IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2006-12-09

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clbUpdate from opt: 9 Dec 18:43 - wine: updated to 0.9.2712:00
prologichey jaeger u around ?17:08
jaegerjust got home, what's up?17:17
prologicwhere is cptn these days ?17:18
prologicyeah I just got home too :)17:18
jaegerno idea, actually. probably busy at work or on holiday and I just missed it17:19
prologicahh right17:20
prologicjust that the last time we spoke he was going to get my involved with crux development in some way17:20
prologicI'm still waiting to see him again :)17:20
tilman"don't contact us, we'll contact you."17:20
prologicneways I must get ready - got a date this morn'n :)17:22
jaegerhave fun :)17:27
clbUpdate from opt: 9 Dec 22:31 - git: updated to
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