IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2006-11-05

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aonkieselsteini: wine 0.9.24 was committed 7 days ago05:40
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kieselsteiniaon, oh sorry ;)05:47
kieselsteiniaon, my local repo seems to be a bit old :p05:47
tilmani thought about another possibility to solve the post-install problem for info files05:54
tilmanwhich i just realized is crap, n/m05:54
tilmansetting PKGMK_WORK_DIR to a directory that doesn't include $name somwhere is a really bad idea :P06:14
tilman(if you ever decide to build more than one port at the same time at least)06:15
treachheh, I used some ugly hack where the stuff was built in a `date +%H%M%S` dir, until I got a tip of a better way. :p06:27
tilmani thought about that too06:27
tilman/dev/shm/pkgmk-work-$name works well enough i guess06:27
tilmani usually don't build the same port more than once at the same time06:28
treachhan told me to just use /var/build/${PWD##*/} wich has worked pretty well so far.06:28
treach(/var/build is a tmpfs)06:28
tilman${PWD##*/} is nice06:29
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Nov 12:27 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc1106:44
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aoncool, my root-tail rss insanity seems to be working08:12
tilmaninsanity sounds promising08:13
aonthe scripts are so ugly even i don't believe it08:13
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Nov 14:03 - git: updated to
jaegerneat :)08:16
tilmani'm pondering getting a second monitor08:17
tilmanmaybe then i'll have enough screen space to run root tails too08:17
treachaon: why not simply use snownews?08:39
aonyou need to run it08:40
aonthat's a bit too much work, isn't it? :)08:40
aonor keep it open in a terminal, and that takes too much space08:40
treachHm? I don't quite get those arguments.. but hey, I'm sure you know what you're doing.08:41
aoni think it's easier to keep checking automatically than open snownews every time08:42
treachIt's been a while since I used snownews, but I'm pretty sure you can make it update regularly.08:43
aon(it's been some time since i used it too)08:43
treachas for the rest, I'd just put it in a transparent terminal without any decorations.08:43
aonbut can you show all the feeds at once?08:43
treachI don't know honestly. :-)08:44
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clbUpdate from opt: 5 Nov 16:28 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc1210:45
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marocrux-commits alive again - rock on!12:15
aonmaro: application: a verbal or written request for assistance or employment or admission to a school; "December 31 is the deadline for applications"12:30
maroaon: but hasn't that always been the case?12:30
aon'new application scheme'12:31
aonafaik you haven't been able to join the old contrib for some time now?12:31
marohmm, could be12:32
maroI don't recall anybody applying on the contrib list at least12:33
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