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tilmangreat, it seems pkgmk cannot deal with hardlinked man pages03:51
tilmangzip is broken, too!03:54
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/tmp/narf] > vim foo03:55
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/tmp/narf] > ln foo bar03:55
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/tmp/narf] > gzip foo03:55
tilmangzip: foo has 1 other link  -- unchanged03:55
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/tmp/narf] > echo $?03:55
tilman       Exit  status  is normally 0; if an error occurs, exit status is 1. If a03:55
tilman       warning occurs, exit status is 2.03:55
tilmani'm updating ed to 0.3, they have some nice fixes03:57
tilmanand some not so nice ones. they replaced symlinks with hard links ;)03:57
aonfor gz: gzip -f foo03:58
aonis that the cause in pkgmk too?03:59
tilmanthe missing -f flag you mean?04:01
tilmanbut then you'd have to rename all the hard links from 'blah' to 'blah.gz'04:01
tilmanwhich is a pita04:01
tilmani should check how pkgmk handles symlinks there04:02
tilmanpkgmk:269 cf04:03
tilmanso just adding -f might work ;)04:04
tilmanheh, it does04:04
aonhow? :)04:04
tilmanthe link names are adjusted in that code block04:05
aonaon@beech:~$ touch foo04:05
aonaon@beech:~$ ln foo bar04:05
aonaon@beech:~$ readlink bar04:05
tilmanso pkgmk turns hard linked man pages into soft linked ones now04:06
aonbut how does it get the path with readlink out of the hard linked ones?04:06
tilmanerm, no04:06
tilmani'm confused04:06
aonmaybe it'd be easier just to patch ed to ln -s? :)04:07
tilmangzip -f foo04:08
tilmanstat foo04:08
tilmanstat bar04:08
tilmanthe link is turned into a 'regular empty file'04:08
tilmanwith +x bits04:08
tilmani'll patch the makefile04:11
tilmanfor now ;p04:11
tilmanwhat the fuck?04:14
tilmanUnpacking 5 objects04:14
tilmanInvalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character04:14
tilman. . . message not sent.04:14
tilmanfatal: protocol error: bad line length character04:14
tilmanaon: you don't have a shell on, do you?04:14
aonat least i don't think so04:15
tilmanthen you probably don't ;)04:16
tilmanthe push seemed to have worked anyway04:16
tilmanmaybe it's just the post-update hook that's buggy on crux.nu04:16
aonyou got any opinion on cdrkit, btw?04:20
aoni'm thinking of adding something like if [ "$(pkginfo -i|grep cdrtools)" ]; then echo "OMG STOP HERE."; exit 1; fi04:21
aonand well, complaints from core/opt maintainers so far: 004:22
tilmani second maro's comment on the bug (cdrecord symlinks)04:22
aonmm, perhaps04:23
tilmanwe have lots of smtp clients in opt that conflict with core/sendmail04:23
aongood point04:23
tilmanfix: have README tell about the situation04:23
tilmancheck eg opt/esmtp/README04:23
tilmani think that's better than putting pkginfo -i calls in the build() function04:23
aonyeah :)04:23
marosince it can't co-exist with cdrtools, it might as well have the symlink for compat :)04:24
maro(even though it might not work in all cases)04:24
tilmani should switch to cdrkit to test it04:24
aonthat'd be nice04:24
tilmanwould be cool to switch ports for 2.304:24
maroat least nautilus-cd-burner doesn't work as expected04:24
marobut IIRC graveman and that other gnome frontend worked nicely04:25
aoni thought about checking k3b yesterday04:25
aonperhaps i'll do it now :)04:25
maroI'll try n-c-b with pre504:26
marohave to burn the netbsd 3.1 livecd anyway :)04:26
maroI should probably try a dvd too04:26
aoni'll try that too when my spindle arrives from estonia :)04:27
marohave any of you tried lvm?04:27
clbUpdate from core: 12 Nov 10:13 - ed: updated to 0.304:27
maroon crux that is04:27
maroI'd hate to partition my new 500G drive "statically" :/04:28
maro(since moving the data to another media for resizing won't be an option for the next couple of years)04:28
clbUpdate from opt: 12 Nov 10:27 - git: updated to
tilmanjust realized flyspray has a "OS" category04:36
tilmanAll | Windows | Linux | Mac OS04:36
clbUpdate from core: 12 Nov 10:35 - pkg-config: updated to 0.2104:57
aonyay for enough spaces in commit messages05:05
aoncontrib :)05:05
marowould it be an idea to clean up the default users/groups for 2.3?05:20
tilmanwhat's wrong with the current ones?05:21
* tilman deja vue05:21
marofor example I'm not sure the bin user is used for anything05:23
maroat least I've done fine without it :)05:23
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Nov 14:12 - most: moved to attic08:30
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Nov 15:03 - rss-glx: updated to version 0.8.109:30
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Nov 19:29 - rdiff-backup: update to 1.0.513:31
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