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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Dec 08:41 - mod_perl: update to 2.0.3 || 1 Dec 08:24 - stunnel: update to 4.2002:49
clbUpdate from core: 1 Dec 09:45 - man-pages: update to 2.4303:47
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Dec 10:23 - fetchmail: added patch to avoid segfault with broken headers04:49
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jaegertilman: neverwinter nights also breaks due to the xcb lock assertion :/11:20
tilmangood, you can debug that :)11:28
tilmani still got nwn on my hdd11:28
tilmani'll fix it11:28
tilmani hope it doesn't break when gl took over control of my mouse11:29
tilmandebugging fullscreen gl apps can be a real pita ;)11:29
tilmanphew, it's fine11:29
tilmanyou said you saw it happen with cedega -- was SDL involved there?11:30
jaegerI didn't think cedega uses SDL but perhaps so11:30
jaegerI don't see it in a quick ldd run11:31
tilmani guess it wouldn't make that much sense if it did use sdl, either11:31
tilmanthe bug is in the version of SDL that's shipped with NWN11:36
tilmansee the LD_LIBRARY_PATH export in the 'nwn' script?11:36
tilmanif you remove the "./lib:" part, it will use the system's libSDL11:36
tilmanand that will work fine11:36
tilmanbut that doesn't explain why cedega crashes :x11:42
tilmani guess you run the latest libsdl?11:42
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Dec 17:34 - dbus: updated to version 1.0.111:50
jaegertilman: yeah12:25
jaegersorry for the slow response, had company12:26
tilmanplease confirm that nwn works if you tell it to use the system libsdl12:27
tilmanmaybe i can come up with a way to get a BT from cedega...12:27
jaegeryes, it does work with system SDL12:28
tilmancan you rebuild libxcb with that patch and then trigger the assertion failure with cedega?12:36
tilmanwait a second12:36
jaegerer... what the hell12:40
tilmanFile not found.12:40
jaegerah, trailing slash breaks it12:41
tilmansorry, should have tested the patch12:42
tilmanre-load the patch please, it will work now12:44
tilmanwhat version of xorg-libxrandr do you run?12:54
tilmangit-diff is acting up on me :/12:58
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jaegersetting cedega to use XVidMode instead of XRandR avoids the crash, too13:00
tilmanyes, it's definitely libxrandr's fault13:03
tilmanjust trying to check whether 1.1 is supposed to have the fix13:03
jaegerhrmm... even with XvidMode it crashes later on with the same issue13:10
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jaegeractually, 2 separate assertion failures. one of them is the xcb one13:11
tilmanjust pushed libxrandr 1.1.213:11
tilmanif the 2nd assertion failure persists, paste the backtrace for that, too, please13:12
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jaegerI'm going to move transcode and some of its deps to attic, I think. as well as vcdimager and possibly bittorrent13:37
jaegertilman: no bt this time...
tilmanthat's because this time it happens in the lock function13:40
tilmanbefore it was in unlock13:40
tilmanhang on13:40
jaegerxrandr update fixed the initial crash at least13:40
tilmangrab the diff again please13:42
tilmanlooks like you should talk to transgaming13:49
tilmantell them you run libx11 1.1.1 with the xcb backend, and show them that backtrace13:49
jaegerthanks for trying :)13:50
tilmanthat _might_ make cedega work13:51
tilmanbut it might trigger more weird crashes13:51
tilmanit's not a real fix, but a dirty workaround :D13:51
jaegerI'll give it a try, can't hurt to test it :)13:51
tilmanERROR: wineserver exiting unexpectantly!13:52
tilman"unexpectantly" o_O13:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Dec 20:13 - bittorrent, twisted-core, zopeinterface: moved to contrib14:21
jaegerman, I'm really starting to hate git14:47
jaegerwhat the fuck is that about?14:48
tilmanwhat the fuck did 'git status' say before you ran commit?14:50
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Dec 20:43 - faac, faad2, ffmpeg, libmp4v2: moved to contrib14:51
jaegernothing out of the ordinary14:51
jaeger25cm of snow later...17:20
deus_exNo snow, just the fog...17:56
jaegerwe haven't had this much snow in years and years... had to shovel a ton of it today off my driveway18:04
deus_exIt beats going to the gym ;)18:07
jaegerI suppose so, hehe18:07
deus_exI honestly don't understand american opsession with workout.18:08
jaegerI don't suffer from this obsession :)18:08
jaegerthat said, I think it's mostly the media18:09
deus_exIt is quite popular here, too.18:09
jaegerpeople are brought up thinking they're not good enough, that they have to be perfect, etc.18:09
jaegerlife's too short for that crap, in my opinion18:09
deus_exAmen to that, brother.18:09
tilmanjust got dual head working18:10
deus_exI wish more people workout their brains, instead.18:10
tilmanproblem is, my 2nd head is sitting on the floor18:10
tilmanand new windows open on it18:11
tilmanand i can't move my firefox window over to where i can actually use it18:11
* deus_ex slowly backs away18:11
deus_exyour second head?18:11
tilmanhead as in monitor18:11
deus_exI know, I know :)18:12
tilmanswitching workspaces in openbox feels a bit weird now18:12
tilmansince it will switch them on both heads18:12
jaegerI like dual-head setups, though these days I lean more towards wide monitors instead18:12
deus_ex30 inch LCD would be nice...18:12
* deus_ex writes to Santa18:13
tilmani want a 2nd 17 inch lcd18:14
tilmanmaybe i'll get one for christmas ;)18:14
jaegeronly pic I can find of both of mine, heh18:15
jaegersold one of them recently18:15
deus_extilman: Which one?(not Sony, I hope)18:15
tilmani've got iiyama sitting here, which has been working nicely18:16
tilmani guess i'll go with them again18:16
deus_exiiyama?It is unknown brand to me.18:17
jaegerI've heard good things about those18:17
tilmanit's good at catching bugs18:18
deus_exjaeger: Which UPS is that under the table?APC?18:18
tilmani've got one dead bug in there18:18
jaegerdeus_ex: it was an APC Back-UPS 650 which has since passed on18:19
tilmanthankfully it's not in the visible area (almost)18:19
jaegertilman: funky18:19
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