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clbUpdate from opt: 29 Nov 10:29 - [notify] gnupg: updated to 2.0.1; new dependencies || 29 Nov 10:13 - initial import of new dependencies of gnupg04:41
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j^2morning guys09:31
j^2jaeger: how was your turkey day(s)?09:32
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jaegerdecent. I slept worse in the last week than I have in years but otherwise was ok. yours?09:33
j^2the actual day sucked, horrible miss communtications about when dinner was supposed to be, but the rest was relaxing, i didnt want it to end09:34
jaegersounds not too bad, overall09:35
j^2hey, (this is for everyone) what groupware do yall use?09:36
jaegernone :)09:36
j^2i'm looking into some for our company09:36
j^2any good suggestions? ;)09:37
aoni use none, also :)09:38
jaegernot familiar with any, sorry09:40
j^2yah like information streamlining for businesses09:40
j^2chat/email/doc sharing09:40
Romsterall rolled into one big program or a sugested group of programs that work well?09:43
aonusually they're one (web-based) package, i think09:45
deus_exj^2: Smth like ?09:46
deus_ex(or I completely misunderstood what groupware is ;) )09:47
j^2kinda, but i was looking more at
* deus_ex checks zimbra.com09:49
deus_exOh, so this is what groupware is, then?09:50
Romsterah a collaboration for businesses. now i get what ya after.09:51
Romsterall in one web package09:51
j^2yeah, exchange useally fits that role, but i'm looking for something "better and faster"09:52
j^2if you catch my drift09:52
j^2i really want to get away from the MS shop this place is09:52
deus_exiow, open source :)09:52
j^2yeh i just need something solid that makes everyone happy09:52
deus_exif you're gonna adminster it, it should make *you* happy, imho09:53
j^2yeah but there are business requirements too :-O09:54
deus_exLike what? (business reqs)09:55
j^2they want teh functionality of exchange, but not the expense, they want streamlining and able to work with ms-sql. oh and cheaper the better ;)09:56
deus_exGood luck :)09:56
j^2that's litterally all i got on this, otherwise they are going to shell out for exchange and i have to learn a new OS09:57
Romsterthis looks like it
* Romster shrugs10:00
Romsterwhat i can gather10:00
j^2nice, thanks romster!10:00
Romsterj^2, take a look at that url i pasted10:00
Romsterwhy not my-sql? than MS-sql10:01
j^2because our back end db has been ms forever, and our dbas are asp guys :(10:01
Romsterlooks rather fancy and had a 5 rating on freshmeat10:02
j^2yep, all dig into it10:05
j^2thanks again10:05
Romsterewww i hate asp..10:06
Romster looks interesting too10:07
deus_exIt has support for mssql, afaict10:08
deus_exNo asp, though.10:08
j^2ah cool thanks deus_ex10:10
deus_exnp :)10:11
* deus_ex beats jahshaka10:12
deus_exIt can't find qt includes.10:13
Romsterdeus_ex, configure option?10:14
Romsteror -I/usr/include/qt may do it on CFLAGS if ya lucky10:14
deus_exNo, it is set in
jaegerqmake is evil10:15
deus_exI did sed a proper include path to it, but it somehow doesn't work...10:15
jaegerwe hates it, precious10:15
Romsterj^2, i assume it has to have asp :/10:16
Romsterah ya using qmake i didn't think of that10:16
Romsterj^2, got a list of what is required?10:17
Romsteri'm a bit on the bored side i'll have a browse around more10:17
j^2more or less, "exchangeish"10:17
Romsterwith asp.10:17
deus_exBut for less money/free10:17
j^2yeah, we need to steam line our information...10:18
j^2if it kicks ass though, we'll "pay"10:18
j^ so far has been the best one that i've seen, from the demo they give10:18
Romsterya i got that part awhile ago, not familer with exchange so i'll look up its features10:19
j^2awesome thanks for all your help10:20
Romsterlooks impressive10:35
Romsterbeen made since 1987 O_o10:35
aoni wonder how much of the original code is there :)10:37
aonlooks quite nice, though10:37
