IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2006-10-25

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jaegerthe gitweb snapshot function seems to send tar archives but names them tar.gz08:28
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j^2morning guys08:53
j^2office politics suck08:56
tilmanpolitics suck09:24
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prologicwhat have I done :/09:35
prologic*sigh* :)09:35
jaegercreated a monster?09:37
prologicI dunno09:37
jaegerspoiled christmas?09:37
prologicsometimes I wonder what goes on in your minds (crux devs and users alike)09:37
prologicall I ever see on #crux is Romster talking now09:37
prologicbtw some nice user updated the myth ports for me09:38
jaegereh, doesn't bother me. he's doing something he's interested in09:38
prologicso I'll patch, build and update them soon09:38
prologicyeah that's true :)09:38
prologicas long as he has fun and doesn't tread on anyone's toes09:38
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jaegerdecompressing the firefox 2.0 source tarball and encoding a dvd in h.264 is enough to make even this machine cry10:02
* j^2 pats jaeger's machine on the shoulder 10:04
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