IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2006-11-13

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prologichey guys00:13
aonhi prologic00:25
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prologichi aon03:56
prologicwhen does sip show up around here ?03:56
aonive no idea06:27
aon@seen sip06:27
clbaon: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 4 days, 15 hours, 52 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <sip> a dedicated page sounds ok06:27
aonhe was here last night, though06:28
prologichope I have a chat with him tonight06:47
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j^2morning gentlemon08:53
j^2opps gentlemen08:53
aonit's you !!08:54
j^2yep, my horrible spelling is back!08:54
treachbah. You can't beat Romster anyway.08:54
j^2hehe ;)08:55
Romstereh lol08:55
Romsteri don't even haev to try to beat bad spelling08:55
Romsterand i wasn't trying ot spell or type bad08:56
jaegermorning, j^208:56
j^2hey jaeger08:56
aonit works08:59
jaegerk3b with wodim?09:00
aonat least writing a normal data cd did09:00
aonit complains about lacking atapi support, though09:01
jaegerooh, nice:
spn|workhi! I wrote 'findexternaldeps', an utility script for checking external deps that aren't on core, opt or contrib repos, anyone can take a look?
spn|workI think could be useful for test ports candidates to contrib09:07
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jaeger-that was fun...09:11
jaeger-and now my git wc is broken again09:11
* treach awaits someone to suggest giving it a good flush.09:13
jaeger-at least this time it wasn't something I did09:13
jaeger-most times it probably is my fault but this one I blame on the filesystem, since my machine just hardlocked09:13
aonspn|work: i'd make a funtion for the error calls instead of doing echo and exit every time09:22
aonand use just sed instead of sed and tr09:23
aonand exit 0 is useless in the end09:23
aonso is initializing $external_deps with an empty value09:23
aonalso [ "$external_deps" ] is the same as [ "$external_deps" != "" ]09:23
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*** jaeger- is now known as jaeger09:24
aonbut it could be quite useful, yeah09:25
Romster[ -z "$external_deps" ] and [ -n "$external_deps" ] is the beter ones to use imo09:26
aonbash(1) has 'string' and '-n string' with the same explanation09:27
spn|workbut, this tools could be useful?09:29
spn|workIm in my work now, later I reconnect as sepen09:30
Romster[ 'string' ] is just maped to [ -z 'string' ]09:30
aonthe less characters the better, right? :)09:30
Romstererr -n i think09:31
Romsterif string is not empty09:31
Romsterpointless info anyways09:31
aonyeah, string and -n string are interchangeable09:31
jaegerugh... new nvidia drivers again... hope they've fixed the horrible texture issues with 962509:32
Romsteri'm not sure which is the right one but i'm using -n as good practice09:33
Romsteri'll try them out after you add it.09:33
Romsteri assume i gotta rebuild qt3 and anything else that relys on the video drivers?09:33
Romsteri was wondering about that as i updated qt3 awhile ago and i saw heaps of nvidia stuff in the compiling text09:33
clbUpdate from opt: 13 Nov 15:27 - openal: moved to opt || 13 Nov 15:19 - scorched3d: updated to version 40.1c09:35
jaegerok, how does one fix this one? "remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'"11:56
tilmanisn't that what jue described on the wiki recently?11:57
jaegerI'll check again11:57
jaegerguess not, didn't help in this case11:58
jaegerfetch also reports "does not fast forward to branch '2.2'11:58
tilmanwhat exactly did you do?11:59
jaegerI updated my local copy of contrib, updated the nvidia-x11r7 port, committed the updated files, and pushed origin11:59
aoni think i had that once when my copy of contrib was outdated11:59
aonor opt, and i was about to update something12:00
jaegerI'm assuming someone has modified contrib in the meantime because I did take some time to test it12:00
