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clbUpdate from opt: 25 Nov 08:48 - maradns: update to
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juetilman: around ?08:28
jueobjections against downgrading db to 4.4 for 2.3 ?08:29
juebesides that python thing, I foound other places where 4.5 is not supported yet08:30
tilmanno objections08:30
jue.. or makes problems, e.g. the ruby db-test don't pass all08:30
jueok, will do so08:31
tilmantry git-revert :D08:31
tilmanto revert the version bump08:31
juewill try ;-)08:33
juetilman: have you seen git errors like that:08:53
jueInvalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character08:53
juefatal: protocol error: bad line length character08:53
juethough the commit is done, though08:54
tilmani believe the first originates from our update hook08:54
tilmani think i might have forgotten to ask sip about that08:54
tilmanno idea about the 2nd, looks scary08:54
tilmanbut it always worked for me anyway08:54
jueah, ok. So nothing to worry about08:55
tilmanjue: it only seemed to happen for core.git for me, can you confirm that?08:55
jueIIRC, yes08:55
* tilman puts it on his todo list08:56
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aontilman: xorg-libx11 should dep on xorg-libxcb10:33
aonchecking for X11... configure: error: Package requirements (xextproto xtrans xcb10:33
aon-xlib >= 0.9.92) were not met: No package 'xcb-xlib' found10:33
tilmanaon: but it already does11:27
aoni wonder why on earth that didn't get installe, then11:28
tilmani checked for typos twice, it should work11:29
aoni ran sysup and it didn't install it, prt-get depens shows it, though11:30
aonit is there, yeah11:30
tilmanwhee, my g550 dvi works w/o being initialized by matroxfb \o/11:34
clbUpdate from opt: 25 Nov 18:45 - wine: updated to 0.9.2611:57
* tilman builds teh crux iso11:58
tilmani'm a bit tempted to suggest to _not_ ship xorg packages on the iso11:58
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tilmanbut it would probably annoy people quite a lot12:01
aonif we'd ship with sip's background image they'd get it12:02
aonthat one12:02
tilman if [ -e kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION) ]; then rm -rf kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION); fi12:02
aonthey wouldn't probably see it without x, though :)12:02
tilmanwhat's the point of the if?12:02
tilmanrm's force flag will do nicely if the dir doesn't exist12:02
tilmani have a feeling 16c947e232a3437a8164919dd1e039d57621ed83 was because of libxcb12:03
tilmanbut xslt is a built time only requirement for xcb12:03
* tilman summons sip12:03
tilmanaon: we could enable framebuffer support in the iso kernel :P12:04
aonyeah :)12:05
aonand have that image bootsplash12:05
treachgood idea. It'd be almost as snazzy as the SUSE installation :P12:22
tilmannot sure how usable vesafb is, though12:23
tilmanusing anything else is probably a bad idea too12:23
treachit's not KISS, but it'd still be cool. :D12:24
treachI bet a lot of types would show up to congratulate to our new "professional" style, even if hiding the bootspam was all there was to it. :P12:26
aonperhaps we'd even get on osnews!12:27
aonand get 10k people saying how arch is still superior12:28
tilmansounds interesting12:28
treachyou mean, the guy with 10k accounts spending a weekend dissing anything else than arch? ;-)12:28
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