:36
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