IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2006-10-30

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aonhi cptn02:56
cptnI was wondering whether we should have automated notifications for binary incompatible updates03:03
cptnmuch like the security thing03:03
aonlike when some lib gets bumped to another major version and you need to recompile dependents?03:11
cptnthere was an update for curl this morning03:12
cptnwhich will break all curl dependencies03:12
cptnthen use "[binincompat] update curl to 7.16.0" as commit message03:12
cptn-> notification sent :-)03:12
aonseems rather sane03:14
aoncptn: shouldn't TrackingDevelopmentUsingRss be updated now that there's no svnweb?03:33
cptnsounds reasonable03:34
cptnalthough I though sip hacked the rss generator to support git03:35
aonbut the links are broken03:37
cptnah :-)03:37
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aonmorning sip05:12
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* jaeger grumbles at git08:30
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j^2hey guys08:45
aonhey j^208:46
j^2how you doing aon ?08:48
aonnot very well :)08:48
j^2what's wrong?08:48
aongot sickleave until thursday08:49
aoncrazy flu08:49
j^2well more time to irc idle :-P08:49
aonheh, yeah08:58
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