IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2006-12-20

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clbUpdate from opt: 20 Dec 10:14 - mplayerplug-in: updated to 3.35 || 20 Dec 10:07 - libpcre: updated to 7.004:15
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j^2morning guys08:24
j^2hey guys08:32
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j^2oh there we go :P08:34
j^2i wasnt seeing anything typed08:34
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j^2w00t, i'm offically a email admin now09:23
j^2yay me09:23
aoni should fix the email on the box i'm admining09:24
siphere comes the problems :)09:24
aonspamassassin gives negative points, wtf? :)09:24
j^2hehe, love you to sip09:24
sipI mean problems for you09:24
j^2i havent started on spamassassin yet, that's the "growth" of the job09:25
aoni think it should be switched to dspam09:25
jaegerj^2: good read, even if you don't decide to use it09:25
j^2nice thanks jaeger09:25
sipI personally use spamprobe, and works great after some training09:26
sipjaeger, not to make any pressure, are you already working on firefox
sipI'd like to avoid building an outdated version a few times during bootstrap :)09:28
sipbtw, does anybody has a madwifi patched port? (does not build on 2.3/kernel 2.6.19)09:29
jaegersip: yes, it's in the queue after I fix dbus09:30
sipgreat, thanks09:30
jaegerask jdolan, I think he's got madwifi-ish hardware09:30
sipeither he's not updated his repo, or he uses an older kernel ;)09:31
sipthere's also a remote vulnerability on the currently available port09:31
treachsip: seen any source for it? (firefox)09:37
treachI checked earlier, binarys were present on the ftp, but not the source.09:38
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deus_extreach: I've checked several mirrors, no source.For 'critical update' they sure hide it well :)09:45
treachso critical they need "security by obscurity"? :>09:46
jjpkCheck the primary mirrors first, some mirrors do not sync daily, but who knows.09:46
jjpktreach: well, it does work to an extent ;)09:47
treachif that's so, score another one for "Firefox sucks"...09:47
deus_exjjpk: I've checked primary mirrors, nope :)09:48
jaegeryeah, I don't see it on the primary, either, at the moment, but will keep an eye out for it09:48
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clbUpdate from opt: 20 Dec 16:00 - dbus: moved pid file to a more useful location10:16
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clbUpdate from opt: 20 Dec 16:57 - exim: update to 4.6411:18
j^2i find it funny how everyone always wanted a forum or something, an we give them a public page and it hasnt changed in ages11:21
jjpkI agree, crux is simply too small for one right now.11:23
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jjpkeither way, I prefer mailinglists.11:24
tilmancan anyone give this a quick try?12:57
tilman(against 2.3's core/glbc)12:57
clbUpdate from opt: 20 Dec 19:01 - mplayerplug-in: changed README file13:20
aontilman: 40413:21
aon(unless that's intentional :))13:21
tilmani'm too damn stupid to remember how i set up that webserver13:21
tilman^^^ should work13:21
aondownloads, no md5sum mismatch13:25
aonstarts to build13:30
aonguess there's not much else to it unless the .bz2 has different contents for some reason :)13:30
tilmani think it's safe to assume that it doesn't13:30
aoni'll let it build13:31
aonyou never know :)13:31
tilmanokay, thanks13:32
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aon...and done15:56
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jaegeryay, firefox source showed up22:16
treachyeah. I've been using it successfuly for a while now. :P22:39
treachgot some new files in the footprint, otherwise nothing to report. :)22:40
treachsurprising amount of fixes for being an upgrade.23:06
jaegerok by me, as long as it's stable... and it seems to be, so far23:08
treachyeah. I've been using it for about 6 hourers so far, without incidents.23:09
treach*hours* (it's 06:09 so sue me. ;-) )23:10
clbUpdate from opt: 21 Dec 05:16 - [security] firefox: updated to version, see ...23:23
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