IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2006-10-18

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prologichey cptn06:39
aonhey cptn06:45
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cptnhi sip06:51
sipI'm going to send the new contrib mail to the contrib ML, shall we send a note also at crux@?07:20
cptnI'd rather send it to contrib first07:24
cptndo the transition07:24
cptnand invite crux@ afterwards07:24
cptnavoid dealing with two problems at the same time ;-)07:24
sipgood move ;)07:24
sipmeanwhile, if somebody wants to take a look at ContribRules and ContribHowTo, feel free to add/correct07:25
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j^2hey guys09:06
cptnhey j^209:06
siphi j^209:06
j^2hey cptn how you doing?09:07
j^2morning sip09:07
cptnI'm fine, thanks09:07
cptnwhat about you?09:07
aonhi cptn & sip & j^209:08
j^2crazyness... i'm at a trade show right now, monitoring the wireless access09:08
j^2i'm sitting in the same spot probably for the next 12 hours09:08
* j^2 tips hat to aon 09:09
jaegerplay with driftnet, always fun when there's a lot of wireless traffic09:09
j^2hehe will do ;)09:09
cptnhey jaeger09:10
cptnnetwork back to normal?09:10
jaegeryeah, they got it sorted out late yesterday afternoon09:10
jaegerturned out to be onenet, not us09:10
sipas the name implies, they don't have a backup network09:11
cptn"Oklahoma's state sponsored telecommunications and information network [...]"09:11
cptnand we know how OK selects their IT staff ;-)09:11
j^2sip, hehe09:11
cptn.oO(City of Tuttle)09:12
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jaegerapparently onenet's having problems again today10:07
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