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clbUpdate from core: 21 Nov 09:13 - m4: updated to 1.4.8 || 21 Nov 09:07 - man: updated to 1.6e03:21
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siptilman, any hint on which xorg ports to add to the iso (apart from the minimal setup and fonts)?06:56
tilmansip: i'll look into that tonight08:07
siptilman: great, thanks. We can also include them all if it makes sense.08:17
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j^2morning all09:18
aonmorning j^209:18
j^2how you doing aon ?09:18
aoni'm ok09:19
aonjust bumped cdrkit09:19
j^2ah nice, your pink eye and all is gone too09:19
aonyeah, that's been gone for some time09:19
aongot another flu, though :)09:20
aonalthough this one seems to be going away too09:20
j^2do you take flu shots up there?09:20
aonold people and people with certain sicknesses (dunno what exactly) get influenza shots for free09:22
j^2oh wow, yeah i'm in that catigory here in texas, good ol' diabetes :P09:22
aoni haven't bothered, and it wouldn't help with these anyway09:23
aonheh, that'd free you from conscription here too :)09:25
jaegermorning, all; just so you know, I'll be out of town from tomorrow until next tuesday09:27
j^2good ol' turkey day09:30
jaegerthat and a short vacation after to go snowboarding09:30
j^2nice, i'm going to mexico09:31
j^2gonna meet my girlfriends father for the first time09:31
j^2kinda scary09:31
jaegerhope that goes well :)09:31
j^2...we are meeting at a wedding too...09:31
j^2crazy latinas!09:32
jaegerwhere in mexico?09:32
j^2just about 30 clicks south of Brownsville i think, little town, it's going to be like a 3 day party or something09:32
jaegerhave fun :)09:34
aonbe sure to listen to "Goin' Down To Mexico" by zz top before you go09:36
j^2or Bombs over bagdad!.....oh wait...09:36
tilmancan we revoke han's access to contrib now?11:01
tilmani think it's obvious that he doesn't give a fuck about the bugs :x11:01
tilmanit's also pretty fucking awesome that he just puts "bump" in his commit comments11:06
tilmanthat's pretty meaningful11:06
Romstermind me complaining about Han yes i did the wrong thing i should of added a flyspray bug, but hell he wanted me to revert the damn port that i had fixed (missing deps to even build! and fixed invalid email format)...11:11
Romsterhan is good at some stuff but working ports i have second thoughs..11:12
tilmanit's retarded that he yells at you for fixing his bugs which he doesn't care to fix11:13
Romsteri'm in the process of testing every port of mie i've added into contrib with a prt-get depinst, in a chroot so i'll catch all missing dependencys footprint mismatches etc, last line of checking. as they do work but i'd like to be thougure and in the process i found han's broken port.11:14
jaegerI've run into some of his ports not building in the past. I just find alternatives.11:14
Romstertilman, yes and i jsut gtitted my teeth and went off to mess with other tings, i don't have time for hans attuide.11:14
Romsteryeah i duped it in my repo..11:15
Romsterand i'm goign to put my repo first in the prt-get.conf order...11:15
Romsterbut thats besides the point han has even invalid email addresses uses "" in snstead of () on the sources= too. sor some ppc work around?11:16
Romsteri don't think i can trust any of hans ports to be honest.11:17
Romstermine arn't perfect but i do fix problems i find or get shown to me.11:17
RomsterOK I seriously don't get it, han removes junk files but a missing dependency? *shakes head* he defys logic11:40
aonnot ppc (that doesn't even make sense), but for other shells than bash11:53
aontilman: now he at least puts the port name there :)11:56
aoni'll start using "git commit -m 'commit'"11:57
tilman'random blurb coz git wants a comment here'11:58
aonsee that msg11:59
tilmandunno anymore12:00
tilmanLets commit this stuff12:00
tilmanNew Version12:00
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tilmansip: for now, i think we can ship all of x11r7 on the iso14:40
tilmansip: there will be some port adds and removals when 7.2 is out anyway14:40
tilmanand then i'll go over the list to see what stuff can go14:40
siptilman, ok. btw, the xf86-video-via does not seem to compile cleanly on crux 2.215:09
tilmani'll have a look15:10
sipsorry I did not save the error, I think it was a CARD32 def conflict from glibc and xorg15:10
tilmanmaybe some xorg-server update broke it15:10
sipthat was the only one left for trying a full bootstrap. oh, well' tomorrow15:11
sipI'll let my poor notebook rest a little :)15:11
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sepenwhat about this ?  * refs/heads/2.2: does not fast forward to branch '2.2' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib;17:45
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Romstersepen, i have just that error...22:58
Romstererrr sory wrong link22:58
Romsteri was brosing my irc log :)22:58
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