IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2006-11-28

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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Nov 15:04 - postfix: replace a old make install command by a new one09:05
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j^2morning guys09:31
aonhey j^210:33
tilmanis anyone else running pkgutils from master?10:35
prologicnot atm10:36
prologicthat's in the 2.3 branch right ?10:36
tilmanno, it's in master...10:36
prologichmm k10:36
prologicmaster meaning what exactly ? "_10:36
prologicI don't think I plan to run any systems off git clones :)10:37
aontilman: yes10:38
aoni think10:38
aondon't remember if i installed it already :D10:38
prologicguess I could try it on my desktop sometime10:39
prologicwhat's different in it tilman ?10:39
tilmansee the list.10:39
tilmanaon: \o/10:39
prologichmm my emails are out atm :/10:40
tilmanthe list rocks10:48
tilmanor maybe the SF archives are just plain sucky these days10:48
clbUpdate from opt: 28 Nov 16:53 - libpng: updated to 1.2.1411:06
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Viper_i am still getting this strange error when trying to push changes to the opt repo12:53
Viper_Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character12:53
Viper_fatal: protocol error: bad line length character12:53
tilmangit --version?12:54
tilmanmaybe we need to bump git on crux.nu12:55
sip1.4.4.1 on crux.nu12:55
tilmanyeah, just checked12:55
Viper_same version here12:55
Viper_but i have an idea how to fix it12:55
Viper_perhaps i got this error because of the 'ß' in my name12:56
tilmandoubtful :P12:56
Viper_setting LC_ALL could be a good idea12:56
tilmani've seen that error too12:56
tilmanon core.git though12:56
Viper_hmm perhaps you've use a äöüß or something like this in this port? :)12:57
sipPer's name contains an accented char12:57
tilmani bumped one of per's ports, indeed12:57
Viper_that's my LC_ALL :)12:57
Viper_on crux it's POSIX12:57
tilmansip: could it be that the update hook messes things up?12:58
tilmanthe first error message isn't in git12:58
tilman("invalid or incomplete..")12:58
Viper_no this seems to be from glibc12:58
Viper_didn't find this error message in the source code of git12:58
Viper_in glibc there you can find a longer text on this error message12:59
sipI can disable it if we can reproduce the error for tests12:59
Viper_tilman: you will find a file dead.letter in your home directory on containing the commit13:01
Viper_perhaps we can collect these files13:01
tilmanindeed, it was a Per port commit13:03
tilmanthat's just weird13:04
sipalso Jürgen seemd to trigger it13:04
sip(looking at your dead.letter)13:04
sipso it's likely a locale issue as Viper_ suggests13:05
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tilmani'll do some test pushes to a test repo on crux.nu13:06
Viper_is git looking at these locale settings during a push?13:06
tilmanit doesn't make sense13:07
tilmani suspect it's the update hook13:07
Viper_hmm could be true13:08
Viper_i have created a log of this error message.. just in case you need it13:10
tilmanyeah, it's the update script's fault13:13
jueurgh, same error again, this time with gettext13:13
tilmanjue: it's related to non-ascii chars in the commit diff13:13
jueahh, might be the special e in Liden13:14
tilmansip: my perl is really really bad, can you fix it?13:14
tilmanjue: yes13:14
siptilman, sure, did you find what's triggering it?13:14
tilmanyeah, well, it's umlauts etc13:15
tilmanbut other than that, no13:15
sipwill look into it later13:19
Viper_hmm something else.. can somebody check if the 'register' link in the portdb is forwarding the mails to my email?13:20
sipmeanwhile, does the setup helper look ok?13:20
sip(for xorg)13:20
sipViper_, I'll send a test submission13:20
Viper_a user is complaing that i am not adding his repo13:21
tilmansip: will check it out13:21
tilmanjue: should we do the ruby port naming unification for 2.3? the one i suggested some months ago13:21
aonjue: btw, sane doesn't build correctly here on 2.3, for some reason it doesn't create the lock directory at all13:21
siptilman, basically if x11 is detected, we add xorg&deps, fonts, all video drivers13:22
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep -e '^x11 '13:23
tilmanwouldn't that work instead of the awk/grep thing?13:23
tilmansip: yes. looks good13:24
sipI just copied/pasted ;)13:24
juetilman: yes, I remember, but to be honest I have not strong opinion on that13:24
