IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2006-12-03

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clbUpdate from core: 3 Dec 10:29 - rsync: fixed source URL04:48
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Dec 10:27 - maildrop: update to 2.0.204:48
clbUpdate from core: 3 Dec 11:57 - ppp: fixed source URL06:18
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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Dec 15:00 - gqview: updated to 2.0.409:19
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tilmanwasn't grub moved from core to opt?10:56
tilmannow from opt to core again?10:56
jaegerlooks that way10:58
aonthey renamed more binaries in cdrkit11:05
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prologichey jue11:47
juetilman: sip moved grub to opt because it dosn't build with 2.311:47
jueI added a small fix and moved it back to core ;-)11:48
juejaeger: hope that's ok for you11:49
prologicI just wouldn't have moved it from one repo to another sipmly because it didn't compile :)11:51
jaegerjue: aye, that's fine :)11:51
jueprologic: I might be wrong and sip has something other in mind11:57
jueprologic: you've seen the ticket I assigned to you ?11:57
prologichehe no :)11:59
prologicmy servers have been offline for over a week :/11:59
prologicno emails :/11:59
prologicI'll have a look now though12:00
jueit was today12:00
prologicoh okay12:00
tilmanjue: mmh, i thought sip moved it to opt because he felt it fit in better there12:16
tilmanlet me see through my lgs12:16
tilmanmmh, can't find anything12:17
juetilman: sounds more sensible, don't know from where I got that info12:23
juewell, I can move it back, but IMHO grub seems to be a typical core-port, although I don't use it12:25
tilmanthere's no need to take immediate action now12:26
tilmanlet's ask sip about it on tuesday12:27
tilmanjue: btw, what's your reasoning for wanting to put the xfce stuff into their own git repo?12:27
jueseems to be more consistant to have no DE stuff in opt12:29
tilmanno objection from my side, i was just curious12:30
prologicbtw, I think grub should be in opt12:35
prologicfor the simply reason - lilo suffices and is simpler12:35
prologicthe cd still uses lilo by default right ?12:35
tilmanlilo is simple crap12:36
deus_exwill xfce be on the iso, or separate repo, like kde, gnome...?12:37
prologicseparate I would imagine12:37
juedefinitelynot on the iso12:38
deus_exbtw, I like lilo because it complains if/when I fsck up *right now*, before reboot ;)12:38
juebut maybe in a dedicated repo12:38
deus_exjue: That's what I was thinking, thanks.12:39
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prologichmm anyone around ?15:47
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