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j^2morning all08:37
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juejaeger: I cannot reproduce your python build problems, even though your log shows a lot of linker errors10:51
juecould you add LDFLAGS="-L." to the configure line, please10:51
jaegerI can in a few minutes (laptop is in windows at the moment), do you have time to wait a few?11:02
jueyes, sure11:02
jaegerok, rebooting it to 2.3 now, sorry for the wait11:10
juenp, thanks for testing ;-)11:11
jaegerglad to11:11
jaegerdid I paste both the different logs? I got interesting results11:11
jaegerprt-get and pkgmk produced different output11:11
jaegernm, looks like I deleted the old log anyway11:12
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Jan 17:07 - exim: update to 4.65 || 3 Jan 17:05 - maildrop: update to 2.0.311:14
jaegerjue: that worked properly. any ideas why your linker and mine would behave differently? this is a fresh 2.3 install11:15
juehmm, no11:17
jaegerat least it's an easy fix11:35
* Romster trys to compile python.11:35
jueyeah, but I'd feel better if I know what's happen here11:36
Romstersee it it works for me or not. on 2.3 chroot env.11:36
Romsterprevious trys failed.11:36
Romsteri had been using distcc but alot of ports won't build saying distcc failed sanity check wtf is that?11:37
Romsterwas alot faster on ports that did build with distcc.11:38
RomsterCompiling /usr/ports/opt/python/work/pkg/usr/lib/python2.5/ ...11:41
Romstermake: *** [libinstall] Error 111:41
Romsternope died :/11:41
jaegertry with LDFLAGS="-L." ?11:42
juehave you changed the configure line to -> LDFLAGS="-L." ./configure ...11:42
Romsteryeah just added that now, ididn't work without will find out if that works soon.11:43
Romsterit didn't*11:43
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Jan 17:33 - postfix: updated to 2.3.611:45
Romsterok funky that worked..11:48
RomsterMakefile/configure problem in python or do we have a ldd problem?11:49
juethe problem is that I got a linker line like11:50
jue... -L/usr/local/lib -L. -lpython2.5 ...11:50
juebut jaeger has11:50
jue... -L/usr/lib/python2.5/config -lpython2.5 ...11:51
Romsterargh no history hardly redoing it so i can see the code...11:51
Romsteri must be getting tired it is almost 5am here11:52
Romster-L. -L/usr/lib/python2.5/config -lpython2.511:57
juethat's with LDFLAGS="-L." ?11:58
Romstersomething must be making python not get the -L.11:58
Romsteryes jue11:58
RomsterLDFLAGS="-L." ./configure.....11:59
Romsterwithout that LDFLAGS="-L." it fails11:59
Romstersome funky ./congifure ?12:00
Romsterjue, u are using bash for your shell?12:04
Romsterrules that idea out then.12:05
Romsteri'm digging in the configure script for possable clues12:05
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Romsterhrmm interesting12:21
Romster#define Py_ENABLE_SHARED 112:21
tilmanbetter dig in the makefile12:21
Romsterjust below this i see a line in a case of Linux*|GNU*|NetBSD*|FreeBSD*|DragonFly*)12:22
RomsterBLDLIBRARY='-L. -lpython$(VERSION)'12:22
Romsterso if its not set to shared you wont get -L.12:22
Romsterbut we have --enable-shared12:23
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Romstertoo tired to figure this now, looks as if jue gets another case result or something compared to jaeger and myself.12:36
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jaegerperhaps the footprint mismatch error should be more specific than "failed"13:34
jaegerthen again, maybe people should read more13:35
tilmanwell, there was the suggestion to make a footprint mismatch non-fatal13:36
jaegermight be worth it, though I suspect we'd get just as many questions, then... they'd just be worded slightly differently13:37
j^2is there a "public" 2.3 image out there so i can take a shot at it?13:42
j^2nm, i found it :D13:50
jaegerj^2: you use xbmc, right?13:50
j^2yes sir13:50
jaeger :)13:50
j^2ohh nice13:51
jaegerand is zoomed out13:51
j^2i'm working on mine :) give me a couple days ;)13:51
j^2do you like your wii?13:51
