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Romsterah just the person to see. sip i got this but noting furtheor has happend.06:24
RomsterAt all your ports are fine now and I second your application. regards Juergen06:24
Romsterand for soe reason I can't post the the ML now...06:24
Romster<>: connect to[]: Connection06:26
Romster    timed out06:26
Romsterbut the thing is it takes a few days for the mail to fail and return to me...06:26
sipwell, that's the supposed behaviour06:27
Romsteryeah very i'll have to put a complaint in to my isp06:27
sipabout contrib, you need two supporters06:28
sipother than jue, did anybody else send you a reply?06:28
Romsterhan and jurgen are the 2 that where assigned to me jue has given the all clear i asked in #crux and han replyed to talk to you...06:28
Romsterhan never sent me a email nor seen any in the ML concerning it..06:29
sipok. I'll hear from han then06:30
Romsterk thanks this has taken longer than expected :/06:30
sipyeah, sorry about that. I usually activate a contrib account as soon as i get ok from the supporters06:31
Romsteri'm prtverifying other ports of mine and testing in a chroot with me safe-build script too just to make sure there all ok.06:31
Romsterthen its han that hasn't keept hes end? jue reported to you?06:32
Romsteri know your busy too but this has been awhile now :)06:32
sipI'm suscribed to contrib so I generally look there for application approval06:32
Romsterok well i tink jue only sent to me? ad not contrib not sure.. no reply from han and i can't post to the ML :(06:33
Romsteras of the past few weeks approx.06:33
Romstertheres no blacklist on eftel isp to post to the ML ?06:34
Romsteras it says time out.06:34
Romsternothing more.06:34
Romsterah jue sent it to me and cc'ed it to contrib ML aswell.06:35
Romsterhan handn't replyed, but he said in the irc channel to talk to you..06:35
Romsterhan and jue wehre assigned to look over my ports.06:35
RomsterReporting-MTA: dns; sv5.per.eftel.com06:36
Romsteris the mail server ip that i sued to be able to send mail to the ML from.06:37
Romsterbut now it times out, so i dunno why, i'll ring my isp tomorrow, but not sure if there is something at the server end happening.06:37
sipmaybe you did try to access via ssh a few times? we have some automagical iptables script06:38
Romsteri've never used ssh to crux.06:39
Romsteronly ports updates off rsync.06:39
sipok, just a guess :)06:39
RomsterI have registered a flyspray account, but the ML hd stoped accepting my mails long before then.06:39
Romsterone thing is i think i got 2 ML on and 1 on my isp email address for the the old one..06:41
Romsterbut thats never been a problem in the past.06:42
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clbUpdate from opt: 20 Nov 14:57 - cups: update to 1.2.7 || 20 Nov 14:54 - [notify] elinks: update to 0.11.209:16
clbUpdate from core: 20 Nov 15:12 - coreutils: update to 6.509:16
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j^2hey all09:51
aonhi j^209:51
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siphey tilman11:38
sipcan anybody please confirm that is unavailable?11:55
jaegerI downloaded it without trouble11:55
tilmanworksforme too11:56
sipthanks. I guess I've been flagged as a terrorist or something ;)11:56
tilmanmaybe the government is blocking .it11:56
sipjaeger, do you plan working on the livecd merge or prefer to get your hands dirty with 2.4?12:04
jaegerI have no preference. There's not really much that would need to change, I suppose.12:05
sipoh, fine. we can decide later on , after the 1st successful and complete builds then12:06
jaegerI can always build one of mine with the official 2.3 packages so we can compare them12:07
sipgood idea12:08
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tilmanhi jue12:22
aonhi jue12:23
siphey jue12:23
jueseems that core ports are ok now, not sure if I should commit cptn's strace and util-linux too12:27
juetilman: fakeroot works with the latest coreutils commit12:28
aonfwiw, i'm running from 2.3 and haven't noticed any show-stoppers so far :)12:29
sipjue, any particular reason to use cptn's strace/util-linux?12:30
sipI was going to import them yesterday12:30
jueyep, strace has fixes for glibc and kernel headers12:31
tilmanjue: it works in 2.3, too? with glibc 2.5 etc?12:32
sipoh, fine then12:32
jueyes, but should be verified, I've tested only a few ports12:32
juesip: util-linux is a newer version, the old does not build12:34
sipI have not bootstrapped yet ;)12:35
juesip: so, please import them ;-)12:35
sipok, I'll add them. I also updated the makefile for detailed port selection (ie: opt)12:35
juejaeger: you got my mail wrt grub ?12:36
clbUpdate from opt: 20 Nov 18:46 - exim: minor fix exposed with bash 3.212:47
tilmando we need to still have lilo in core?12:55
tilmandoesn't anyone use grub these days? :P12:55
jueno !12:56
sipno way. lilo is my love12:56
jueme too12:56
tilmanweirdos :P12:56
siplilo is the BASICS12:57
aon-1 for grub :)12:57
teKyou know, just like CRUX is..12:57
teKerrr.. i mean, this other distro12:57
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