IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2006-11-03

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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Nov 13:48 - postfix: update to 2.3.408:05
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j^2morning guys09:22
aonmorning j^209:23
j^2feeling better?09:26
j^2good to hear09:29
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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Nov 15:12 - rxvt-unicode: updated to 8.009:35
tilmanmorning j^209:42
* j^2 tips hat to tilman 09:42
tilmanjaeger: are you familiar with the git repo -> update -> rsync export magic?11:23
tilmansomething's wrong with the xorg export it seems11:23
jaegerno, but I can look for it11:23
tilmanthe two latest git commits aren't showing up in the rsync'able export11:23
jaeger* refs/heads/origin: does not fast forward to branch 'master' of /home/crux/scm/ports/xorg; not updating.11:33
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Nov 17:06 - wireshark: updated to 0.99.411:36
tilmanjaeger: did/do you have an old repo clone?11:36
tilmani think sip re-created the repo a few times11:36
jaegerthat's from the server, not mine11:39
jaegerprobably why the rsync isn't updated11:39
tilmandoes the server clone the repository too?11:39
tilmanfor the export?11:40
jaegerlot easier than restricting what rsyncd sends11:46
tilmancan you wipe out the current export-clone and clone again?11:46
jaegerok, how's it look now?11:47
tilmanthanks :)11:48
jaegerok :)11:51
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jaegertilman: so which is the official x11r7 repo at this time? code-monkey or crux?14:05
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jaegertilman: seem to be getting an md5sum mismatch on xorg-libxmu14:24
tilmanjaeger: atm still's x11r714:30
tilmanjaeger: i'll make an announcement when's xorg takes over14:30
tilmanjaeger: the libxmu md5sum mismatch is a known issue (upstream fuckup)14:31
tilmani'm still hoping upstream will fix it14:31
jaegerok :)14:31
jaegerhrmm, mesa3d failing to build for me, too.14:37
jaegerand normally x11r7 gives me no trouble14:37
jaegerlost it in a console switch; I'm building it again with a log, will paste it when it's done14:37
jaegermy installing x11r7 on this machine is prompted by the need to get the onboard intel video to display 1680x1050 properly14:39
tilmanwhat chipset is that?14:41
jaeger945G as reported by 915resolution14:42
jaegerthe Xorg log agrees14:42
jaegerany idea what causes this mach64 thing?14:46
tilmanoops, i kinda overlooked the pastebin url14:47
tilmanlet me try something14:47
tilmanit seems the libdrm update broke mesa14:48
tilmanjaeger: edit the mesa3d Pkgfile. in the first chunk, where some makefile variables are overridden, add a line saying14:49
tilmanDRI_DIRS = i810 i915 i96514:49
tilman(no idea which one is for i945 :D)14:50
tilmani'll disable mach64 support for now14:50
jaegerfair enough14:50
jaegerok, it builds correctly with just those 3 drivers14:55
tilmani hate when i notice a stupid grammar error in my commit messages _after_ pushing the commits15:17
jaegerI hate doing that15:18
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aonyou need to do some minor whitespace tweaking or something and commit again15:18
tilmanthat's straight forward to do _unless_ you already pushed it15:19
tilman(git commit --amend)15:19
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