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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Nov 15:30 - fontforge: updated to 2006102508:50
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j^2hey guys08:55
aonhey j^208:59
j^2had a good sunday jaeger ?08:59
j^2hey aon08:59
jaegerit was alright. you?08:59
j^2it was great actaully, a perfect lazy sunday09:00
j^2couldnt ask for anything more ;)09:00
jaegergood deal09:00
j^2had my first "official" conferance call, where i chaired for my company. it was only me and two others but we had an agenda and everything109:01
j^2i'm becoming such a business man ;)09:02
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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Nov 15:10 - faac: moved to opt || 6 Nov 15:07 - faad2: moved to opt09:20
treachjaeger: now it's "libmp4v2 from faad2" ;-)09:31
jaegeryeah, saw that, just haven't had a chance to move it yet :)09:37
jaegergonna move it now before I get busy again09:38
treachok. I thought maybe you had been tricked by the overlay of own repo or something. :-)09:43
jaegerI pulled my own repo out of prt-get.conf to test it but then got busy with work09:44
treachAh. Work. Always interfering. ;-)09:44
jaegeryeah, hate that =P09:44
clbUpdate from opt: 6 Nov 15:40 - libmp4v2: moved to opt09:50
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tilmantreach used gentoo vocabulary :>11:11
tilman"overlay" is gentoo speak, no?11:11
treachNo idea.11:11
jaegerI imagine they're not the only ones who use the term,  but yeah11:11
treachI considered using "overloaded" but that would make me sound like a programmer, which I am not.11:12
jaegerI'm really starting to dislike git11:13
tilmanthat's probably true11:13
jaegererror: remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?11:13
tilmanjaeger: read jue's and mine email conversation on the list11:14
aonlike when a trucker says "overloaded" he probably can't duck the programming job offers thrown at him11:14
jaegertilman: I have followed that advice (it's now on the wiki)11:14
treachaon: context is pretty much everything..11:14
jaegerand get the exact same error11:14
tilmanjaeger: try: "git checkout master; git fetch; git rebase master"11:17
tilman(ie, switch to the master branch first)11:17
jaegerI've re-cloned it now, but I'll keep that in mind in the logs11:17
tilmanotherwise, please ask in #git11:22
tilmani'm sure it's easily fixed11:22
jaegerso are we seeing any of the benefits of git over svn yet? :)11:23
clbUpdate from opt: 6 Nov 17:23 - bittorrent: added hack to install as an unprivileged user with read-only homedir11:51
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jaegeranyone that uses bittorrent regularly who would like to take over the port? I've been updating it a bit but I don't actually use it14:12
tilmani downgraded to 4.4.0 because 4.20 sucks ;)14:14
tilman(dependencies, + my favourite warez provider doesn't like it it seems)14:14
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