IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2006-10-21

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tilmansip: maybe it would be nicer to start a new xorg.git, since master shouldn't be used at all...07:46
siptilman, you suggest avoiding master at all?09:05
tilmani thought that was the rough idea of yours09:06
tilmancan you paste that email that never reached me?09:06
sipbtw, have you found out what happened?09:06
tilmanwhat do you mean?09:06
sipto my emails not getting into your inbox09:07
sipnow that's what I call webmail ;)09:13
tilmanthat went to even09:14
tilmanvery strange09:14
sipyes, only the 1st retry of the other day was sent to your crux address09:15
tilmanmaybe your mailserver is blocked by mine09:16
sipthat's likely09:17
sipoh, but you didn't get the one from gmail either09:18
tilmanthe gmail one i got! :)09:31
sipoh, I missed that info09:32
tilmani need to think about that09:36
tilmanthe proposal on the bottom is from cptn, right?09:38
tilmanthat quoting confuses me a bit ;)09:38
sipyes, the ascii art is from cptn09:41
tilmananyway, _if_ we go with that, i see no reason to use master at all09:42
sipapart from git clone spitting out file not found09:42
tilmanwell, we would have 'master'09:43
tilmanbut it would be empty09:43
tilmanhaving a tag for the branching date seems a bit funny09:45
sipeither way is ok for me, as soon as we decide something ;)09:45
tilmanwhy would we need that?09:45
sipsounds useful to identify the release date09:46
sipoh, it's not for the branching date09:47
sipit's for the release date09:47
sipie tomorrow we branch 2.309:47
tilmanthe branch should be called "x.y" then09:48
tilmannot "x.y-dev"09:48
tilmansince that "-dev" looks stupid when x.y is stable09:48
sipthat's what I used09:48
sipor better said, I'm trying to use09:48
tilmanyou hacked gitweb to hide 'master'?09:50
sipno, I created a masterless repo09:50
tilmanand it can be cloned?09:50
tilmanoh, that "file not found" error is not fatal?09:51
sipnon fatal09:51
tilmani see09:51
sip(it seems)09:51
tilmani think i'd feel better with an empty master branch09:54
tilmanviolating git like this isn't a good idea probably09:54
sipa lot of project on does not have a master branch09:55
tilmanis there info on the web about master-less git?09:55
sipI've only read a mail regarding the master-less repos on kernel.org09:56
* sip searches09:56
tilmani see09:59
tilmanjust renaming .git/refs/master to anything works10:00
tilman(and updating HEAD)10:00
tilmanwell then10:00
tilmanlet's do it that way10:00
tilmancan you fix up xorg.git or should i provide a fixed repo?10:03
sipI'll fix it10:04
siptrying to cope with core/opt now10:04
siphmm, according to the freedesktop tutorial you linked back at the time, shouldn't be use Pull: 2.2:2.2-origin in
tilmani haven't used the "blah-origin" thing10:06
tilmanworks without them it seems10:06
sipI'm having big problems with the remotes/origin thing10:07
sipif you spare a min, please clone crux:/home/scm/ports/core.git10:08
sipif I checkout 2.1, a 'git pull origin' produces conflicts10:08
tilmanfatal: '/home/scm/ports/core.git': unable to chdir or not a git archive10:08
tilmanhang on10:08
sipsorry, /home/crux/scm10:08
sipdoes a pull reveal conflicts?10:10
sip(even after setting up remotes/origin)10:10
tilmani should change that to:10:12
tilmanPull: refs/heads/2.2:refs/heads/2.2 ?10:12
sipyes please, it's more default-ish  :)10:13
tilmanyeah, conflicts10:14
tilmanno idea why though10:15
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j^2hey guys16:19
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