IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2006-12-18

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j^2hey all08:43
j^2how was your weekend jaeger ?08:49
jaegernot long enough, really. yours?08:51
j^2same here, and i might be taking over the most important thing IT wise in the company today, but i'm not too sure08:55
j^2and i'm getting cold feet08:55
jaegergood luck :)08:56
j^2heeh thanks08:56
j^2btw, i hit 55 last night ;)08:56
jaegercongrats :)08:57
j^2hey the iPhone is out!08:58
Romstercongrats j^209:16
j^2hehe thanks09:16
Romstererr should say happy b/day09:16
j^2Romster: hehe, no no 55 in WoW, i'm only 23 :P09:20
Romsteroh lmao09:21
Romsterok sign i should godo bed..09:22
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prologicwhat does clb do neways jaeger ?09:53
prologicafaik it's a instnace of a syperbot right ?09:53
jaegerit logs the channels and in here keeps track of development via rss09:53
prologicthat's it ?09:53
jaegerpretty much... it has some other functions like seen and google searching, etc.09:54
prologicahh yup09:54
prologicI have a nice little python bot that odes similar things09:54
prologicbut it gets git notifications directly via xmlrpc from a hook script09:54
jaegerI think supybot has xmlrpc support but the rss support is so easy to set up I doubt I'll ever look into it, hehe09:58
jaegerj^2: if you're still using my teamspeak server, it'll be unavailable from the 20th until the 1st, just so you know10:00
j^2oh ok thanks for the heads up10:00
j^2and thank you for still letting us use id10:00
jaegerno problem at all10:00
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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Dec 16:57 - ntfsprogs: removed gnome support/requirement11:22
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j^2i'm offically a home owner13:41
j^2yay me13:41
jaegercongrats :)13:41
tilmanyay jaeger13:44
j^2hehe, thanks~13:54
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Dec 00:44 - opera: updated to 9.1018:57
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