tilmanfine by me, then i'll just say we do it :D13:25
juetilman: ok13:25
tilmanalthough we should maybe hold that off until release is really near, so that we can pull version bumps from 2.2 for a while13:26
jueyep, good call13:27
Viper_sip: i am not getting a message from the portdb13:27
sipoh, I left my local smtp on the script13:29
jueaon: thx, same here13:29
sipsent another one13:30
Viper_ah got it13:31
Viper_thx sip :)13:31
sipgood, sorry for the hiccup13:31
tilmanspeaking of hiccups13:33
tilmanmaybe Viper_ can send han a nice letter asking him to comply to the contrib rules?13:33
tilmanhe doesn't seem to want to fix the problems that have been noted about his ports13:33
juenice ?13:33
Viper_of course i can do this but if he cares?13:34
tilmanyes, nice is good13:34
tilmanif he still doesn't care, we can at least say we tried to work with him13:34
jueI'd say determined, with a date to fix the issues13:34
* Viper_ is putting it to his todo list13:35
tilmanjue: fine by me, too13:36
clbUpdate from opt: 28 Nov 19:18 - ngrep: update to 1.4513:36
jueas I can see it's obvious, that he dosn't care about our rules, and if we accept that we don't need any13:38
juesip ?13:39
sipfine for me too13:39
sipjust be sure to try some dialog before13:39
sipshall I publish a RC somewhere?13:46
tilmangood ide13:46
juewow, you have one ?13:46
sipI planned to make another one tonight after some additional change13:47
Viper_hmm am away for 15 min13:47
sipnot sure what's the status of the iproute2 stuff13:47
jueno idea, never looked at13:49
sipbrb, booting into 2.314:02
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Viper_ok i am back14:03
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Viper_hmm is the meeting over now?14:15
juesip: you are using iproute2 ?14:15
sipjue, not on the iso yet14:15
sipI've just set it up on a test machine14:16
jueah, ok14:16
jueMatt's iputils port as well ?14:18
sipI added xterm from contrib, any better alternative?14:18
sipok for me, whatever is preferred by other members14:20
juehmm, I'm using aterm but would prefer xterm for the ISO14:21
jueif we want aterm, I'd change the default config and disable the scrollbar14:23
sipdoes aterm support xft fonts?14:25
siphmm, I prefer xterm then :)14:26
jueok :-)14:26
siptilman, as a grub user could you please take care of the update to 0.97 in the 2.3 branch?14:29
sipI think Matt is away14:29
juebtw, I split up the Handbook in some smaller chapters to make editing easier, the main page (Handbook2-3) includes them. Hope thats ok for you14:31
tilmansip: will do14:31
juetilman: I've a port for it14:32
siptilman, great thanks14:32
tilmanjue: okay, can you just merge your changes then? :)14:32
jueno ;-)14:32
juedon't know if it's work, but mom14:33
sipjue, the splitted up handbook is fine, thanks14:33
tilmanwant me to give it a try?14:37
juetilman: the sed line is for automake 1.1014:37
jueyes, please14:37
sipwill it ever go out of alpha? :-P14:38
tilmanthey are now working on grub214:38
tilman(have been for months)14:38
juewhich is alpha as well14:38
sipheh. just wait to see grub314:39
juebtw, Matt wrote me that his trying to update grub tomorrow14:41
sipoh, ok then14:41
sipI really hope we can release a 'true' RC, which actually has some chance of being final14:42
tilmanwell, very likely xorg 7.2 will be ready before release14:45
tilmanwould be good to have that on the iso imo14:45
sipis there an established release date for xorg 7.2?14:46
tilmanyes, november 24th14:47
* tilman thinks14:47
jueaon: groupadd scanner ;-)14:48
tilmanit might come as late as december 8th14:48
aonjue: ah :)14:48
tilmansip: what's your envisioned crux 2.3 release date?14:48
sipwell, since no much changed, I planned to do a RC this week and eventually dub it final the next one14:49
sipbut we can have it in a more relaxed way14:49
tilmani think a longer testing period would be good14:50
tilmanreleasing towards christmas is cool anyway14:50
sipit's ok for me as well14:51
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juefine for me14:52
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juewell, anything important left ? I've to leave now14:58
sipnothing that I can think of14:59
sipI'm leaving too14:59
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Nov 20:54 - sane: fixed README15:07
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prologicwhat was the result of that push problem Viper_ was having ?16:45
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