IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2006-12-16

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clbUpdate from opt: 16 Dec 12:24 - cyrus-sasl: fixed manpage of saslauthd; thanks to Han06:24
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jaegertilman: what's the word on the flac update?13:14
tilmani'll happily hold it off for a few aeons13:14
jaegerfair enough13:14
jaegergit is quickly sucking away my desire to work on shit13:22
tilmanwhat exactly are you doing?13:23
tilmanwhat repo?13:23
jaegeractually, nothing's wrong today... just a comment13:23
jaegerseems like I've had more trouble with it than most13:24
tilmancan't be a coincidence i think13:24
jaegerperhaps it's not, but I don't seem to be smart enough to figure it out when it happens, heh13:24
tilmanlet's examine your bash history next time13:26
jaegerI was wondering what had happened to cptn, guess we know now13:31
maroyay :(13:55
marothat's why cptn hasn't been on irc lately :(13:56
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jaegertilman: out of morbid curiosity, tell me if you see anything wrong here:14:17
jaeger1) git pull14:18
jaeger2) update a port locally14:18
jaeger3) git commit -m "blah" .footprint .md5sum Pkgfile14:18
jaeger4) git push14:18
tilmanthat should work just fine14:19
tilmanwhat repo does this fail with?14:19
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jaegerat the moment, none... but I've had problems in opt and contrib14:19
tilmando you have "Pull" lines for both 2.2 and 2.3 in .git/remotes/origin?14:20
jaegerwhich I do think is caused by some problem in my local wc instead of on the server, but I don't know what causes them14:20
tilman(for opt and core)14:20
jaegerPull: refs/heads/2.2:refs/heads/2.214:20
jaegerPull: refs/heads/2.3:refs/heads/2.314:20
jaegerthat's from opt, but yeah, I have it in both14:20
jaegeranyone using smpeg with crux 2.3?14:26
jaegeror sdl_mixer?14:27
tilmansdl_mixer is used by quite a few games i think14:28
jaegeraye, and it depends on smpeg14:28
jaegerI'm wondering if smpeg compiles with gcc 4.1.x14:28
clbUpdate from opt: 16 Dec 20:19 - guile: updated to version 1.8.114:28
jaeger@seen sip20:32
clbjaeger: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 2 weeks, 3 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <sip> man, you're complicated :-P20:32
treachanother little indian/nigger/bicyclist?20:47
treachnot much into agatha christie uh? ;-)20:49
jaegernot yet. I could probably be convinced20:50
treachin swedish, but the original is there as well, in english ->
jaegerah, I knew it as Ten Little Indians20:50
treachthe danish version is the funniest one IMO.20:50
treachI guess "ten little niggers got too Politically Incorrect. :P20:51
jaegerguess so20:51
treachhope we're not losing him as well, it's getting alarming. :-/20:59
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