IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2006-11-01

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clbUpdate from core: 1 Nov 11:05 - file: update to 4.18 || 1 Nov 11:04 - hdparm: update to 6.905:22
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j^2morning guys09:02
j^2hey man, how you donig?09:05
jaegerdoing fine so far, you?09:05
j^2getting blamed before i walk in the door is always nice09:05
j^2a wireless router took over my network09:09
j^2and i have no idea how09:09
j^2it jumped subnet too09:09
j^2crazy eh?09:09
jaegerwhat do you mean by "took over" ?09:11
j^2the dhcpd took over all the leases...and jumped routers i put in too09:13
j^2i didnt know it could do that09:13
jaegerI'd assume the network engineers could control that09:15
j^2(i'm the network engineer) :P09:15
j^2 admin, sysadmin...etc09:16
jaegerwell, you should be able to control what gets routed across subnets at the switches, I'd think09:16
j^2ah yeah on my iptables i forward everything09:17
j^2that makes sense i gues09:17
j^2 good matt thanks like always :-D09:17
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j^2greetings all10:55
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