jaegerbut following the directions on the wiki (fetch, rebase, push) doesn't solve it12:00
aondidn't help here either12:00
tilmanjaeger: did you set up the branches in .git/remote/origin as described on ContribHowTo?12:00
tilman(pull and push lines)12:00
tilmanmaybe it's related to those12:01
tilmani don't have any 'Push' lines in my _opt_/.git/remotes/origin12:01
tilmanand it still works12:01
aonfwiw, i didn't have that12:01
jaegerI have pull and push both: Pull: refs/heads/2.2:refs/heads/2.212:01
aoni'm quite sure it was opt and the wine 0.9.25 commit when this happened to me12:01
tilmanlet me think ;)12:03
tilmanjaeger: let's wait an hour, maybe sip will show up tonight12:03
tilmanthen we can bug him12:03
tilmanjaeger: did you ever see this problem in opt?12:03
tilmanor core?12:03
jaegerI've seen it in both opt and contrib12:04
tilmando you have Push lines for opt, too?12:04
prologicHMM HEY GUYS12:59
prologicdamn caps lock :)12:59
aonhi prologic13:04
prologicwhere's sip ?13:13
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prologicjust the man I'm looking for :)13:31
prologicI need to rejoin contrib :)13:33
prologictell me what I need to do (I haven't been able to keep up-to-date with the ml or emails)13:33
sipsimply send me your rsa public key13:33
sipbtw, I already told you on irc13:33
sipyou can't keep up with life in general :-P13:33
prologicI prolly missed it I'm sorry :)13:33
prologicbacklogs don't go far enough sometimes13:34
prologicno I've just had a hectic few months with a project I was involved with13:34
prologicok rsa key, email to ?13:34
prologicI hope it's ok that it's dsa :)13:34
sipsip varlock com13:34
siptilman, did dsa work at the end?13:35
prologicit should :)13:35
prologicboth are interchangable13:35
sipwe had some problem with dropbear back at the time13:35
prologicahh k13:35
prologiclet's find out then :)13:35
tilmansip: sure!13:36
prologicshould be in your inbox13:36
sipgot it13:36
prologicwhat are the major changes with contrib btw ? there a wiki page on it ?13:36
sipwell, it's now centralized. the main changes are on the ML archive ;-)13:37
prologicahh damn :/13:37
prologiccan someone refactor it into a wiki page :) ?13:38
prologicand yeah I figured we'd eventually go down the decentralized path, cptn wanted that ages ago13:38
sipprologic, your account should be active13:40
prologick gimme the 2-line version of what I need to do :)13:41
prologicI'll read up the ml a bit later and maybe refactor it13:41
prologicno 2nd line :)13:42
sipbtw, your repo failed to sync yesterday13:43
prologicyes I know13:43
prologicdsl line went down at 3am13:43
prologicnever got back up :/13:43
prologichate power interuptions13:43
sipsorry about that.13:44
prologic*meh* it's ok :)13:44
prologicI'm moving again soon - but trying to reinstate my old dedi box13:45
prologicGetting the repository <- do I have to do this bit if I already have the current contrib tree ?13:45
prologicin fact I have all the trees :)13:45
sipunless you manually edit .git/remotes/origin13:46
prologicwhat why it's the same tree isn't it ?13:46
prologicI think I can skip that step and just edit .git/origin13:46
sipthe one you got is likely checked out anonymously13:46
prologicthat a problem though ? I'll obviously be checking in via prologic13:47
sipjust put 'URL: crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/core.git'  as the ist line of .git/remotes/origin13:49
sip(if you followed the ssh setup from the ContribHowTo)13:49
sipwith contrib instead of core, of course13:50
prologichmm my key ain't working13:51
prologicPermission denied (publickey).13:51
sipI see in the logs13:51
sipcan you please try ssh
prologicyeah it's not accepting my key13:55
prologicneither on port 22 or 222213:55
siptry now13:55
prologicrefused my key13:56
prologicand reverts to keyboard auth13:56
sipthe key here seem to be in place13:56
prologichmm I think you have to modify it though13:56
