IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2006-11-07

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clbUpdate from core: 7 Nov 13:31 - ports: adjusted new contrib collection07:57
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j^2morning all09:35
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aonflyspray has a lot of unbugs on it :)10:40
tilmanwe should probably stop accepting bugs for contrib until every contrib user has a frigging account10:42
tilmanfeel free to add a witty comment and close it10:44
tilmansince contrib/imlib2 is a cvs (yuck) port by han, it's probably buggy anyway10:45
aonperhaps the pycrypto bug deserves similar handling10:50
kieselsteiniwell...guys....I'm very happy with CRUX! I want to help, but what can I do??10:50
tilmanaon: dunno, it might be a bug. not very likely though :D10:51
tilmankieselsteini: help with writing docs in the public wiki area, maintain ports, ...10:52
tilmanbbl, food10:52
kieselsteinitilman, well maintaining ports seems to nice...but there's still everything i what should i maintain :)10:53
pitillokieselsteini, read channels topics and follow the web. At there is a lot of info about how to help.Take a look to contrib tules for example.10:55
kieselsteinipitillo, I'm reading theese pages right now11:02
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tilmanaon: i think i'll file a bug for you, too11:32
tilman"the fontforge UI looks like 1985, please fix"11:32
aonhaha :)11:43
aonthat's quite bold coming from someone maintaining a port for xfontsel, for example :)11:43
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tilmanblame treach11:51
tilmanhe made me do it ;)11:51
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clbUpdate from opt: 7 Nov 17:30 - xchat: updated to version 2.6.811:58
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aonopenssh 4.5 released14:43
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