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Romsternew version of iproute201:50
Romsterhrmm and new version is missing tc odd01:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Dec 17:26 - mysql-ruby: update to 2.7.3 || 22 Dec 17:25 - sc: applied patches from debian:11:34
aonq: where's hostname(1) in 2.3? :)13:27
tilmannet-tools, no?13:29
jaegerfor what it's worth, regarding the gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg issue, the version in the gnome tree doesn't have this problem13:37
jaegerthough when the tree had 0.10.1 in it, I used LDFLAGS= to fix it13:37
aontilman: sry, brainfart :)13:40
jaegerhow's 2.3 treating you so far?13:42
aonquite well13:45
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jaegerglad to hear it13:49
jaegerI wonder if I could reasonably run a 2.3 chroot in an ubuntu install13:59
jaegerI would think so... just haven't tried yet13:59
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Dec 21:00 - cmus: updated to 2.1.014:05
tilmanaon: did that glibc build succeed with the bz2 tarball? ;)15:54
aon23:56  < aon> ...and done15:56
tilmanah, i was disconnected at that time15:57
tilmanno hilight, no log15:57
tilmanme lose15:57
* tilman commits15:58
treach"You've been xeroxed" ;)15:59
aon\o/, eve of christmas eve16:01
aonany plans for new year? #crux? ;)16:03
jjpkNothing yet.16:04
tilmani'll get drunk at noon so nobody notices i'm not partying16:04
jjpkSounds like a plan. :P16:05
* deus_ex goes to Afrika for new year16:08
deus_exjjpk: Local club, not the continent :)16:09
jjpkSuppose that works as well ;)16:10
tilmanheh :D16:11
deus_exMy friend's gf celebrates her birthday that day, so.... ;)16:11
* deus_ex expects rather massive hangover in the future16:15
jjpkhangovers ftw...16:24
deus_exI just can't say 'no' to her, she is a cop :)16:27
jjpk'no' is the typical answer to cops. ;)16:32
deus_exHm, I usually run away from cops (force of habit).16:35
deus_extilman: Not that I have done anything wrong, just a sane thing to do ;)16:41
deus_exThat's in the past, anyway, back in the 90's.Now?I even ask them for direction :)16:43
prologicjaeger, you got a 2.3 iso prepared ?16:54
jaegernot yet, I haven't even tested 2.3 so far... sip might16:54
prologicahh k16:54
prologicnvm then :)16:55
prologicjust as easy to sysup :)16:55
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Dec 22:45 - gdb: updated to 6.617:05
treachhaha, true to your word tilman. :P17:07
clbUpdate from opt: 23 Dec 00:06 - ant: updated to 1.7.0, use binary package || 22 Dec 23:39 - nano: updated to 2.0.218:05
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