prologicthat was created with putty13:56
prologickeys in .ssh/authorized_keys2 have to be on one line13:57
tilmandoes your ssh client now which key to use?13:57
prologicand in a certain format13:57
prologicmy private key is fine13:57
prologicsip: would you like the proper formatted key ?13:57
prologicI can just rip it off some of my remote/local boxes13:57
sipyes, *please* :)13:57
prologicI should just fix it and reconvert it13:57
prologicnot like I'm going to use it to login to remote windoze boxes running ssh :)13:58
prologicI should go kick the putty developer :)13:59
prologicmake him rewrite the export function13:59
treachisn't putty gpl?13:59
prologicsip: sent14:00
treachprologic: I bet he'd appreciate a patch much more than a kick.14:01
prologicnice bash prompt :)14:01
prologicyeah by kick I meant patch :)14:01
prologicor nice email14:01
prologicWarning: fetch updated the current branch head.14:03
prologicWarning: fast forwarding your working tree from14:03
prologicWarning: commit 127f6efcccc6a800e257120778d1eb53d2a04f16.14:03
prologicAlready up-to-date.14:03
prologicwth ? :)14:03
prologicI get Warnings from a "git pull"14:03
sip'cause it updates the branch you're working on14:03
sipwhich is generally not a common way of doing things in git14:04
sipbut in our case it's fine14:04
prologicahh k14:04
prologicso "git pull" is fine then ?14:04
prologicfair enough14:05
prologicjust did it again "already up-to-date" it tells me :)14:05
sipgit pull origin I think14:05
prologicand skipping the git clone crux:... worked fine14:05
prologicI just edited my existing tree14:05
tilman'git pull' will do14:05
tilmanas will 'git push'14:05
prologicthought so14:06
prologicbut strange thing - git pull origin, pulled in 6 more updates just then14:06
jaegerI was gone to lunch, any suggestions on my setup?14:06
sipoh, that could have saved me some typing14:06
prologicyou guys surely could not have done 6 commits in less than 5s :)14:06
tilmanjaeger: can you re-state your problem for sip?14:06
jaegererror: remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?14:07
jaegerthere's the short version14:07
tilmanthat's when you _push_, right?14:07
sipisn't this solved with the fetch trick?14:07
jaegerbasically, pulled to update my working copy, updated nvidia, tested it a bit (someone might have altered contrib in the meantime) and then tried to push it back14:07
jaegersip: nope :(14:07
jaegerI did try :)14:07
jaegertilman: yes14:07
tilmanwhat's the error when you 'git fetch'?14:08
jaeger* refs/heads/2.2: does not fast forward to branch '2.2' of git+ssh://crux/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib; not updating.14:08
tilmansip: any idea on that?14:08
* Romster waits for my ports tree changes to be checked over again, and my emails to the ML get bounced from my ISP so i've emailed the 2 users personally and the ML to make sure(tm)14:08
siphhmm, lemme try it on the test repo14:09
jaegerto be clear, it's contrib/nvidia-x11r7 I was talking about, rather than opt/nvidia14:09
Romsterprologic, i had something simaler in subversion with my squid transparant proxy here14:10
Romsteractually it was httpup sorry14:10
sipjaeger, forgot to commit?14:13
tilmanhe said he did commit14:14
prologicanyone got a script/sed line to convert email addresses ?14:14
sipI mean after a fetch/merge14:15
Romsteri had but not now i could recreate it14:15
Romsterit was a frude for loop with a sed line14:15
tilmansip: merges are committed automatically14:16
tilmanor what do you mean?14:16
Romsteromfg huge list of ports just went into contrib14:16
jaegersip: well, the fetch didn't work, eitehr14:16
jaegerer, either14:16
sipok, sorry I speak like an oracle. I meant after a failed merge14:16
tilmanas in, conflicting commits?14:17
jaegerwhat's the merge step? not listed in Jürgen's wiki solution14:17
tilmanif fetch fails, there's no need (option) to merge anyway14:18
Romsterffs i've made a few ports and now there dupes grrr14:18
