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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Dec 14:49 - postfix: updated to 2.3.508:59
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Dec 17:39 - firefox-flash-plugin: ninja stealth upstream tarball change, thanks treach12:00
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Dec 19:48 - jre: updated to 1.6.0 || 12 Dec 19:47 - jdk: updated to 1.6.014:02
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Dec 22:08 - openoffice: updated to 2.1.016:32
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treachRomster: greatings from the policy-violation departement. would you please rename "libspeex" to speex, as upstream intended it to be named?20:55
treachRomster: If you disagree I'll set tilman on you. ;-)20:58
Romsterhmm, i only did that as its a library and it dosn't contain any binarys for /usr/bin21:00
Romsterto keep librarys with a consistant name same as some others i prefixed with lib21:00
Romsteris it bad for a port to be named lib<name> it it only contains librarys and no other executables?21:01
Romsteras it*21:01
treach1. Don't rename stuff on your own, it will only cause confusion. 2. There *is* a rule, somewhere, that says ports use the name set by upstream. (Please don't make me find it, it's a long time since I saw it..)21:01
Romsteri hadn't seen that rule and i've read the crux web site, unless it was added recently21:02
treachno, as I said, it's a long time since I saw it. And I'm not accusing you of not reading up btw.21:03
Romsterdoes this also apply to other ports i have prefixed the name lib to? that didn't have that, and some ports that where named <name>lib aswell that I converted to lib<name>21:03
treachsee popt for instance.21:04
Romsterok so i got some work todo to alter these....21:04
treachused to be libpopt, nowadays it's just popt.21:04
RomsterI jsut thought it would be nice that all librarys be prefixed with lib...21:04
Romsterwhat do other distros name them as, upstream?21:05
treachYeah, I can agree with that to a point, but otoh, it's not good when people more or less arbitrarily renames stuff compared to what upstream calls things.21:05
treachNo idea, but for crux upstream decides, iirc.21:06
Romsteryou got proof that i'm in violation, from the GNU laws (which i hadn't dread up on) and crux's rule, (but the later means digging up what you can't find, unless google can find it on crux's website)21:08
treachI'm sorry, I've tried to find it, but it seems I'm unable atm. But I'm 10000% certain I've seen it somewhere, and besides I spoke with tilman about it earlier, and he didn't indicate that I was wrong.21:09
Romsterhard everdence than just word of mouth :) oh and btw i'm in the process of moving so thursday be the last day on the net untill i get my dsl transfered..21:09
treachanother problem with renaming things is that it increases the risk of dups.21:10
Romsteri'll fix them tonite i'd like some advice from the other main crux devs to confirm this, not judging you, but i still think keeping a patern for types of ports is keeping it all uniform21:11
Romsterthere is prt-get fsearch21:11
treachalso, jaeger maintails popt, he should know.21:11
Romsteralso prtverify to check too.21:11
treachYou are infectious!21:12
Romsterhe be on later?21:12
treachI don't know, he was here before21:12
Romsteri'll fix them all tonite. oh i have one other problem concerning prt-get but i guess it can wait till after i've moved.21:12
Romsteri'll fix them later tonite i gotta get going to move more furniture today21:14
treachmoving sucks. :-/21:14
Romsteroh and btw i'm not impressed with hans commits "easytag: bump"  < be nice if he stated the previous and new versions21:15
Romstertell me about it21:15
treachnah, it can't be told, it has to be experienced. ;)21:15
Romsterhan dosn't change even with rules, me on the other hand i test the waters but also keep to rules i know about :)21:17
treachhan is the exception that confirms the rule, I guess.21:17
treachHonestly, I've no idea what he's up to, but "he did" doesn't hold water as an excuse, any kindergarten kid can tell you that.21:18
Romsteri recken that the only reason he is still here is that hes good at code etc, else no one would put up with him.21:18
Romsterthink i'll make one more coffee then get my m8 with the traylor to help me move more.21:20
Romstergoogle: upstream intended site:crux.nu21:29
Romsterdosn't even yeald any results21:29
treachwell. If you're going to make difficulties about this, just remember that tilman actually told me to file a bug about it. If that isn't enough, why not ask the people in charge?21:40
treachif the silence of the people present isn't convincing enough, there is a ml...21:40
Romsterhmm asked to file a bug report, ok didn't know that bit21:42
Romsteri just don't want otdo extra work and find out later half or most of it was pointless, i got other ports that now fall into a shaded area not just libspeex21:43
Romsteri'll post to the ML now about it21:43
Romsterif tilman complained about speex what about my other ports that i've done the same thing too... is my question i'll throw it  on the ML21:44
Romsteras i'll do the lot if need be in one hit21:44
treachyeah, I see you point, I did that from the beginning. Life sucks sometimes. :-/21:44
treachyou know, it's one of those instances where trying to be smart comes back and bites you. :/21:45
Romsternot that i won't do it i just want proof or a decent valid reason :)21:46
treachI've given you decent, valid reasons.21:46
Romstertreach, true i've been bitten in the past and don't wish to repeat that again21:46
treachI just can't find it again.21:47
treach(the *proof*)21:47
treachhowever, you could try eating your ports I guess. :P21:47
Romsterheh i'm composing to the ML now, i'll alter speex but i want to know if it falls for the rest of my ports i've renamed, also and if this is the case the contrib page rules/guidelines should be updated.21:52
treachagreed, I'm not sure if it has fallen out somehow, or if it was listed somewhere else and never got merged.21:53
treachIt could also be something that was agreed on irc and everyone just thought to be completely self-evident and thus never got carved in stone.21:54
treach(Nobody knows, it's a romster-mail :P )21:59
Romstercrux-contrib ML21:59
treachdo you know if there is an archive for that someplace? I'm not subscribed..22:01
Romsterhmm yes22:03
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