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j^2hey all09:16
j^2wow...busy channel today ;)09:21
sepenI think could be a good idea give +voice to people that aren't devels in that channel09:31
j^2i dont09:31
tilmanit's not moderated09:31
tilmanso why use +v?09:31
sepenthis channel is for development no?09:32
j^2and the core discussions for the distro and direction ideas09:33
j^2ie, Wiki stuff, et al09:33
tilmansepen: so you want to shut up non-developers?09:35
sepenonly an idea.09:35
j^2like me :(09:35
tilmanatm there's no reason to do that imo09:35
sepenI stay here for read new on development on crux, not chating09:35
j^2we are a community, imo, so we need to have idle chit chat imo09:36
sepenlike yesterday?09:37
sepen10:14:04 <cptn> mmmh, I think it's time to write down a description what crux-devel@ is supposed to be09:38
tilmanthat's about the mailing list09:39
tilmannote the '@'09:39
pitilloand about the irc-channels too.09:40
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pitilloit's a good idea to keep in mind the use of both (irc and ML). To new people at least, I think.09:42
tilmantake it easy guys09:43
tilmani've yet to see a development irc channel where chatter is forbidden09:43
tilmanand i've seen quite a few )09:44
pitilloI'm sure about that. Only was a sugestion to keep it clear in all ML and channels. I hope I can read more and write less in this channel reserved for real developers. :)09:49
sepenI think the same pitillo09:51
jaegeranyone mind if I adopt esound and libxvid?09:53
tilmanthey are in the attic.. so, nope :p09:56
jaegerfair enough09:57
Romsteri've addopted alot of ports but i'm not synced to contrib yet :)10:02
Romsterand will need to remove a few i see some others have taken up that was still marked (at the time) as orphand10:03
sepenRomster, like my google-earth10:04
Romstereh yeah i should remove that, and you should throw that in contrib, imo10:04
pitilloRomster, may be is a good moment for some devs to review some of them, and let you to sync some.10:05
sepenI need a mantainer which advocates for me, no?10:05
Romstersepen, btw you don't list core ports on the depends line (glibc) also i noticed it requires font-bitstream-vera10:06
Romstersepen, yes10:06
Romsterprologic is going to or has already advocated for me.10:07
Romsteri had about 11 ports in contrib origionally.10:07
Romsterbefore i moved to my own repo.10:07
pitillosepen, you need the same... Going on the the new application scheme told at (I not really sure if I don't understand that scheme reading that last lines)10:08
sepenI need read more the next week10:08
sepenand use git for that10:10
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Romsterhmm i haven't made a flyspray account yet..10:16
Romsternor used git10:16
Romsteri'll read into it more later, when i'm awake. nite everyone10:24
tilmansomeone typo'd cptn's name :p10:35
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tilmanhey sip10:58
* jaeger pokes sip11:00
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tilmansip: i'm having trouble accessing git via dropbear. it's on port 2222?11:12
treachtilman: poke. I haven't seen that md5sum change yet.11:14
tilman(18:15) <    tilman> ajax: ping11:15
tilmantreach: i rembered that issue this afternoon though!11:15
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treachok. :-)11:15
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jaegerheyo, cptn11:17
j^2hey cptn11:17
tilmansip: why use the "crux" alias for in .ssh/config? just convenience or some magic reason? ;)11:29
jaegertilman: I assume you can just as easily use git+ssh://host:port/path11:29
jaegerbut for convenience11:29
tilmangood point11:29
tilman(putting the port there)11:30
tilmannah, doesn't work. at least  not in .git/remotes/foo11:30
jaegernot sure which keys dropbear is using11:30
tilmananother good point11:31
tilmani think mine is DSA11:31
siptilman, sorry, I forgot a had xchat open somewhere11:31
siptilman, you can use if it feels better11:32