tilmanjaeger: you tried checking out 'master' and then do the fetch, right?14:18
jaegernot sure, I admit I'm pretty confused about how our git setup works14:18
jaegerfollowing directions hasn't worked very well, hehe14:19
tilmanusually, a git repo has a "master" branch14:19
sipcan you try fetch 2.2:test ?14:19
tilmanit's similar to the "trunk" directory in subversion14:19
jaegeraye, that much I  get. I can see the branches14:19
tilmanwe don't use it though14:19
jaegeryeah, that's the confusing part14:19
tilmanbut we need to have it for technical reasons14:19
jaegersip: in my contrib wc?14:19
tilmanevery branch needs to have a common ancestor, which in our case is the commit that added README to the repo14:20
tilmanthat's the branching point for '2.2'14:20
Romsterwhy is xorg-lndir in contrib? when its in xorg?14:20
sipwell, the common ancestor was needed just to keep history of both 2.1 and 2.2 from svn14:20
tilmanwho says it's in xorg?14:20
tilmanit's not14:20
jaegerin the xorg repo, I'm guessing he meant14:21
sipjaeger, sorry I meant git pull origin 2.2:test, in your wc14:21
tilmanit's not in the xorg repo either ;)14:21
Romsteryes in the xorg repo, well it was in there, its been removed...14:21
Romsteri'm sure it was or i got it out of old contrib?14:22
tilmanold contrib14:22
Romsterah sorry i got it out of old contrib :/14:22
Romstershouldn't it be in xorg repo anyways?14:22
jaegersip: I guess that worked... at least, no visible errors in the wealth of output14:22
Romsteranyway lndir is silly being a xorg module it should be just lndir port14:23
sipnow git pull . test14:23
jaegerso I still appear to be on branch 2.2 but now I have a 'test' entry as well14:23
tilmanyes sir mr romster sir14:23
tilmanwill do immediately14:23
jaegeralready up-to-date14:23
Romsterlol well its jsut my opinion, you can ignore it if you like :)14:24
prologicwe don't need .sync files now do we ?14:24
*** treach has quit IRC14:26
sipjaeger, that up-to-date should mean your local 2.2 is identical to the remote one o_O14:26
prologic$ git push14:26
prologicerror: remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?14:26
prologiclol :)14:27
jaegerthat looks familiar14:27
prologicit's ok :)14:27
tilmansip: what does .git/refs/HEAD say on
prologicI've used enough rcs's14:27
jaegersip: definitely not the case here :( my nvidia-x11r7 and contrib's (via gitweb) are definitely different14:27
tilman.git/refs/heads/2.2 i mean14:27
tilmani think14:27
*** treach has joined #crux-devel14:28
prologic* refs/heads/2.2: does not fast forward to branch '2.2' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib;14:28
prologic  not updating.14:28
prologichmmm ?14:28
tilmanjaeger: and what's the tip of your 2.2 check out?14:28
jaegerwhere would I find that?14:29
sipwhat does git status says?14:30
prologicwhat the hell - I keep getting that error above14:30
jaegerstatus says nothing to commit14:30
tilmanprologic: DUDE jaeger is having the problem and we're currently checking it out!!11114:30
prologicI know!14:30
* tilman scratches head14:30
jaegerwhen I did the commit it seemed to work fine14:30
prologicsorry ;?14:30
jaegerjust not the push14:30
prologicsame here14:31
tilmanjaeger: yeah, that's expected14:31
prologicI've cloend, commited, pulled, but can't push14:31
prologicyou the same jaeger  ?14:31
jaegerI have a different problem with git every couple days :P14:32
jaegerI figured it was my fault at first, not sure now14:32
tilmanhum hum hum14:33
jaegeron an unrelated note, I've just realized I don't have an nvidia machine with pre-mod-x x on it14:33
sipok, got the same14:33
sipalright, got a dirty fix14:35
sipnot sure if something's wrong on the remote repo14:35
prologicok this is ridicoulous14:35
sipanyway a git pull -f origin solves the thing (overrides your commits)14:35
sipa subsequent commit & push works fine14:36
sipI'll just pretend this is fixed in (we got on
jaegerheh, ok14:38
