IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2006-11-10

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jaegerprologic: checkout the 2.2 branch00:07
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clbUpdate from core: 10 Nov 07:50 - rsync: update to 2.6.902:17
aonisn't bzr somehow related to arch?02:19
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prologicI don't think so aon03:14
aonbaz is a fork of tla and bazaar started as a rewrite of baz in python03:17
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spn|workqt4 released on my repo (sepen)04:17
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prologicaon, exactly06:04
prologicand bzr is actually quite nice06:04
prologicI have no idea why git is being used in place of bzr06:04
prologicI sure would like to know why :)06:04
treachgit is da buzz. ;)06:23
tilmanmaybe because git is most popular07:28
tilmanmost development momentum07:28
aoni'd still be happy with even cvs :-)07:38
tilmandepending on the server for every op = bad07:38
tilmanprobably not that annoying if you have a 10+ mbit pipe07:39
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spn|workhi! qt4 is now on my repo, anyone could take a look?08:30
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prologicyeah well git does seem nice08:58
prologicI just hope it was chosen for it's feature set08:58
prologicrather then popularity :)08:58
prologicand where's sip08:59
prologicI need to rejoin contrib :)08:59
prologichmm with git, if I have opt already checked out, can I update it to the 2.2 branch ?08:59
prologicahh I can it seems09:00
prologicsweet 2.2 checked out09:00
prologicgit is nice09:00
tilmando you the people who made the SCM decision are drooling retards?09:08
tilmanor do you think they are capable of doing an informed and sane decision?09:09
treachbah, those open soars types, ignorant idiots basing all decisions on blind faith in the cult and it's misguided leadership.09:17
prologicwtf ? :)09:24
* prologic laves this convo :)09:24
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j^2morning guys09:24
jaegeras time goes by it seems like conversations around here migrate more towards insults and dick-waving than help09:26
jaegermorning, j^209:26
j^2how you doing?09:26
tilmanjaeger: yeah, i should just shrug my shoulders and shut up more often09:28
tilmanbut i find it hard to ignore stupidity (or what seems to be stupidity to me)09:28
jaegerI just find it hard to believe anyone comes around the crux channels thinking "I'm gonna TRY to be stupid today!"09:30
j^2...i do that all the time ;)09:32
tilmanjaeger: true09:32
clbUpdate from opt: 10 Nov 15:40 - tgif: initial release || 10 Nov 15:27 - sqlite3-ruby: initial release || 10 Nov 15:21 - sqlite3: initial release || 10 Nov 15:19 - swig: initial release09:46
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clbUpdate from opt: 10 Nov 16:34 - exim: added link to mailq, added localhost to local_domains10:46
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clbUpdate from opt: 10 Nov 23:01 - nano: updated to 2.0.017:18
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