IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2006-10-22

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tilmansip: do we still prefer to put the version in our diffs with git? :>11:45
siptilman, ?11:46
sipoh, you mean for patches?11:46
tilmani brought this "issue" (call it nit-pick if you want to) up on the ml some months ago11:47
tilmanbut noone seemed to really care :D11:47
sipyeah, I remember that11:47
sipI think the only problem is for patches outside the port tree11:47
tilmanfor example, i looked into updating core/tar today11:48
tilmanit would involve taking tar-1.13-rootp.patch, copying it to tar-1.16-rootp.patch11:48
tilmanand fixing up the context in the diff a bit11:48
tilmanit's a bit pointless imo ;P11:48
sipin the sense that we're going to have md5sum mismatches if the old patch is still ins the sources dir11:48
tilmanwe can delete them?11:48
sipI mean something like
tilmanyes, but these aren't under version control11:50
sipsure, but the naming scheme should be consistent11:51
sipand a version-less guideline would cause problems for external patches11:51
sipor maybe not, is this the classical storm in a cup? :)11:51
tilmannot sure whether there has to be a guideline for this11:52
tilmani'm all for consistency usually, but it seems limiting in this case11:52
sipjust had a look at the external patches from core/opt: there are only 2-3 of them11:55
sipso just ignore my objection.11:57
sipI'm quite neutral on this, I think you shoul mention it during next mini-miting if you can attend12:01
tilmanyeah, good idea12:01
tilmani thought to bring it up on the ml again12:01
sipso we can also call it patch tuesday ;)12:01
tilmanbut a meeting is better for immediate feedback ;)12:01
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juetilman: you forgot to remove the old tar-1.5 patches, do you mind if I remove them and update the man-page by that way ?12:37
juesip: not sure what we should do, but losing our attic repo seems to be problem for me12:39
tilmani KNOW i ran 'git rm' on those12:42
tilmani pulled after that12:42
tilmanwhich reverted the rm12:42
sipjue, do you mean loosing the attic functionality or rather the ports currently in attic?12:42
juesip: the ports ;-)12:42
sipoh, fine. I'll simply import the latest attic in an attig.git repo then12:43
juesip: thanks12:44
tilmanjue: i don't mind, no. feel free to do it :)12:44
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