IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2006-11-02

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j^2hey all09:24
aonhi j^209:28
j^2your pink eye any better aon?09:29
aonyeah, they look quite normal09:29
j^2good to hear09:30
j^2you went/are at work?09:30
aoni got middle ear infection now09:30
aonand i don't go to work anyway, just school :)09:31
j^2jesus you not take any vitimans or anything?09:31
aoni caught something on my vacation last week09:32
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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Nov 19:38 - libdrm: updated to 2.2.014:01
j^2yay clb!14:19
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prologic_cldb gives our git updates/notices now ?20:57
prologic_clb rather20:57
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