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clbUpdate from core: 23 Nov 07:05 - coreutils: update to 6.601:30
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siptilman, the xorg-xf86-via issues appears to be fixed in git. could you please add post-7.1 patches? (up to 0.2.2 driver version)04:10
sipI mean xorg-xf86-video-via04:10
sipnevermind, 0.2.2 is released :)04:11
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Romsterok small flood of some information on git clone, this is important!!16:46
Romster<pasky> the HOWTO is invalid, because it says that you should work on a branch that is just a mirror of a remote branch16:46
Romster<pasky> which means that if you switch to it:16:46
Romster<pasky> (i) if you fetch, your working directory and HEAD will go out of sync and things will start to look very confusing16:46
Romster<pasky> (this applies even to pull - pull would try to merge the branch to itself, and the desync would still happen)16:46
Romster<pasky> (ii) you can't properly sync with the remote repository if you committed locally and someone pushed in the meantime16:47
Romsterwe should be using git-clone --use-separate-remote crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git contrib16:47
Romster<pasky> omg16:48
Romster<pasky> that HOWTO is seriously, totally, broken16:48
Romster<pasky> I'm going to post a patch _now_ to the mailing list to make --use-separate-remotes the default16:48
Romster<pasky> we can't risk people going on with horribly broken setups like this and losing their data in the process16:48
Romsterout of the #git channel if you want to chat to that dude.16:49
aonclone should be done like that but still fetch&rebase when someone has made changes?16:51
Romster<pasky> yes16:53
Romster<pasky> for each remote branch you work on, you want a _pair_ of branches in your local repository16:53
Romster<pasky> one branch in refs/remotes/origin/ representing the remote branch (that's what clone --use-separate-remote does)16:53
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Romster<pasky> and another in refs/heads/ (that's what you checkout and commit on)16:53
Romsteryes i assume thats all correct as thats on the everyday git guide
Romsterjust the cone command needs --use-separate-remote16:54
Romsteror else it'll have the problem of what i have, in when someone updates
Romsterand i lost some changes after i used the force option sugested by another person in #git16:56
Romster<fonseca> Romster: If that is the case either use -f (or --force) or prepend a "+" sign to the refspec in .git/remotes/origin (see the git-fetch(1) manpage).16:56
RomsterI don't know how many others have fallen in the problem i had..16:57
Romsterplease update the wiki if you can :)16:58
Romsteri asked him for a simple fix other than rm -fr it all and cloning again16:58
Romsterbut wating on a reply to that.16:59
aoni'll leave updating the wiki to someone who knows how to use git :)17:00
Romsterheh ok17:01
Romsteri'm still learing but that pasky sure makes a valid point.17:02
Romsteroh and its "--use-separate-remote" not "remotes"
Romsterwell i'm trying it out moved my copy and redoing it and hopefully i won't hit the same problem i got on the pastebin link17:06
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