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aoncdrkit updated to 1.0pre506:45
aonshouldn't be anything serious, just bugfixes06:45
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j^2morning all09:15
j^2dems are winning ;)09:21
aonthat's nice09:27
j^2hey anyone have a good howto on software raid? i've never done it and any pointers would be helpful ;)09:28
aonjaeger: cdrkit updated, perhaps now the device naming you were about to use works09:28
jaegeraon: I'll have a look at it if I can today09:29
jaegerj^2: it's not too tough, the software raid howto is pretty good09:29
j^2or the good ol' question, LVM or RAID?09:29
j^2i'm creating a fileserver with an eventual external powervault, so i'm not too sure which to pick09:30
jaegerI've started using LVM recently since it's easier to add disks to09:37
j^2i'm getting a bunch of I/o errors09:38
j^2and the howto assumed you had a machine already set up...doubleily lame09:39
j^2oh well i'll figure it out09:40
j^2low level format....09:43
* j^2 dances in to the low level format jig09:43
j^2la la la09:43
clbUpdate from opt: 8 Nov 15:46 - msmtp: update to 1.4.9 || 8 Nov 15:45 - cups: update to 1.2.6 || 8 Nov 15:43 - [security] ruby: see
tilmanjust found out that my new old graphics card seems to incompatible my motherboard10:24
tilmanagp v.Ancient vs agp v.Latest10:24
tilmanagp SUCKS10:24
tilmanseems the card is agp 2x :(10:27
jaegerdoh :(10:32
tilmanyeah, it's pretty annoying10:41
tilmani didn't remember to check that agp madness when i bought it10:41
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clbUpdate from opt: 8 Nov 16:40 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc1311:04
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tilmanis the man path change (/usr/share/man -> /usr/man) targeted at any specific crux version yet?11:33
* tilman changes more pkgfiles ;p11:33
jaegerare we going to change to /usr/share?11:34
tilmanoops, yeah11:34
tilmanthe other way round11:34
tilmanjaeger: i think response to that was positive at least ;)11:35
jaegerI don't have any objections. I don't care where my manpages are as long as they work. :) Besides, it'll be easier if we don't have to change all the Pkgfiles11:35
Romsteri prefer /usr/man, /usr/share/man, there manual pages of course there already shared :/11:38
Romsterhmm i need to learn up on git and submit to contrib sometime too.11:38
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tilmanmaybe you should first publish your changes in your own git repo12:31
tilmanso someone can review them12:31
tilmanso you don't wreak havoc on
clbUpdate from core: 8 Nov 18:48 - openssh: updated to 4.513:09
Romstergood idea, though i already have them in svn...13:13
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tilmancould some admin please give me the email address of "ott" (flyspray account)?13:23
tilmanah, nevermind. i'll use the one that shows up in google13:25
tilmanwhere's cptn?13:30
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Viper_does anybody have a list of all contrib maintainer?14:12
sipViper_, the new one?14:23
Viper_hmm yes it needs to be up-to-date14:24
Viper_i've created one but there are missing some people.. perhaps you can add them?14:24
Viper_not sure if they are still active14:24
sipso you're speaking of the old contrib14:24
Viper_no of the new one14:25
Viper_for the application scheme14:25
Viper_ah no jdolan/han/tillb or vkd?14:27
siphan yes14:27
sipjdolan, tillb not configured yet14:27
Viper_hmm ok so i shouldn't add them, or?14:28
tilmanuh uh14:28
tilmannot all of these guys have flyspray accounts14:28
tilmanwassup with that14:29
tilmani thought we agreed that that's mandatory now14:29
Viper_good question @tilman14:29
Viper_who are the bad guys? :)14:29
sipwe may wanto to wait a bit before enforcing that14:29
sipI'd like to move contrib into a separate project14:29
sip(on flyspray)14:29
tilmani'd rather wait with getting new people into contrib then :(14:30
Viper_viper,jue,jaeger,jw,alan,aon,mark,mike,sip, han <-- that's the complete list14:30
sipprologic said it wants to re-join14:31
Viper_ok.. i will start the script now.. we will see who will have to check the two outstanding applications14:31
Viper_then he will be added, too14:31
sipsip and jw are not officially involved14:31
sipI just added those two in case there's something to fix14:32
Viper_hmm do you mean not in contrib?14:32
sipnot sure about jw though14:33
Viper_hmm we have to decide if all maintainers have to take part in this scheme or only the one of contrib :)14:33
sipI suggest only the contrib ones ;-)14:33
Viper_of course you do @sip :)14:34
sipwe may want to add them into the wiki under about or somewhere14:34
Viper_i suggest to create a new page for that14:35
sipso we have an official list available for reference14:35
sipa dedicated page sounds ok14:35
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Viper_ok.. i have four people: jue, han, mark and me :)14:40
RomsterI'd like to join i had some ports in contrib when i was in prologics repo, i've got a flyspray account now.15:18
Romsterbut not git yet, as i already have svn on my ports.15:18
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sepenRomster, many duplicates ports (also mine)! xD16:23
Romstererrr yeah i need to trim some out16:48
Romsterbut i'l wait to see what goes into contrib, and if its in contrib and it meets what i need i'll remove it out of my repo16:49
Romsteri've copyied them for 2 reasons, 1) not in core, opt or contrib 2) they wern't to my likings or i wanted to add a program that has a dependency not in contrib.16:57
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Romsteri've copyied them for 2 reasons, 1) not in core, opt or contrib 2) they wern't to my likings or i wanted to add a program that has a dependency not in contrib.17:08
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prologicwhat have I got to do to rejoin ?18:09
prologicsorry I've been a bit out of it lately, should be back to normal in a few weeks18:09
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