IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2006-11-27

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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Nov 06:08 - bftpd: updated to 1.600:28
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j^2morning guys08:54
siphey j^208:55
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jaegerheyo, all. I have gotten your emails but I'm still on vacation11:24
Romsterhi jaeger11:26
Romsterhaving a good time m8 :)11:26
jaegeruntil today, yeah :) got paged, have to do some work11:26
siphey jaeger, take your time11:26
jaegerfortunately have wireless in the hotel here11:26
Romsterah heh11:27
Romstersuch as life :)11:27
Romsterhehe yeah net access everywhere thesedays11:27
Romsterother than prologic's gone missing all is fine here, your familer with git?11:29
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Romsteri've had a discussion in #git and git-clone should have --use-separate-remote ad default apparently, else local changes get lost apon a git pull.11:30
Romsterit be in the log of this channel a a few days ago.11:30
jaegerI thought you had to force the pull to overwrite local changes even without that11:36
jaegerbut I'm no git expert11:36
Romsteryes i did a force what was sugested in #git and bingo lost changes...11:37
jaegerare you saying that won't happen with --use-separate-remote?11:38
jaegereven when forced?11:38
Romsteri'm no git expert either but they said that the handbook shouldbe changed to use --use-separate-remote so that dosn't overwrite local changes apon a git pull11:38
Romsteras far as what i've read from the person that manages the web pages yes.11:38
Romsteri'm only realying what i've learned :/11:38
jaegerfair enough11:39
Romsterbut yeah he said omg i'm submitting a recomendation to the devs about that as we can't have alot of broken git repositorys going about.11:41
Romsterroughtly hes words11:41
Romsterits in the log for here.11:41
Romsteri've told sip abotu it but he was like i'm not a git expert11:41
Romsterthis was a few days ago now.11:41
Romsteri know i'm no dev here but i like to help where i can :)11:42
Romsterand og i jsut got de ja vue lol11:42
Romsterproblem with that argument it gives me a error11:44
Romstersh-3.1$ git checkout 2.211:44
Romstererror: pathspec '2.2' did not match any.11:44
Romsteri problly have to edit .git/remotes/origin but i've tryed a few things and no luck yet.11:44
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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Nov 18:13 - libgcrypt: updated to version 1.2.3 || 27 Nov 18:13 - libgpg-error: updated to version 1.412:30
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