tilmanit most likely isn't14:38
tilmansip: tried 'git fsck-objects'?14:38
sipin a sec14:38
* tilman pretends this might actually help14:38
jaegertilman: dunno if he did, but I did14:38
jaegerdidn't help in my case14:38
tilmani mean on the remote repo14:39
tilmanon crux.nu14:39
jaegerah, ok14:39
prologictilman, you're right14:39
tilmanvery unlikely that's the problem anyway14:39
prologicI just worked it out as well (not the -f switch)14:39
prologicbut that you must pull before commit/push14:39
tilmanwell, no14:39
jaegerwell, shit14:39
tilmanthat's the whole point if 'git fetch' followed by rebase14:40
jaegerback to square one14:40
jaegererror: remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?14:40
jaegerthis is after a force pull (which overrode my changes) and a new commit and push14:40
tilmansip: note that jaeger said he had the same problem with opt once14:40
* sip fires up subversion14:41
prologicworking fine here atm :014:43
prologichmm oookay weird14:44
prologichow come there's only 89 listed ports in contrib on the website14:44
tilmansip: let me know if i can help somehow14:44
sipI see a possible not committed change on the remote master.14:45
jaegerso what's the verdict on push lines in .git/remotes/origin? are they needed or no?14:46
tilmani _believe_ if your local branch is the same name as the remote one (as is the case here: 2.2 -> 2.2) it's not needed14:47
* prologic removes mine :)14:48
jaegerI checked out a separate working copy and did my push there, worked fine14:48
prologicsame here14:49
sipI can confirm there's a changed but not committed item on remote refs/heads/2.214:50
sipspecifically the README file has been deleted on both branches14:50
prologicshouldn't be a problem though ?14:50
sipnot sure about that14:51
tilmanie "git status" has output on
sip deleted: README14:51
sipditto for opt/core14:52
siptilman, do you suggest committing the changes there?14:53
sipI'm quite sure there was no such a state some time ago14:54
prologicI fail to see how it'll affect our branches if you do commit14:54
tilmansip: i think README should stay14:55
tilmanhang on14:55
tilmanevery repo has them14:55
tilmanwhy shouldn't contrib? ;)14:55
tilmanoh, because it's a new one14:55
tilmansip: maybe take contrib.git offline14:56
tilmanthen git reset --hard14:56
tilmanOR git commit14:56
sipor git --fixshit14:56
tilmanand take it online again14:56
Romsterhmm i just noticed rpm2targz is on contrib now but its already in core!14:59
sipnow, the fact that git status now lists git items (HEAD, hooks) is a bit worrying14:59
sipnevermind,  GIT_DIR not honoured15:01
sipwhich is odd anyway, since it lists both the current path changes and the GIT_DIR ones15:02
treachRomster: talk to han about it, and since he's not here you're complaining in the wrong channel.15:03
sipok, git reset --hard done15:04
prologicERROR  ports/dsh ................ directory not allowed: usr/share/man/ <-- wtf ?15:07
prologicahh nevermind15:07
tilmanman pages go in /usr/man15:07
Romstererr ok :)15:08
tilmannice to see you're running prt-verify though15:08
jaegersip: I have a suggestion for iproute2; setting SBINDIR=/sbin in the sed since you might want to use iproute2 tools before /usr is mounted via nfs, etc.15:08
prologictilman, course I am :)15:08
sipjaeger, forgot I was the maintainer for that one :) good suggestion15:10
jaegerI know the feeling =)15:10
sipwe may want to re-check our other init scripts
tilmanjaeger: did you make opt/openal grab svn trunk for fun and profit or did the latest release not work for you?15:11
treachmay I ask how many of you use ck4up?15:11
tilmani do15:11
treach(I tried to configure it, but I eventually gave up..)15:12
sipone a while15:12
tilmanwant me to upload my config file?15:12
jaegertilman: the old 1.0 wasn't doing the job, yes15:12
treachtilman: yes please.15:12
tilman1.0? i only see 0.0.815:12
tilmanbut okay15:12
jaegerdoes the svn version cause problems?15:12
jaegeryeah, 1.0 ALSO came from svn15:12
