IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2006-11-19

clbUpdate from opt: 19 Nov 10:28 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc1504:54
prologicwow I go away for the weekend to see my gf05:15
prologicand not much happens here :)05:15
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jaegerbeen too busy to chat much here between doing landscaping for my mom and the Wii :)09:03
prologicI've gotta pack things tonight09:05
prologicmove in the morn'n09:05
prologicfun :)09:05
prologichmm me loves git :)09:07
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tilmanguess who e-mailed me12:11
tilman(it's about crux, so you have a _real_ chance of guessing who it is)12:12
tilmanoh well, n/m12:14
* Roomster shrugs12:14
aontilman: han?12:14
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aonwhat's missing now?12:15
tilmanbut he reported a valid bug12:15
tilmanso it's not funny really12:15
aoni see12:16
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tilmanthe funny thing is that he doesn't get i'm german12:18
tilmanotoh he's wrote to my alias so maybe it's not that obvious (if you're ronny)12:19
aoni see12:19
tilmanare you mocking me? :P12:19
aonno? :)12:20
tilmanjust checking ;D12:20
aoni just answered a private mail from a finn in english today12:20
aon...because the originating mail was in english, otoh it was sent to many recipients12:20
tilmandid you feel sick because of all the vowels?12:21
aonenglish doesn't probably even have more vowels than finnish :)12:21
tilmanseems han ignored the bugs i filed for him though12:25
aonyeah :/12:26
clbUpdate from opt: 19 Nov 18:17 - directfb: fixed URL12:26
aonwhat can contrib maintainers do to the bugs?12:26
aonclose them, but no 'assign to me'?12:26
tilmanboth should work12:28
tilmanthey are regular developers12:28
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tilmanugh, now ronny sends me html mail14:33
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Nov 21:46 - e3: removed backup functionality15:56
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