jaegeryeah, love it13:52
j^2i made a funny :P13:52
j^2really? what was the determining factor? (the cash eh?)13:52
jaegerfor the wii? just that it's a lot of fun13:53
j^2makes sense13:53
j^2honestly i'm _still_ torn13:54
jaegerok, time to try anton's depot patch14:15
jaegerbroken sources are annoying me greatly today14:15
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Romsterbad source day :/16:40
Romsteri'm slowly making progress on building om ports for contrib 2.316:40
jaegergood deal16:41
jaeger <-- using this now16:41
Romstersince i donno anyone else that has started even.16:41
jaegerit's a bit modified from anton's as his didn't deal well with an empty repository set16:42
jaegerI've been working on the gnome ports for 2.3 but not much in contrib16:42
Romsterhrmm i see16:46
Romsteri prefer this line in place of the exisiting one, export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=$(uname -m) -mtune=$(uname -p) -pipe"16:47
Romsteralso would like to see the wget command be altered to PKGMK_DW_CMD='wget'16:48
Romsteras i did have a patch to use prozilla with multiple source downloads at one stage, but having it set in pkgmk.conf would make it easy to alter16:49
Romsterresume command would have to be put in there too or somehow not used on some download managers16:49
jaegerthere's a point at which we've moved away from the KISS principle, though16:50
jaegerspecifying the download command is the one I'm thinking of, specifically, since the command lines become different16:50
Romsteri had and maybe sill have the patch that edited that file itself todo what i had.16:51
Romsternot over fussed i'd like to see a mirror=() added to Pkgfiles and main mirrors for services like sourceforge auto got from the dns, or thrown in pkgmk.conf that would save having to keep moving to a diferent source url all the time when one becomes broken.16:53
Romsterjaeger, o yeah and i hope i haven't done any messing up gnome with adding gstreamer in contrib considering it can be used not just for gnome.16:53
jaegershouldn't cause any problems17:00
Romsteryou can check out the later version though :)17:00
Romsteryour are out of date.17:00
jaegerthe sourceforge problem has gotten a lot better, they've added some geographical selection17:00
Romsteryeah and when one fails it'll try another but not true on other downloads sites and projects17:01
jaegerpersonally I don't want to get in the business of fixing other people's shit in crux17:02
jaegeras much as it sucks, I fully believe sourceforge needs to fix it, not us17:02
jaegerand the same for any other site with problematic downloads17:02
Romsterk fair enougth17:05
Romsterdid you look over my git useage?17:06
jaegerothers may not agree with me, that's just my personal opinion17:06
jaegerI did, it looks fine to me. haven't actually tried it myself17:06
Romstercool, i've been using that setup since when you can see merge messages in contrib that someone complained about :/17:07
Romsterand not lost one commit since.17:07
jaegerthe merge messages don't particularly bother me17:08
Romsterneather me17:08
jaegerthe change data is still readily available17:08
Romsterits just a simple merge, dunno what it be like for the more serious merges in other projects.17:09
Romsterhrmm i was gonna go abck to bed for a few hours but i dunno if i can nap now got woken up early, for a computer problem..17:10
Romstermay aswell work on more ports :)17:10
Romsteri can't figure out what is woring with python other than it misses that LDFLAG option :/17:11
Romsteri'll leave that to jue to solve :/17:11
jaegerI may take a deeper look at it, too, but gnome is more important to me at the moment17:12
Romsterto be honest when i last tryed to install gnome i gave up after it all didn't wanna compile while KDE worked straight after a depinst17:13
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Romsterhrmm thats abrupt17:13
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jaegeryay, gnome lives on 2.318:41
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