IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2006-11-30

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Romsterok i have a solution for git finally :)05:00
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jaegermore git fun:09:30
jaegerDifferent in index and the last commit:09:30
jaegerD       grub/menu.lst.sample09:30
jaegeranyone know how to fix this one?09:31
jaegerok, seems git-update-index --remove is the trick09:34
Romsterjaeger, btw dunno who is manageing git but i finally found a proper fix and the wiki needs updating too09:34
jaegersip, I believe09:35
Romsterhmm maybe it be best to e-amil him my findings, i'm using the new git layout in my working directory and its good, no more overwriting my changes on a git pull now..09:36
jaegergood idea09:37
Romstertook me awhile and alot of chatting in #git but yay she works and need to show everyone else now :) ok i'll fire a e-mail off to sip09:39
jaegernice :)09:40
clbUpdate from core: 30 Nov 15:34 - grub: removed old menu.lst.sample || 30 Nov 15:27 - grub: menu.lst renamed to grub.conf, updated README and aesthetic fixups09:44
tilmanRomster: what did you do to contrib's origin?10:17
Romsternothing jsut my working copy i managed to get git clone --use-separate-remote to work corectly so now local changes don't get lost on a git pull.10:18
Romsterwhich a pull is onyl a short name for fetch+merge10:19
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j^2hey all10:31
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deus_exj^2: Have you found groupware that you like yet?10:36
j^2nope, i got a couple meetings to go to about it10:36
deus_exHi, btw ;)10:36
deus_exMeetings with upper managment, I presume?10:36
deus_exThat should be fun...10:39
j^2very ;)10:39
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deus_exA friend of mine is call center manager for local telecom.As long as charts that he shows them show a rise in profit, they are off his back ;)10:41
deus_exNo matter that charts are based on fiction rather than on facts...10:42
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clbUpdate from opt: 30 Nov 17:12 - gnupg: bumped release || 30 Nov 17:01 - gnupg: added symbolic link gpg.1.gz to gpg2.1.gz11:16
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jaegerdoesn't seem to be in a release yet but it breaks at least cedega11:40
tilmanthat's the one i fixed yesterday11:47
tilmanby patching mesa11:47
tilmanhas it11:47
jaegerwonder why it's still breaking for me11:47
tilmancan you paste the exact error you're seeing?11:48
jaegerwine: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.11:48
jaegerI see your patch in mesa and I have 6.5.1-3 installed11:49
tilmancan you get me a backtrace?11:50
jaegeras soon as I figure out how :)11:50
tilmanbuilding mesa with '-g' in CFLAGS and pkgmk -ns -kw will be enough11:50
tilmanno, that should do11:50
tilmanoh, and run wine/cedega in gdb11:51
tilmanok, let's try that first11:51
jaegershouldn't take too long11:51
jaegerso I'd run gdb cedega, run, bt full, quit, send you that?11:54
jaegercedega runs a lot of other stuff rather than being itself an executable, how does that work?11:56
jaegerI'll RTM11:58
jaegerthere's the log from cedega's debug facility, not sure of any way to invoke gdb directly on its behalf12:02
jaegerperhaps it's not an error at all but just a warning :P12:06
tilmanmmh, ok12:07
tilmanthat log is useless unfortunately12:08
tilmanreally need a backtrace12:08
jaegerso far nothing I've tried to invoke the winex3 executable directly with gdb is workable =/12:09
jaegercedega's kinda a messy package in that respect, frontend does all the work and doesn't tell you what it's really doing12:09
jaegercould dig through an strace, I suppose12:09
tilmandoes glxgears work for you?12:10
tilmanor can you reproduce the assertion failure with any other gl program?12:10
jaegeryeah, glxgears works... hrmm12:13
jaegerI think troubleshooting this is a bit beyond me, considering the convolution of cedega/winex3/winex12:16
jaegersorry to bug you, just overlooked the patch12:17
tilmanyour mesa was out of date?12:21
jaegerIt's still broken... but I have no idea how to adequately troubleshoot it12:21
tilmani see12:24
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sepensome can set the topic to
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