pitilloRomster, interesting the last link.10:37
Romsterwonder how many rewrites they went though.10:38
j^2Citadel is groupware with BBS roots, so it's no surprise that Citadel still offers a traditional text-based BBS front end. This screenshot shows a listing of all the rooms on a Citadel site.10:39
j^2that's insane!10:39
Romstera BBS omfg10:41
Romsterwell that is showing its age now lol10:41
j^2makes sense though dont it? ;)10:41
aonso you can dial it from your home with 8086 and 2400bps10:41
Romsteri think j^2 is in love with BBS :P10:42
aonthe bbs looks a bit messy, though10:42
j^2i used to dream of getting on when i was a kid ;)10:42
Romsterheh so did i but when i got a computer etc i had no modem for me c64 :(10:43
aonthat was quite a popular bbs here back in the days10:43
Romsterand the internet came out when i got a ibm10:44
Romster looks interesting too.10:44
aonugh :(10:44
aon(based on the url)10:44
aoni wonder if it's as horrible as imp10:44
aoni used to have free access to one bbs10:44
aonbecause it was in the municipal phone net and so was the computer i accessed it from :)10:44
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j^2why do people care about Moon Phases?10:46
j^2it's always a trinket10:46
j^2never understood it10:46
aonseems quite useless10:47
Romsterso was basicly a free dialed in number on the same exchange.10:47
aonperhaps it's jut a way to explain the stuff you do without actually having to look in the mirror10:48
aonRomster: yes10:48
Romster dirty sand box < what the..10:49
Romstertodo with the ocean and tide and maybe some peoples moods?10:49
j^2i'm with you on that one Romster10:50
Romsteroh no a full moon, hes gonna be cranky tomorrow lol10:50
Romstermore like supersticious people, only fishing boats would need to know the moons whereabouts and the tide.10:51
Romsterok preaty much going in circules looking for groupware now j^210:52
Romsterthink i'll call it quits now10:52
j^2yep, thank you for all your help10:53
Romstergot enougth to look though as it is anyways10:53
Romsteri like the modular idea though10:53
Romsteronly add whats needed/required10:53
Romsterj^2, let us knwo what ya go with, may come in handy to sugest to the next person what to use :)10:54
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siphi there. jaeger. do you still have the iputils /etc/rc.d/net sample around?12:59
jaegersorry, was out to lunch. I'll check, I've got it somewhere14:04
jaegerI think14:04
jaegersec, there's a mistake in that one14:27
sipre-thanks :-)14:27
jaegernp :)14:28
jaegerI couldn't find the fixed version, this one was all I had left... and it wasn't fixed after experimenting14:28
jaegerthe route del in that one is wrong, too, grr14:28
jaeger :)14:29
sipheh, is it me or the syntax is a bit butt-ugly? :-)14:37
jaegerit's pretty flexible, much can be abbreviated if needed14:37
jaegerI don't think it's too ugly, myself, but I'm not that picky14:38
sipsure, just being a bit traditionalist14:39
jaegerfair enough14:39
sipI'm pondering if it's worth the offort of adding a captcha to the portdb submission page rarther than the reverting to "send an email to..."14:41
sipViper_ is receiving a lot of spam there14:41
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jaegerperhaps both14:41
sipnah, double work14:42
jaegerI meant a capcha before an email would be dispatched via the portdb :) if the portdb doesn't send email anymore, ignore that14:43
sipman, you're complicated :-P14:44
jaegerit used to send an email when someone submitted a repo, that's all14:45
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clbjaeger: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 3 hours, 10 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <sip> man, you're complicated :-P17:55
clbUpdate from core: 30 Nov 00:07 - grub: updated to version 0.9718:11
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