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Romsteri would like to commit to contrib 2.3 and the only easy way i've found is pasted below02:13
Romstergit clone -n -l -s . ../my22; cd ../my22; git checkout 2.202:13
Romstercd ..; mkdir my23; cd my23; git init-db; cp -r ../my22/blah blah; git add blah; git commit02:13
Romster<spearce> anyway when you are done committing into your my23 go back to your real repository and do: git fetch ../my23 master:2.302:13
Romster<spearce> that will copy the new 2.3 branch you started into your real directory.  then you can throw away the ../my22 and ../my23 directories.02:13
Romsterthis will work but loose the history on 2.3 for contrib but i can add my ports only then others can add there ports to 2.3/contrib is this ok or is there a better method?02:13
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j^2hey all08:38
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jaegeranyone have any great objections to my adding static support to glib?11:02
j^2no no i juest11:13
j^2jest :P11:13
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jaegeranyone running 2.3 and have trouble building python?14:02
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Romsteri would of replyed but its a bit late now as jaeget is off, that i couldn't compile python in crux 2.317:02
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Romsterwb jaeger and yes i couldn't compile python in 2.317:39
jaegergood to know17:40
Romsterin a way, not good that it fails.17:40
Romstergot some funky fault on my firewall pc can't compile httpup it seems to get to the 4th file to compile and just makes the hard disk light stay on constantly..17:41
jaegerat least I know it's not just my 2.3 install17:41
Romsternot sure what is causing tht i tryed a fore rebuild on curl to no avial.17:41
aoni have python built on 2.317:43
Romsterhrmm i didn't try to redo ssl yet i'll try rebuilding that then retry httpup17:43
Romsterfailed for me aon17:43
jaegerI'm about to install 2.3 in a qemu VM here to test it again17:43
aonahh, the db stuff?17:43
jaegerwill see if it happens again17:43
aonyeah, i did something about that17:43
Romsterdid anyone read the proposed method to import my stuff into contrib 2.3? that i pasted in here yesterday?17:44
jaegerI don't think I saw it, will check the log17:44
aoncontrib hasn't been branched yet..17:45
Romsterno but its about to be :/17:45
aonah, can't be the db stuff as it's downgraded already17:45
Romsterive done a local branch but its empty not a normal branch it'll be in the log17:46
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Romsterso is this ok todo or a normal branch of 2.2 -> 2.3 of contrib then edit my ports only ?18:21
jaegerseems ok to me but I'm no expert18:24
aonpython still built here18:25
jaegerhrmm, ok18:26
Romsterjaeger, to my first method?18:29
Romsterthats why i went to talk in git before figuring out how to go about it.18:30
jaegeraskin' the wrong person, sorry. I have enough trouble with git on my own18:35
Romsterheh :/18:36
Romsterdid but learning it more each day.18:36
Romsteroh btw everyone in git 1.5 when its released --use-seperate-remote is now the default in git-clone18:39
Romstergot told 1.5 is a bit feature greedy too heaps of new stuff added.18:40
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Romsterhttpup keeps getting stuck on19:15
Romsterg++ -O2 -pipe -DMF_VERSION=\"0.4.0i\" -g -Wall -Werror -Wno-strict-aliasing -O2 -march=i686 -mtune=pentium3 -pipe  -c -o md5.o md5.cpp19:15
Romsterso maybe i got a md5 problem..19:15
Romsterbut what i don't know19:16
jaegerthere's the 2.3 python build issue21:11
Romsterevery site loads fast but finding your dns is hard jaeger22:09
jaegerViper_: thanks for the tag on #143, I forgot about it22:16
jaegeroops, my secondary DNS is down, maybe that's why22:19
jaegeranyway, I don't see anything obvious in that output except a bunch of ld exit codes of 122:22
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