IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2006-10-17

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j^2hey all09:29
j^2it's game time today, how yall doing?09:30
jaegerI'd rather it be game time than work time :)09:31
jaegerdoing alright09:31
j^2hehe, no no bad game time, it's a trade show today and everyone is stressing :-O09:32
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tilmani wonder why hdparm is in core11:29
tilmansure it's cool and probably very widely used. but it's not essential :]11:29
jaegerprobably because Per put it there :)11:30
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siphi, ready for the mini-meeting?13:13
tilmanno :o13:15
* tilman pokes aon jaeger jue Viper_ 13:16
juesure ;-)13:16
jaegerI'm here13:16
sipI have a short list so you won't blame me as usual :)13:17
sipwe have not found a solution yet for sshd slowness...13:17
tilmanis charlie looking into it?13:18
sipbut I configured dropbear on port 2222 (only kwy auth) and the pull problem is resolved13:18
sipyes, either they have some timeout at firewall level, or sshd hates us13:19
aonyeah, here but don't know for how long :)13:19
sipthe problem is particualrly evident when you lanch a 2nd ssh connection13:19
sipand that what's git pull does AFAIK13:19
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tilmancptn: did you talk to him about the swedish virus notice that their MTA attaches to outgoing mail?13:25
cptnnot yet, no13:26
sipnever noticed that13:26
cptnit's only for mail13:27 isn't filtered13:27
cptnand only if it comes from outside13:27
cptni.e. the ck4up etc. mails don't have it13:27
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tilmansip: are the git repos hooked up with an export script & rsync ports voodoo?13:32
sipjust replace ports with ports2 in rsync and httpup13:32
tilmani guess the 'ports2' thing is temporary?13:33
tilmanotherwise i'd update the x11r7 documentation stuff and point people at the new locations13:33
sipno, we'll change it from time to time :-P13:33
cptnsip: what's the plan overall?13:34
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sipI mean, look ath the differences on our gitweb between the core/opt and the 'sip' repo14:08
sipIt's likely I screwed things up, but will the contrib users be able to repeat my errors? :)14:09
tilmancontrib will probably not have a "2.2" branch, will it?14:10
tilmani see your point14:10
tilmanbut gitweb does the correct thing imo ;)14:10
tilmanby default, it shows the master branch14:10
tilmanif you happen to work on another one atm, how/why should gitweb know or care?14:10
sipthat's right, but core/opt lists the correct last update14:11
sipin the project index the last update time is from the 2.2 branch14:12
sipbtw, I think contrib will have a 2.2 branch too14:12
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siptilman, 'git push origin 2.2:2.2' is the canonical way of doing pushes?14:39
sip(for the docs)14:39
tilmani think the common way is to edit ~/.git/remotes/MYREMOTE and add a line for the 2.2 branch14:39
sipmy impression is that git is a bit perlish regarding the nr. of ways to skin a cat :)14:42
tilmani think they have some information about pushing to branches there14:42
tilmanPush: new-branch:new-branch14:43
sipnice, thanks14:43
sipok, that's all for me tonight, gotta get up at 5 am tomorrow :/14:47
sipnight everybody14:48
juenight, sip14:48
jaegertake care... sorry I've been quiet, our network connection is hosed14:48
jaegerstill having problems14:48
cptnnight sip14:48
cptnjaeger: :-/14:48
siphehe, jaeger, o pay some bill once a while14:48
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jaegernot my bill :P14:49
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