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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 07:36 - conky: update to 1.4.401:42
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 07:55 - subversion: update to 1.4.2 || 15 Nov 07:55 - [notify] neon: update to 0.26.202:12
clbUpdate from core: 15 Nov 07:57 - [notify] curl: update to 7.16.0 || 15 Nov 07:57 - httpup: bump revision for curl binary incompatible update02:12
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maroam I the only one getting a footprint mismatch with svn 1.4.2?03:04
maroNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man1/svnsync.1.gz03:04
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pitillomaro, same here...03:52
pitillowith apr 0.9.12-1, neon 0.25.5-1 and expat 1.95.8-103:53
maroyou should probably upgrade neon first03:53
maroI bet cptn forgot to git-update-index the .footprint03:54
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prologicby git-update-index you mean commit the new .footprint change in ?04:02
clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 09:46 - subversion: commit footprint04:13
pitillothanks, solved :)04:21
clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 11:03 - iproute2: removed unnecessary sed'ing in Pkgfile || 15 Nov 10:46 - sdl_mixer: adjusted data path for bundled timidity05:13
prologic!seen cptn05:21
pitillo@seen cptn05:31
clbpitillo: cptn was last seen in #crux-devel 12 hours, 54 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <cptn> prologic: sure :-)05:31
spn|workprologic, look at
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prologicevening treach06:37
treachhello :-)06:45
treachfor i in $(prt-get dependent curl); do ... :)07:01
aoni seem to have just httpup and git07:04
treachstill handy. in combination with the nice mail notification, it might even save jdolan from another ssh fiasco. ;p07:08
aonhehe :)07:08
aoncurl probably won't cause that, though07:09
treachno, but I was just trying to voice my joy over being able to avoid such f-kups. :)07:10
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jaegerwell, the source mirrors aren't 100% accurate but I ended up with 2.7G of distfiles for contrib, core, gnome, jaeger, opt, and xorg08:04
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 14:14 - iproute2: fixed a small typo in headers08:43
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j^2morning guys09:24
j^2ditto to #crux09:26
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 15:14 - gtk: removed cups support (oops)09:44
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tilmanViper_: ping ding ding12:06
clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 18:01 - git: updated to 1.4.412:14
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 19:08 - libdrm: updated to 2.3.013:14
tilmanhey sip13:17
tilmanactually, n/m for now ;)13:18
sipheh, okay13:20
tilmando you mind if i branch off xorg at a later time and not right now?13:21
tilman(i'm about to branch off core and opt)13:21
sipbtw, the repos did not have uncommitted stuff.13:22
sepenguys! I registered the minimeeting here
tilmangonna do the branching now13:40
clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 19:23 - libdrm: update footprint for 2.3.013:45
tilmansip: when i push to opt:13:59
tilmanUnpacking 2 objects13:59
tilmanInvalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character13:59
tilman. . . message not sent.13:59
tilmanlooks like the post-update hook is buggy maybe?14:00
tilmanand after the push is done:14:00
tilmanfatal: protocol error: bad line length character14:00
sipI'm disabling the hook, hold on a sec14:00
tilmanthe latter is weird, since runs
tilmanis the rsync export for git done via cron?14:08
tilmanor, how do i make it export the 2.3 branches, too?14:09
sipany difference?14:14
tilmanyes, i removed x11 and mesa3d14:14
sipoh, sorry, I mean without the hook14:14
tilmani don't have any pending commits14:14
sipwrt the export, it's in bin/git_to_httpup14:15
sipi'm on the file right now, shall I add 2.3?14:15
tilmanyes please14:15
tilmancore,opt for now only14:15
sipno xorg? :)14:15
tilmani don't have 2.3 specific updates for xorg yet14:16
tilmani'll probably branch it after the 7.2 release (should be released in a few weeks)14:16
tilmanexcellent, the export seems to work14:18
sipI thought of putting all todo items in flyspray so we can easily have a view of, say, items due to 2.3. Is it overkill?14:19
tilmanno, i thought about that myself14:19
tilmandoes flyspray support 'tracker bugs'?14:19
tilmanie bugs that depend on a bunch of others?14:19
sipit has dependencies14:20
jaegersorry, been away sorting out a horrid cabling mess someone left when they moved out of the office :P14:45
jaegerputting todo stuff in flyspray seems ok to me14:45
tilmandid ever announce the 'mini meeting' schedule on the list?14:45
tilmani think we didn't14:45
jaegerdon't think so14:45
tilmanprobably doesn't matter any more now14:45
* tilman slaps Viper_ around with a PING14:46
tilmansip: btw, what's the status of 2.3's setup utility wrt the features needed for a sane xorg installation?14:47
tilmansip: i'll back out the texinfo crap to after 2.314:48
tilmani guess that means it doesn't have to go into flyspray either right now14:48
sipI think the setup script is ok since day 114:49
sipit has group and dependency support. I also tested it with your xorg repo14:50
sipof course we may need to double-check  it and remove the options stuff if we don't want such a thing14:51
sipwhere options are things like "install info files"14:51
tilmanViper_: ping ping ping :D14:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 16 Nov 00:16 - nvidia: updated to version 1.0-9629, added README note about nv2x brokenness18:46
jaegerfinished bootstrapping a new updated CD18:46
prologichmm where can I get that post-commit hook script that posts sto clb ? :)18:50
jaegerclb just checks the rss from gitweb18:51
clbjaeger: stable || 2.6.19-rc5: stable prepatch || 2.6.19-rc5-git7: stable snapshot || 2.4 release || 2.4.34-pre5: 2.4 prepatch || 2.2.26: 2.2 release || 2.2.27-rc2: 2.2 prepatch || 2.6.19-rc5-mm2: stable mm patch18:51
prologicoh does it now18:55
prologick thought it used a hook :)18:55
prologicoh well I'll write one18:55
jaegerit's using the default supybot rss plugin18:56
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prologicwhat the fudge19:03
prologichow can I get merge conflicts from a git pull19:03
prologicfrom a repo I just imported from svn19:03
prologicweirdness :)19:03
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jaegerIt's git messin' with you19:04
prologictell me about it19:05
prologicconverting some of my repos to git19:05
prologicand umm yeah, merge conflict ? I should think not :)19:05
prologicneways gotta go got massage19:05
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