treachthere are nice examples in the man, but I kept running into cornercases. Or at least it felt like that15:12
tilmani'd just like us avoid cvs/svn ports15:13
tilmanif possible15:13
jaegerin general, I agree15:13
jaegerbut they make no releases =(15:13
tilmanyeah :/15:13
treachdanke schön. :-)15:14
jaegersip: probably a good idea (regarding init scripts)15:14
tilmantreach: the first 3 lines define some useful aliases, the real stuff is below ;))15:14
treachaye. I did RTFM. :P15:14
tilmani forget where it came from ;)15:15
treachI'm not sure it came from there, but the concept is explained.15:15
tilmanright, it's in the man page15:16
jaeger15:19 < Han> Romster, I removed the duplicate ports, except for pkgutils, ports and  rpm2targz since I thing they really add something. and they were in the old  contrib as well.15:20
jaegerI can see this causing lots of confusion15:20
jaegerspecifically if anyone puts contrib before core/opt in prt-get.conf15:21
jaegerthough maybe it won't be a big deal15:21
tilmanmaybe we can discuss this in the next mini meeting15:21
jaegerthe default prt-get.conf lists contrib after core/opt, right?15:22
jaegerin which case it shouldn't cause most users any trouble15:23
prologiccorrect it does15:25
prologicbut still I vote we have no duplicates in contrib/core/opt15:26
sipsounds reasonable to me15:27
jaegerpersonally I'd prefer duplicates of core and opt ports to stay in personal repositories15:27
jaegerbut I don't mind if they don't cause problems15:28
tilmani don't mean to nag15:29
tilmanwhat's the status of a "sane" flyspray contrib project?15:29
sipuhm, non-existing? ;)15:29
sipI was going to work on it the  other day15:30
sipuntil I noticet there are really few contrib tickets atm15:30
tilmanplease do it anyway ;)15:31
sipso my urge was a bit diminshed :)15:31
sipnot to be the lazy bastard I actually am, but I'd prefer to wait for flyspray 0.9.915:32
prologicany reason we don't use trac's bts ?15:32
prologicit's so much nicer than flyspray :)15:32
sipthere was one but I forgot it15:32
sipgenerally we opted for one tool for each job15:33
tilmanwe just switched away from trac bts15:33
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:33
tilmanso i don't see why we should just switch back again ;)15:33
prologicjust never knew the reason why you switched away is all15:34
sipbetter again, back to cvstrac15:34
prologicit's quite a nice plugable bts15:34
sipwhich btw now supports git15:34
jaegerI used trac's bts when I used trac for the gnome repo15:34
jaegerno one ever filed anything in it15:34
prologictrac supports git too15:34
prologicthing is we need a central bts15:34
prologicand a tool or two as well (somewhat like Debian's bugreport tool)15:35
sipnah, let's just make it harder to file bug reports. It's part of our secret master plan15:35
tilmanwe need a central bts?15:35
tilmanwe do have a very central bts15:35
tilmanwhat's going on?15:36
tilmanam i just confused?15:36
prologicyes :)15:36
prologicnvm - just that it doesn't quite cover contrib needs atm15:36
sipactually it's just a matter of deciding if we should split contrib and core/opt or not15:37
tilmani still don't think you have an account prologic15:37
tilmanthe only contrib devs that do are rugek (rene l) and oleksiy15:37
sipafter that I think the only needed thing is to assign permission / create a group15:37
prologictilman, I"m logged in!15:38
tilmansip: there already is a "contrib" project in flyspray. can't we use that?15:38
prologicunless it's a different flyspray15:38
sipunfortunately one needs to select the contrib project before firing a bug report15:38
prologicJames Mills (prologic) :: Add new task :: Edit my details :: My last search :: Logout15:38
tilmani don't see an account for any james or prologic guy ;)15:38
sipso I feel 90% of the tickets will go into the main project anyway ;)15:38
tilmani'm opting out of dealing with this ;)15:39
