IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2006-12-15

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j^2morning all09:23
tilmangood afternoon09:24
j^2how yall doing?09:24
tilmanfine, considering my weekend has already started :D09:25
aonmorning j^209:26
aonmine too \o/09:26
aonabout 2/3 through my Paulaner Salvator ;)09:26
j^2bastards! i just litterally got to work...fridays....*sigh*09:27
tilmanaon: that's a beer, i guess? if so, "salvator" is a great brand name :D09:28
tilmanj^2: my timezone > yours, then :P09:29
aontilman: yes, :)09:29
aontilman: why is so great? :)09:30
tilmani guess it means something like saviour?09:31
tilmanwhich is just ridiculous for an alcoholic drink :P09:31
aonhehe :)09:31
tilmanin berlin i once had a "pilsator"09:32
aon"maximator" seems a bit stupid, too09:32
tilmanyes, very!09:32
aonthey all sound like some b-class super heroes :)09:32
jaegersalvator, eh? good? we have some Paulaner around here but that one's new to me09:32
tilmanSearch: pilsator09:32
tilmanNo matches found.09:32
aonjaeger: yeah, it's quite decent, although i imagine not everyone would like the taste09:33
tilmani wonder whether they sell it under a different name here09:33
jaegerit sounds pretty odd from that page :)09:33
tilmannever heard of 'salvator'09:33
tilmanand i guess i should have09:33
aoni've bought salvator in .de09:34
tilmanin bavaria?09:34
tilmanthere's always this possibility that i'm just not much of a beer geek ;))09:35
tilmanso that's why :]09:36
clbUpdate from core: 15 Dec 15:18 - [notify] gzip: update to 1.3.909:47
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Dec 17:28 - imagemagick: updated to 6.3.1-211:48
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j^2has qmail not been updated?11:59
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Dec 21:58 - imagemagick: silent change in upstream sources (small fix, changed release date)16:20
prologicwhy is imagemagick in opt anyway ?16:25
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maroprologic: why not?17:27
prologic*meh* :)17:42
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prologichey jaeger18:03
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