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clbjaeger: 24 Oct 17:11 - coreutils: update to 6.4 || 22 Oct 17:48 - tar: removed 1.5 patches, updated tar.1 man-page, added rmt.8 man-page || 22 Oct 17:02 - tar: updated to 1.16 || 22 Oct 16:38 - cpio: update to 2.7 || 21 Oct 20:00 - Merge branch 'svn-2.2' into 2.2 || 19 Oct 08:44 - prt-get: update to 5.15 || 17 Oct 17:15 - hdparm: updated to 6.8 || 14 Oct 08:59 - coreutils: update to 6.3 || 14 Oct (2 more messages)07:31
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j^2morning all09:24
aonmorning j^209:26
j^2happy halloween!09:26
j^2...yah i'm not dressing up, i think i'm scary enough ;)09:26
aonwell, i got pink eye, perhaps that suffices as a halloween costume :)09:28
aon(as if the flu wasn't enough)09:28
j^2geezzz man09:28
j^2well...maybe you need rest eh?09:29
aoni just woke up :)09:30
j^2ah good good09:30
jaegernot quite what I was looking for09:44
jaegerthink I got it figured out, there are 2 announce commands09:47
j^2hey any thoughts on the svn mirrors?09:47
j^2i think i could give up some bandwith, i got a deicated t1 here09:48
j^2and we dont use it off hours at all09:48
jaegerguess we'll find out, when someone makes a commit to core or opt09:49
j^2ah ok09:49
j^2i'll keep harping on it for a couple weeks too see if there are any biters ;)09:50
jaegerI'm referring to the rss thing, not mirrors09:51
jaegermirrors could be a good thing, I wouldn't mind hosting one myself09:51
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clbUpdate from opt: 31 Oct 17:07 - dar: update to 2.3.2 || 31 Oct 17:03 - fixed some maintainer header || 31 Oct 16:58 - sane: fixed permissions for /var/lock || 31 Oct 16:53 - ghostscript: fixed permissions for /etc/cups11:18
jaegerif the spam is too much I'll turn it back off but I thought it might be useful11:24
tilmanwould prolly suffice to display the commit comments11:25
tilmanbut our traffic isn't that bad anyway usually ;))11:25
jaegerunfortunately there's nothing to configure except to show links as well11:25
jaegerit's just reading the rss from the site11:26
tilmanah, heh11:26
tilmani thought you used git-log or something11:26
jaegercould maybe write a plugin that would use it11:26
jaegershowing links gets really spamm11:27
jaeger@config supybot.plugins.RSS.showLinks true11:27
clbjaeger: The operation succeeded.11:27
clbjaeger: 24 Oct 17:11 - coreutils: update to 6.4 <;a=commit;h=6c7ba88a9a4f76901a03813baec9524fe653f0b8> || 22 Oct 17:48 - tar: removed 1.5 patches, updated tar.1 man-page, added rmt.8 man-page <;a=commit;h=e6a153e25b91d367a53402de9ed4a8496fa5b9f7> || 22 Oct 17:02 - tar: updated to 1.16 (6 more messages)11:28
jaeger@config supybot.plugins.RSS.showLinks false11:28
clbjaeger: The operation succeeded.11:28
jaegersee what I mean?11:28
tilmanhard to catch the interesting bits in that11:28
jaegeryeah =/11:29
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j^2it reminds me of mininova's commits11:41
j^2not pretty at all11:41
jaegerat least the not-so-spammy option is ok11:41
clbjaeger: stable || 2.6.19-rc4: stable prepatch || 2.4 release || 2.4.34-pre4: 2.4 prepatch || 2.2.26: 2.2 release || 2.2.27-rc2: 2.2 prepatch || 2.6.19-rc4-mm1: stable mm patch11:41
j^2yeah that is better11:42
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tilmandoes anyone feel the need to have the mini meeting?12:48
jaegerI can't think of anything at the moment except the mirror question12:49
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tilmanwhat mirror thing?13:06
jaegerj^2 asked about git mirrors, I think13:09
tilmanis there any need to have mirrors?13:10
cptnsorry it took me so long13:24
j^2yep i did13:44