sipbut beware it's slow as hell11:32
tilmani thought dropbear was supposed to fix the slowness?11:32
sipwith you'll go to port 2211:33
sipwhich is the slow one11:33
sipnow that should also answer your 2nd question about the name11:33
tilmanHost crux.nu11:33
tilman   Port 222211:33
tilmanshould work afaik11:33
sipyea, but that would be a pain if we have to maintain both for a while11:34
jaegersip: how's the dropbear install handling keys? I don't think I have any set up11:34
tilmannot for me, i don't have a shell on anyway11:34
tilmansip: but thanks, that point's clear now :)11:34
sipjaeger, it uses the same as sshd11:34
tilmanwhy do i get "Permission denied (publickey)." then?11:35
tilmanon port 222211:35
sipjust put the useful ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file there11:35
siptilman, because you insisted using lame dsa :-P11:35
jaegerso I just need to configure one :)11:35
tilmancool, i guessed that might be the problem11:35
tilmani'll say that dropbear is lame for not supporting dsa though11:36
sipjaeger, you likely already have one11:36 in your .ssh dir11:36
jaegerI had one for my old workstation, replacing it with the current one11:36
siptilman, I think it does11:36
sipbut never tried it11:36
sipbtw, either the new git broke my export script, or somebody messed up with core/opt repos11:37
jaegerstill get permission denied11:37
jaegerdoes it have to be a key without a passphrase?11:37
sipnot sure about that11:38
tilmanjaeger: uh, that would be ... strange11:38
jaegeryes, it would11:38
jaegerbut I'm not sure what the problem is. I can log in without trouble11:38
sip1 sec...11:38
siplaunch that locally11:39
jaegerer... I guess I'm missing something11:40
jaegerI've already setup my key and it works fine for shell logins11:41
jaegerdoes dropbear ignore authorized_keys2 and expect authorized_keys instead?11:41
sipi think 2 is for dsa11:41
sipwhich apparently does not work as tilman reports11:42
tilmansshd puts all kinds of keys in authorized_keys afaik11:42
jaegerI remember setting it up for RSA, for some reason, but don't see it in the ssh manpage anymore11:42
tilmanat least i have dsa keys in there, too :P11:42
jaegerhowever, using my RSA key with authorized_keys now gets me nowhere :P11:42
jaegerer, wait, it logged me in... but it took about 10 times as long to do so11:43
sipI think I read the preferred one is rsa11:43
sipis it on 2222?11:43
jaegerno, this is 22, just sorting out the key-based auth11:43
sipoh, btw, seems to suffer of very bad net performance tonight11:43
sipok, that's expected to be slow11:44
jaegerok, that was it. dropbear won't use authorized_keys2, it seems11:44
jaegerwhereas sshd will11:44
tilmansip: is my key in authorized_keys2 maybe?11:44
sipshall I try to move it?11:45
tilmanyes please11:45
siptry now11:45
sipI meant, now ;)11:46
tilmandoes the dropbear log reveal anything useful?11:47
sipnow prepare your sticks11:47
sipand stones11:47
sipuser 'tilman' has invalid shell, rejected11:48
sipadded it in /etc/shells11:48
tilmanstill no workie11:48
tilman(same error, it doesn't accept the key)11:49
sipcould be that a real shell is needed for dsa auth11:50
siptry now (bash)11:50
tilmancongrats, dropbear is retarded11:51
sipholy shit11:51
siptilman s/dropbear/sip11:51
tilmani shouldn't _need_ a full shell11:51
siptypo in /etc/shells11:52
tilmanor am i missing something?11:52
tilmanstill works11:52
tilmansip: thanks :)11:52
sipplease, hit crux one more time11:52
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > ssh crux.nu11:52
tilmanfatal: What do you think I am? A shell?11:52
tilmanConnection to closed.11:52
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >11:52
tilmanhehe, gotta love git's error messages11:52
tilmansip: still works11:53
sipsorry for the problems guys11:53
sipnow, was the authorized_keys2 step needed?11:53
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jaegerheh :) that's pretty good12:50
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