prologicI don't think core/opt/contrib should be split up15:39
sipunless we put two different links in our crux bug page15:39
prologicjust that we need an intuitive way of filfing bug reports that go to the assigned maintainer for that  port15:39
Romsterhmm i sugest han to pre/post-fix he's pkgutils so it dosn't have the same name exactly, and if its reasonable to merge hans changes into core rpm2targz?15:39
Romsterewww cvs :/15:39
prologictilman, is there another flyspray install I'm not aware of ?15:39
tilmandon't ask me15:40
sipI see prologic in the users15:40
prologictilman, you're blinder than i :)15:41
tilmanmaybe i can't use flyspray correctly15:42
prologic*meh* :)15:42
tilmani'm looking that the "developers" list i think15:43
prologicyeah same15:43
prologicI ain't in there15:43
prologicbut I do have an account and am logged in15:43
prologicgo figure15:43
sipI'll have a look into our options for flyspray organization tomorrow15:44
sipwe'll see in the mini-meeting if we should keep core/contrib together15:46
prologicwhen is this mini-meeting ?15:46
tilmandoes anyone remember whether cptn was around last week?15:46
tilmanhe seems to be a bit absent lately15:46
tilmanwondering whether i should ask him to attend15:46
sipgood call, I'll drop him a mail15:47
tilmanprologic: tomorrow evening15:47
tilmaneurope's evening15:47
tilman20:00, UTC + 115:47
prologicI'll try and be here15:48
sipI'd also like to discuss branching of 2.3 asap15:48
tilmanexcellent point15:48
prologicyes good ;)15:48
prologicI got a few 2.1 machines around I need to upgrade15:48
sipnot before we discover if our git setup is broken ;-)15:49
tilmandid that commit on help with the push trouble btw?15:49
tilmani kinda missed whether it solved any issue15:49
jaegernot sure, haven't tried in my broken WC again15:49
jaegerat the time, I checked out a new copy in a different location15:49
tilmani wonder whether it's related to concurrent pushes15:50
prologicI haven't had any issues thus far15:50
prologicnight tilman15:51
Romsterthats 6am O_o15:52
prologichmm I thought --disable-nls was suppose to not include /usr/share/locale/ in make install's15:52
treachthe early bird, etc etc.15:52
treachrise and shine.15:52
Romsterprologic, yes but a few ports ignore it...15:52
treachor stay in bed, and refrain from sinning.15:52
Romsteror stay up all nite like i useally do :P15:53
Romstersinning from what?15:53
treachlocal saying. "He who sleeps doesn't sin."15:55
treachor adapted, "he who sleeps doesn't interrupt irc-meetings."15:55
sipalright, I'll play the part of the sleeping guy. night everybody!15:57
treachgood night sip15:58
*** sip has quit IRC15:59
Romstertreach, haha i knew you'd mentain something about me interupting...16:06
Romstermaybe my input isn't welcomed..16:06
prologicERROR  ports/abe ................ file conflict found: contrib/abe -> usr/bin/ab16:09
prologice <-- strange ?16:09
prologic-m file-conflict16:09
prologicwhat's the conflict ?16:09
prologicahh nevermind16:11
prologicthought it wasn't telling me what was conflicting for a moment16:11
prologicI'm mia for a bit, and some ports I used to maintain are now picked up by others :)16:23
prologicand in the new contrib!16:23
prologic*sigh* - I've moved them to my attic16:23
prologicgiblib and swig16:24
prologicbah another one16:25
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:37
prologichow do I undo a local modifyifation ?16:37
* treach quickly gives prologic a potion against Romsterism.16:54
prologichmm ?16:56
* prologic checks his /ig list16:56
Romsteryeah i lost my lincityng and ftjam aka jam ports already, and my emails can't get past my isp to the ML either, anyho i'll be on laterr to see17:01
*** j^2 has quit IRC17:12
*** Romster has quit IRC18:05
*** treach has quit IRC19:18
*** jaeger has joined #crux-devel20:51
*** jaeger has quit IRC22:49
*** Romster has joined #crux-devel23:07
*** pitillo has joined #crux-devel23:55

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