j^2i figured people are starting to complain so we might want to look into i13:44
j^2granted i'm still on svn, i havent done the git converstion13:46
cptnso they want git mirrors?13:49
j^2i think they just want the dl's to happen faster13:49
cptndistfile mirrors then13:49
j^2it takes a minute or two instead of the <20 secs it used to13:50
j^2connecting and dling13:50
j^2i think13:50
cptnwhat are you talking about now?13:50
cptnports or distfiles?13:50
j^2let me start over13:50
j^2the ports13:50
j^2ports -u takes much longer than it used to13:51
j^2i've even noticed13:51
cptnbut then that's a hardware/network issue13:51
cptnwell, what else?13:52
j^2it connects...stalls....then takes off13:52
cptnit's still rsync13:52
cptnand the input is static13:52
cptni.e. svn checkout vs git checkout13:52
cptnbut the svn/git work is all done on crux.nu13:52
cptnunless they're using the svn ports backend13:53
cptnwell, ports(8) is modular13:54
cptnso you can use any transport you want as long as there's a driver13:54
j^2oh yeah i knew that ;(13:54
cptnoriginally, it was cvsup, then httpup was added13:54
cptnah, okay13:54
j^2sorry just ate lunch, kinda slow right now ;)13:54
cptnfor a short time, we used a svn backend13:54
cptnjust to learn that it was very slow, and cpu intense13:54
cptnand then switched to the rsync based one13:54
j^2but that was put on the 2.2 cd right?13:54
cptn2.2 has rsync13:55
j^2then moved to git13:55
cptnthat's a different level13:55
cptn[svn -> filesystem] - rsync --> user13:55
cptnwhere [] is crux.nu13:55
cptnnow it's [git -> filesystem] - rsync --> user13:56
cptnso there's no direct access to the VCS13:56
j^2i didnt catch that at all13:56
j^2so there has been no real change13:56
j^2for the user end13:56
cptnwe partly did it that way to be able to change things behind the scenes without having the users change configs etc.13:57
j^2makes sense13:57
cptnif it got slower, then the problem lies somewhere else13:57
cptnhowever, ssh'ing to was quite slow for some time13:58
cptnand sip meant to talk to the hoster13:58
cptnnot sure if he did so already13:58
j^2he's mia for a while too right?13:58
cptnit felt like a network problem, but I can't really tell13:58
cptnhe was here yesterday afternoon13:58
cptnbut I think he'll be gone soon, yes13:59
j^2ah cool cool13:59
j^2i'm updating ports on a machine right now14:00
j^2yeah it didnt take any longer14:00
j^2(maybe people are crazy :P)14:00
j^2no worries i guess14:02
cptndoes anyone have recent experience with HP notebooks?14:12
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jaegercharlie and I looked into it a bit yesterday, it's much faster now14:18
cptnah, cool14:18
jaegermuch of it was a missing DNS server14:18
cptnhave you tried git over openssh already?14:24
jaegernot yet, will give it a shot14:28
j^2cptn, i support HP notebooks actaully14:29
jaegertime git clone git+ssh:// core-test14:30
jaegerreal    0m9.435s14:30
jaegertime git checkout 2.214:30
jaegerreal    0m0.648s14:30
j^2SiFuh is back14:31
jaegeryeah, just saw that14:31
j^2crazy ueh?14:31
cptnj^2: any comments on heat and noise of these laptops?14:40
j^2dont put it on your lap ;)14:41
j^2wear headphones :P14:41
j^2actaully they do repairs on them here14:42
j^2and it's a pretty deep seeded problem from what people tell me14:42
cptnI was looking at their core 2 duo models14:42
j^2it's older ones that i work with14:42
cptnbut I haven't found much so far WRT noise14:42
cptnI used to have an HP with a desktop p4, which was really bad14:43
cptnbut I'd expect the new ones to be better :-)14:43
j^2thats' what i thought with my MacbookPro :(14:43
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