IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2006-11-26

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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Nov 10:11 - whois: update to 4.7.2004:24
clbUpdate from core: 26 Nov 11:16 - findutils: update to 4.2.29 || 26 Nov 11:07 - man-pages: update to 2.42 || 26 Nov 11:04 - man: fixed URL header05:25
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tilmansip: did you add libxml2 and libxslt to the iso only because libxcb depends on them? it's a built time requirement, not runtime06:50
sipyes, but given ho our makefile works, it's easier this way06:54
sipbtw, the bh-lucidatypewriter fonts give some problem to mkisofs06:55
sipthe package names generated by those two is not translated correctly so one gets renamed06:55
sipI suppose it's only a problem for drives without rockridge extesnions though06:56
tilmani don't know that much about rockridje, joliet, iso level this and iso level that :/06:56
sipit's not a problem unless one has a *very* old cdrom drive06:57
sipso I think we can happily ignore the issue for now ;-)06:58
sipbtw, this morning the bootstrap was successful (except for grub that has been removed)06:59
sipI feel we can put out a RC sometime next week, and maybe freeze the 2.3 updates07:00
sipSo the only thing to improve is the post-install fluff & docs07:01
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Nov 16:47 - rp-pppoe: fixed source URL10:56
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sepenhi! what about topic???13:41
sepenwhy is not set?13:42
tilmanfreenode crapped out13:46
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treachheh, not to be a nit-pick, but I'm kind of hoping for higher standards than that. ;-)17:24
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